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  • Avatar for mattcom26 mattcom26 4 days ago

    I really have mixed feelings about the idea of a game's duration being a feature that's open to objective criticism. As a graphic designer, I value the less-is-more approach when it comes to effective, memorable creative content. But I can't count the number of times I've listened to clients demand a product be bigger, flashier, MORE, for the same reasons I imagine a game developer or publisher would want to ensure they fend off the accusations that they didn't go the distance with their investment. Bigger is safer... feels like less of a risk, and reads well as bullet points on the back of the box. The idea of quantifying an experience is also tempting as a means to assign a monetary value, as a kind of security blanket for "numbers people" (as so many decision-makers tend to be). It allows for the kind of analysis that often sidesteps what a game will ultimately feel like as an artistic work, and whether it will resonate with the right audience and go on to be a success. All that said, as a consumer I certainly feel some level of disappointment if an enjoyable experience ends "to soon". If later this month I pop in The New Colossus and finish it in a four hour sitting I'd very much question the $60 price tag, regardless of the probability I've already killed about 10,000 Nazis in that span of time. So, this really is one of the toughest questions there is on the subject of video games and consumer economics. And when we KNOW that price drop is just around the corner, a game needs to do a good job of presenting itself as a worthy new release purchase.Edited 2 times. Last edited 4 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in The USgamer Podcast: Farewell to Visceral Games, Nintendo's Review Policy, and a South Park Review

  • Avatar for mattcom26 mattcom26 6 days ago

    Super MMOrio Bros is somewhere out there on the horizon.

    Posted in Dead Space 2 "Underperformed" Despite 4 Million Sold, According to Former Visceral Employee

  • Avatar for mattcom26 mattcom26 6 days ago

    This looks like it should definitely be on the Switch.

    Posted in Summon Night 6 Survives Delays, Coming This Halloween

  • Avatar for mattcom26 mattcom26 7 days ago

    Loot boxes... Collector's Edition bundles with property taxes... what is the world coming to.

    Posted in Gran Turismo Sport's Special $46,000 Bundle Comes With An Actual Car

  • Avatar for mattcom26 mattcom26 10 days ago

    Out of this World was a true show stopper that had me jaw-dropped from the first quiet moments all the way through to the epic, cinematic climax. I never wanted to leave that world and it was indeed a long time before another game's graphics and art direction stole my heart in such a way.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Older Game Did You Think Had Graphics That Would Never Be Bettered?

  • Avatar for mattcom26 mattcom26 19 days ago

    I'm glad Drakkhen made it on your worst RPGs list -- I might have unsubscribed if this dumpster fire had been omitted. Drakkhen made an indelible impression on me as the first game my older brother (inexplicably) bought for his new SNES. Haunting, inscrutable and deeply disturbing are some of the ways I'd describe it from the perspectuve of a 10-year-old mind. Lord knows I couldn't make any sense at all of what to do or where to go or even what the general plot was back in the day -- just endless wandering, facelessly murmuring beings and the occasional giant enemy blasting down from the stars to stomp the life out of me.

    Posted in Axe of the Blood God: The Final Fantasy IX Report #2, and SNES RPGs... From Hell

  • Avatar for mattcom26 mattcom26 20 days ago

    Well I know what I'm doing tonight - a date with some 4K Geralt.Edited 3 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Witcher 3 Updated With PS4 Pro Patch For 4K Support

  • Avatar for mattcom26 mattcom26 25 days ago

    I'm eagerly awaiting Nadia's 64-entry, game-by-game review! +rankings!

    Posted in The C64 Mini, Pre-Loaded with 64 Commodore 64 Games, Is Coming Soon

  • Avatar for mattcom26 mattcom26 26 days ago

    Couldn't they have just kept this to themselves... some things are better left unknown. Now I have to contemplate the idea Battered Dino Syndrome.

    Posted in Okay, Wow, Mario Regularly Punched Yoshi in the Head

  • Avatar for mattcom26 mattcom26 A month ago