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Owner and sole developer at Pixel Licker LLC. I make retro games and will be happy if I can wake up each day and push pixels for a living.

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  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 3 days ago

    @LBD_Nytetrayn : I am only asking because I think a lot of people would answer that question differently. Personally, I think 88 - 98 is probably their best era for my tastes. But I would imagine a lot of people think the PS1 era through Dreamcast might be their favorite. Or even the Monster Hunter era might be the favorite of some.

    My point is more about how Capcom means different things to different people, depending on what games were pivotal in forming a bond with the company. Somewhere around 2008 I lost almost all interest in what Capcom was doing anymore. The magical culmination of talent, economy and the gaming landscape that existed when I loved their output is basically gone now. Trying to recreate that lightning in a bottle seems like a formula for disappointment these days. I would much rather enjoy the older games as they are (and I can do that in a number of ways already) than see someone else try to redefine an old IP in a modern context. If they want to emulate the feel of something old, then just make something new and use the old IP as a guide. I would much rather see the arcade sensibilities of a Magic Sword put into a new fantasy action game than see a game with name Magic Sword 2 that is just some F2P gacha game or multiplayer online Dynasty Warriors clone.

    Posted in Capcom's Wishy-Washy Stance on the Nintendo Switch Continues to Baffle the World

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 4 days ago

    @Nadia: what years are you considering as Capcom's heyday?

    Posted in Capcom's Wishy-Washy Stance on the Nintendo Switch Continues to Baffle the World

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 5 days ago

    I understand Capcom still thinks anything near a system's launch with the SF2 name will increase sales, but I honestly wish they would make a proper new fighting game that is intended for the system it appears on. Something that takes into account the controller and the hardware would be nice. I am thinking something in line with Power Stone on the Dreamcast (ex. designing for the Naomi hardware with 4 buttons in mind). I am not asking for more Power Stone, just an approach to making a new fighting game IP we can all get excited about.

    Posted in Ultra Street Fighter II Review: Not The Challenger You're Looking For

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 11 days ago

    Sigh... I totally agree with the sentiment that motion controls will not make a game that demands precision catch on with competitive players. But did I miss the place in the article where it was confirmed that you can play without motion controls?

    Also, does the game use 2 controllers per person, so each joy con is an arm? Or is it one controller per person?

    Posted in Nintendo's Arms Will Hurt Your Arms

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 13 days ago

    @RushDawg : to clarify again, I assign "1st Party to" to the guys living in Japan working at the SEGA Japan offices". Like where the AM divisions used to exist. Creative Assembly is a whole independent company in my mind. Much the same way I don't see Eidos as Square Enix, I don't see Creative Assembly as SEGA. But that is my limited world view tainted by nostalgia. :/

    Either way, you aren't going to get classic SEGA style games out of a company like Creative Assembly. It isn't what they do. Sadly, I don't know if anyone can make classic SEGA style games.

    Posted in Sega Wants a "Revival of Past IPs", Aiming For "Global Hits"

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 14 days ago

    @RushDawg Just to be clear, when I think "SEGA IP" I think of first party SEGA developed titles. Not "SEGA published" ones. But I guess most of what makes them money in the last 10 years wasn't 1st party. Of course, with the rise (and fall) of their breakaway internal studios in the Dreamcast era, I guess 1st party is kind of a tough thing to come by at SEGA anymore.

    Sorry if it sounded like I was implying that SEGA has no money makers. Just none I equate with their SEGA name.

    Posted in Sega Wants a "Revival of Past IPs", Aiming For "Global Hits"

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 14 days ago

    I might be showing my age with this comment, but aside from Puyo Puyo and Sonic, I don't think "SEGA" when I hear any of those titles. I think of memorable SEGA IP as being from pre-2000. Honestly, Yakuza is the only recent IP I can even think of as having cred with gamers. But then again, I don't think they are going to drum up "old" IP if they are chasing profits, unless the plan is to slap an old IP's skin on a new game genre.

    Posted in Sega Wants a "Revival of Past IPs", Aiming For "Global Hits"

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 18 days ago
  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 19 days ago

    As long as it is a fun game first and an interesting story second. It worries me that his quotes focus on pushing story. I have access to comics if I just want a story.

    Posted in Marvel Entertainment Looking For More "Wholly Original" Games

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan A month ago

    Honestly, this is what I wanted back when I heard about the New 3DS XL. I NEVER use the 3D slider and would rather have the extra horsepower and c-stick with the slightly lower price the removal of 3D affords Nintendo.. Too bad I already own a 3DS XL and have no need for the couple games that are exclusive to it. :(

    Posted in Nintendo Randomly Announces The New Nintendo 2DS XL