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Owner and sole developer at Pixel Licker LLC. I make retro games and will be happy if I can wake up each day and push pixels for a living.

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  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 8 hours ago

    @Iambiz are you considering the development cost increase? A team of 30 could make a Madden in the 90’s but now a team if 100 is required. Their salaries have also increased and there are outsourcing costs to consider. I don’t doubt it costs a lot more to make a product that a current consumer will see as worth $60. Also distribution is different now as well as packaging so the lost revenue associated with those aspects of shipping a game are now converted into more profit.

    Honestly, I blame the gaming culture that demands bigger, faster, better for the perceived need for higher production values and the subsequent development cost increase. I hope the indie scene can pull gaming back a bit into making fun experiences that don’t need to own your life for extended periods of time. Variety is a good thing.

    Posted in "It's Awkward Right Now:" What Some in the Games Industry Think of the Rise of the Loot Box in 2017

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 15 days ago

    @Captain-Gonru I think the people paying for it are not as traditional a gamer as you or they are people who no longer have the time to invest in games and want to spend a little extra to jump into the content sooner.

    I'm more than happy to ignore games like these, but there are a lot of non-traditional players entering the gaming space and big companies know how to tap into their psychology to squeeze extra dollars out.

    Posted in Microtransactions Are Nearly Half Of Take-Two's Sales Now

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan A month ago

    @NateDizzy I can see your point, but each Alpha game was unique enough in its game system to feel like a new product, not simply an updated character roster. Sure, some assets could be reused, but (theoretically) making characters should be faster these days with 3D models than having to draw out frames.

    I haven't played any other Arc Sys games in any serious capacity, so I was not aware that this was their normal approach. Too bad they feel the need to nickel and dime the players. But I guess that is the market now.

    Posted in Dragon Ball FighterZ's Has a Release Date, Season Pass Offers 8 New Characters

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan A month ago

    I was so excited to get this game. Now that I see the season pass option I am sad. I miss when games shipped with full rosters and even included hidden characters. All for the cost of the game ($60).

    Remember when SF Alpha 3 shipped with 20+ characters?

    Posted in Dragon Ball FighterZ's Has a Release Date, Season Pass Offers 8 New Characters

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan A month ago

    I think developers fail to remember that certain gameplay mechanics can only remain compelling for a limited time. Knowing when to end your game before you reach that point, while often hard to come to terms with, is the best way to leave your players wanting more. I find open world games sidestep this pitfall by padding their games with collecting, checklists and other psychological draws that tickle peoples’ OCD. You basically stop when the novelty wears off but I never get the same satisfaction from that sort of experience as I do from single player, linear games. I also appreciate the shorter overall playtimes these games have because I can ultimately play more of them. If AAA is going away from single player games, my wallet will be heavier and I will be happier.

    Posted in Farewell Visceral: The Push Toward the Destiny Model Claims Another Victim

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan A month ago

    @Monkey-Tamer I have become one of those guys who just stopped buying games and sticks to my backlog. It really deincentivizes me to buy a new release if it is obvious there is going to be nickel and diming to get all the content. And by the time GOTY come out, I have moved on and lost interest.

    I have made it a point speak with my dollars these days and just abstain from DLC and IAP. But I am curious why there was no mention of the mobile industry. The "gacha" game is almost ubiquitous with the platform and the loot box is essentially the same thing.Edited last month by Unknown

    Posted in The Harsh History Of Gaming Microtransactions: From Horse Armor to Loot Boxes

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 2 months ago

    @Monkey-Tamer I really only see Dragon's Crown as a must have right now, because of the multiplayer aspect. I am not saying that Steam releases of all their titles wouldn't be awesome, but I already can enjoy the single player games on their original systems.

    Posted in Dragon's Crown Pro for the PlayStation 4 Includes Eye-Bleeding 4K Support

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 2 months ago

    Please, please, please do a PC release. The PS3 community dried up pretty quickly and I can only imagine the PS4 version will suffer the same fate.

    Posted in Dragon's Crown Pro for the PlayStation 4 Includes Eye-Bleeding 4K Support

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 2 months ago

    Bionic Commando (original Top Secret version please) or maybe bring back Captain Commando or Sonson?

    Posted in Ten Characters Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Needs As DLC

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 2 months ago

    Do you mean "Making a return from Marvel Super Heroes"? Infinity stones weren't in a VS game.

    Posted in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Review: A Finite Foundation For Something More