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Owner and sole developer at Pixel Licker LLC. I make retro games and will be happy if I can wake up each day and push pixels for a living.

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  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan Yesterday

    I miss the days of Marvel vs Capcom, where Capcom looked to their past games and Marvel comics (not movies) for ideas. The obvious MCU related characters really don't appeal to me much. I wish they would bring back the rainbow of colors and ideas that graced the CPS2 era.

    Posted in Spider-Man, Gamora, Haggar, and More Join Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 3 days ago

    Wait, Star Mazer got released? And it has a sequel of sorts?! When the hell did this happen (and why am I not seeing coverage of it)?

    In all seriousness though, it sounds like Mauer needs to work on her contract negotiating skills before doing any work. There is no excuse for not learning how to conduct yourself as a freelancer and protect yourself in business dealings. I work with music contractors all the time and always have a contract in place. I hope she realizes that conducting yourself this way is only going to poison your potential employer pool.

    Posted in River City Ransom: Underground Pulled From Steam Due Music Copyright Issues

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 4 days ago

    I think it is fairer to compare it to Ghouls n' Ghosts. Each game is definitely an evolution of the previous title. If you didn't grow up with the series is is a little hard to see how each game improved, unless you play them back to back. I am glad this made it onto the list, but really hoped to see Demon's Crest as well.

    Posted in Super NES Classic Game by Game #4: Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 4 days ago

    No Goonies II?! For shame...

    Posted in Konami's NES Box Art: So Good, So Bad

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 8 days ago

    @kidgorilla I love the look of Arc Sys Works stuff, but I have never gelled with their manic play style. So if they do the technical side of development with someone from the outside doing the system and control design, I would be fine with that. But depending on the series, the pace and control could vary wildly. Imagine trying to play a Samurai Showdown game at the pace of a Guilty Gear game? No thanks.

    Posted in SNK Teases "A New Classic NeoGeo Project" At EVO 2017

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 9 days ago

    As long as it's 2d (not cell shaded 3d), I'm excited.

    Posted in SNK Teases "A New Classic NeoGeo Project" At EVO 2017

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 10 days ago

    I feel like Kings Knight is an amazing concept waiting for someone to fix its flaws and repackage it in a modern incarnation. Watching perfect playthroughs of it just reminds me of the good things that exist in there. And I must agree it has some great box art.

    I also loved the Data East box/arcade art. A lot of it was done by Frank Cirocco.

    Posted in Nadia's Midboss Musings: Let's Celebrate Good NES Box Art for a Change

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 16 days ago

    I'm trying to recall, but aren't lives just associated with "retry" a section in Mario games now? Losing all your lives means you start at the beginning of a level (the first checkpoint) while lives allowed you to retry at the last checkpoint. This isn't some grand new concept. It is just repackaging the same thing.

    I guess if the new direction is just to always retry from the last checkpoint, then they are streamlining the need to improve in a macro sense. You only need to focus on the current challenge to be able to reach the end of the game.

    Posted in Mario Continues the Path to Godhood, Super Mario Odyssey Won't Have Any Game Overs

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 17 days ago

    So, it falls into the same slot as Alien Hominid? I can't speak to Cuphead, but Alien Hominid had amazing art and animation that didn't respect the tight animation control and hitbox forgiveness of games it tried to emulate (ie Contra).

    Posted in Cuphead Developers: "There will be no PS4 version"

  • Avatar for mobichan mobichan 17 days ago

    Seeing how GungHo was raking in nearly 100 million a day at the peak of P&D success, I think these guys have all the freedom they need to experiment and do things "their way." Good for them. I played for nearly 3 years and never spent a dime. But damn was the game compelling (for what reason, I have no idea). :)

    Posted in Let It Die is 'Supremely Shitty,' And GungHo's CEO Couldn't Be Happier