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Stupid angst removed. Apart from the name thing. Canada and MexicoGamer anyone?

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  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 10 days ago

    It would be fun if there was a way for the Switch to work as the WiiU Gamepad when playing WiiU games on your TV... I mean, maybe this is already a thing, but it's essential for many of the WiiU's games.

    Also, hope you can transfer saves in Minecraft from WiiU to Switch.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Has Mario Kart 8, Minecraft, Rayman, and Payday 2 Coming This Year

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 10 days ago

    Microsoft's support is absolutely superb. Due to Forza Horizon 3 on PC being a buggy piece of crap, I wasted hours getting it working and dealing with the issues. After one crash too many (during a video cutscene, no less!) I applied for a refund and it was granted. I immediately put the credit towards Gears 4. Microsoft are really trying and it is really appreciated in convincing people!

    Posted in Microsoft Testing Self-Service Refunds For Digital Games

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 11 days ago

    Uniforms in looking uniform non-shocker.

    Also, whining about "there's more holidays than Christmas" with the amount of stuff Lunar New Year got? Really?

    Posted in Wow, These New Overwatch Skins Are Boring

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 11 days ago

    She looks like she was hit by FemRyder's derp stick.

    Posted in Star Wars Battlefront II Leak Shows The War From the Empire's Point of View

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 11 days ago

    Tales from the Borderlands bored me. As an avid, old school adventurer (Sierra and Lucasarts and Infocom) I found that I was sitting and watching cutscenes filled with mediocre writing and animation. The few sequences where you could actually walk around and look at stuff were over almost before they began.

    That it's held up as the best just convinces me to not bother with any of the others - I've tried a few demos and in every instance it seems like Telltale can take any franchise and make it *boring*. Wallace and Gromit, Sam & Max. Guardians of the Galaxy was one of the best and most fun films of recent memory and I'm sure they'll find a way.

    Life is Strange was vastly superior in my opinion.

    Posted in What's The Best of the Telltale Series Games?

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel 16 days ago

    @Nazo That would be true, except I was sufficiently switched off by the Xbox One to buy a gaming PC again instead. Would not want to pay almost a grand just so I can play in Microsoft's walled garden again as opposed to with my nicely modded PC games.

    Posted in Xbox Project Scorpio's Strength Isn't Enough To Lead The Pack

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel A month ago

    Sitting on the floor at Yorkdale all night is not my idea of fun.

    Posted in Nadia Picks Up Her Nintendo Switch at Midnight: An Epic Photolog

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel A month ago

    Just brought across my team from Pokemon Y so this is perfect timing! Thank you!

    Posted in How to Get Mewtwo X and Mewtwo Y in Pokémon Sun and Moon

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel A month ago

    My new home means I can't play my 3DS on the way to work any more (no seats on the subway where I get on now, and nowhere to lean and use both hands). Back in the day I had it perfectly timed to get a floor sweep done of an Etrian Odyssey dungeon.

    I can't imagine using a Switch in that role anytime soon - part of what I love about the 3DS is how rugged it is... slap the lid shut and it's protected enough to throw in your bag in a hurry.

    It's a shame that Nintendo isn't doing backward compatibility, but just last night we were buying a WiiU secondhand on Kijiji and something struck us about all the ads: they had maybe three or four WiiU games, and then a TON of Wii games. The Wii's best games were so good, people would keep them forever. Bad news for Nintendo, who need to sell games. Could you imagine if the Switch took 3DS cartridges, never mind Wii games? Nobody would buy anything beyond the new Zelda.

    Posted in I Will Miss You, Nintendo 3DS

  • Avatar for metalangel metalangel A month ago

    F**k that bunny. Passive aggressive, emotionally manipulative little s**t.

    Posted in I Will Miss You, Nintendo 3DS