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  • Avatar for mnicolai mnicolai 6 months ago

    My six-year-old son has been obsessed with Minecraft videos, to the point where he wakes up early to watch on the Wii U gamepad, the volume down low and his face one inch from the screen. I had to put a lock on it. I don't necessarily think the series he likes is harmful (it is obnoxious though)- I just can't trust YouTube's algorithm that it won't suggest something noxious when there isn't an adult in the room. The last several years have shown me how toxic gamer culture can be. I'm happy to share and play games with him and his siblings, but any online activity involving games, whether it's multiplayer, forums or YouTube videos, need to be strictly monitored. Anything else would amount to neglect.

    Posted in A Plea to YouTubers and Streamers: Remember Who You Are

  • Avatar for mnicolai mnicolai 7 months ago

    @docexe I think that's the beauty of it; if a child already has a smartphone, it means their parents trust them to use the internet without supervision. By keeping chat off the console, it helps protect kids even if their parents are oblivious to the online functionality of game systems.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch's Online Smartphone App Given a Bit More Detail

  • Avatar for mnicolai mnicolai 7 months ago

    B-b-but what if NEW ORIGINAL STORY is related to the ADDITIONAL MAP FEATURE???

    Posted in Opinion: Don't Fuse Zelda Breath of the Wild's DLC into a Season Pass, Nintendo

  • Avatar for mnicolai mnicolai 7 months ago

    @Verkambj I think it's to keep harassment from other players off the console, and away from younger kids.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch's Online Smartphone App Given a Bit More Detail

  • Avatar for mnicolai mnicolai 7 months ago

    Sonic Rush's gameplay left me a bit cold, but the soundtrack was sublime. Great choice.

    Posted in 5 Essential SEGA Soundtracks On Spotify

  • Avatar for mnicolai mnicolai 8 months ago

    You haven't stayed tuned long enough! Please continue staying tuned.

    Posted in Pokémon Bank Still Isn't Compatible With Pokémon Sun and Moon [Update: Now it is!]

  • Avatar for mnicolai mnicolai 8 months ago

    I had noticed they were giving center stage to the "youngbloods" but hadn't connected it to the distanced IP. Very insightful.

    Posted in Switch: No Country For Old Men, Old IPs

  • Avatar for mnicolai mnicolai 9 months ago

    @nadiaoxford I only asked because there has been some debate over the decision to remove the orchestrated music. Consensus seems to be that there is an issue with Sugiyama, either a licensing issue or the composer just not being happy with the way the music sounds on the 3DS speakers. Nintendo and SE have cited technical reasons, I was wondering if they shed any more light on it.

    I'm not complaining, very happy that the DQ dark ages are over. (for now)

    Posted in Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Preview: New Characters, New Dungeons, New Challenges, Black Sabrecats

  • Avatar for mnicolai mnicolai 9 months ago

    "Ditch the voices in favour of the orchestrated soundtrack, or downgrade to a MIDI soundtrack and keep the voices."

    Did Nintendo confirm this to you? The Japanese release had both the voices and the orchestra soundtrack.

    Posted in Dragon Quest VIII 3DS Preview: New Characters, New Dungeons, New Challenges, Black Sabrecats

  • Avatar for mnicolai mnicolai 10 months ago

    OK, so, I've put a lot of thought into Virtual Console over the years and there are two things I thought were instrumental in it's downfall. The advent of Homebrew Channel and other hacks had to have an immediate and detrimental affect on what was already a low bottom line for VC profits. We'll probably never have sales figures for VC, but the affect of piracy on DS software sales is well-documented.

    The other factor is more nebulous and speculative. Quite frankly, Nintendo has a long history off turning the screws on third parties when their systems are selling well. The Wii U vastly under-performed compared to the Wii, but even at launch, before sales figures took shape, the Wii U's VC was noticeably lacking. Were Nintendo's terms unfair? Were they taking to big of a slice of an already small pie? Did the decision to allow their customers to transfer their purchases from the Wii to the Wii U have any bearing? One of their strongest partners in VC was Sega, who is very keen to sell the same 40 Genesis games over and over again. (Sega did support VC content on the 3DS, and did it by adding 3D and other features)

    Nintendo certainly had their share of fumbles concerning VC, and while it was absolutely a low priority for them, there is more to the story it's downfall. They made mistakes, and they learned from them and then suddenly it dried up, around the same time that Sony and Microsoft were also announcing their plans to axe backwards compatibility. Something shifted behind the scenes, and it's just a matter of time until those details emerge.Edited November 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in As Nintendo Wii Turns 10, So Too Do Retronauts' Complaints About Virtual Console