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Owner and sole developer at Pixel Licker LLC. I make retro games and will be happy if I can wake up each day and push pixels for a living.

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  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 3 days ago

    Now I want the Neo Geo games in devolved, LED form. :(Edited 2 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in 3D-Printed Neo Geo Cabinet Shell Turns Your Nintendo Switch into a Ferocious Fighting Machine

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 7 days ago

    Another fun fact: until the Real Bout Fatal Fury series, these games were kind of terrible. The infamous SNK cheap AI is in full force for Fatal Fury 1 and 2. But the character rosters were great.

    Posted in The Best Neo Geo Games to Buy on the Nintendo Switch

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 27 days ago

    It might remind me of the marketing materials for Rare and 1st party N64 games, but in no way did N64 games look like that (even in my mind's eye).

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Snake Pass has Confounding Controls, but is Still Really Fun

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 28 days ago

    Oh good. A deterrent for playing with friends online. :(

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Uses Friend Codes To Add Friends

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan A month ago

    Genesis. The first console I bought with my own money on launch day. Along with (what felt like arcade perfect) Ghouls n Ghosts it was heaven.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Most Memorable Console Launch?

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan A month ago

    @KaiserWarrior well said. I would add that another problem is that your purchase might very well be tied to a system with a relatively short lifespan. I hope the game purchases are tied to your account so you can transfer them to the next console down the road or maybe PC. I have little interest in investing money on a system with the Wii U's staying power.

    Posted in Reaction: Delaying the Switch's Virtual Console is an Opportunity to Finally Get it Right

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan A month ago

    @docexe Yea, I certainly will wait to see what the final game is. I just feel like the DLC model in general was a terrible direction for releasing additional "modes" in classic game series. I have lived through every console era and still remember when games had all this stuff packed in at launch. If it wasn't, it was left to go in the sequel. It might be a different conversation all together, but DLC is just unwelcome in the traditional games I like to play. Item collecting games like Animal Crossing can gouge their players til the cows come home. But for those of us who want to sit and play a game from start to end and move on, I would like to see DLC off the table entirely.

    If Zelda is meant as a "we built a big space, now we are going to recycle it as the space for a series of games" then I wish that would have been explained before anyone was duped into thinking they were getting another Zelda style game.

    Posted in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Receives The Series' First Season Pass DLC

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan A month ago

    Wtf? Am I the only one who doesn't want Zelda to turn into some sandbox game with "content" drops that milk you for more money? I mean, I play Zelda for the single player experience it is crafted to be, not to goof around with the mechanics to see if I can break the game or play outside of its rules. If the single player game experience of Zelda is still there in the base pack, I am excited to play it. If the "whole" game is locked behind DLC, I guess I can part ways with the series. Nintendo has officially entered the worst parts of the modern gaming era. :(

    Posted in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Receives The Series' First Season Pass DLC

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan A month ago

    @donkeyintheforest As someone who worked at EA when the Wii dev kits arrived for our team, the situation was similar. Even simple things like the Wiimote design weren't final until about a month before launch. And you can imagine how that might affect making a game for a system 6 months ahead of launch. Add to that the firmware updates and constant spec adjustments that happen when a console finally goes into production and you start to realize this is just par for the course.

    As for 3rd party support, I can see mid tier devs who rely on Unity trying to get their games on the system if the fees and hoops aren't too intense. But right now, the only games Nintendo is talking about are the ones they have courted themselves. Unless they are going to establish a very user-friendly system for indies to signup and get their games up and running with minimal cost, I don't see much additional dev support in the Switch's future.

    For the people wanting Rockstar and EA games on Switch, I think you are missing the direction Nintendo is heading in. 3DS thrived because it forced devs to work efficiently and NOT make AAA style games. My concern for indies here is that the level of art needed for anything more traditional still needs a decent sized team (maybe 20+ people) to make anything visually impressive. Sure there will be those who make more contemporary looking games (flat colored shape puzzle games, etc) but you probably won't be seeing that much from the bigger publishers who rely on flashiness to sell their products.

    Posted in Nintendo On Switch's Balance: "Good Enough" Graphics, But "Easy To Develop For"

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan A month ago

    As long as you are only out for an hour or two. ;)

    Posted in Nintendo On Switch's Balance: "Good Enough" Graphics, But "Easy To Develop For"