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Recent comments

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 11 days ago

    @Roto13 The Switch doesn't have a D-Pad, so how would you play these games? Requiring people to buy the pro controller doesn't seem like a very realistic option.

    Posted in Capcom's Disney Afternoon Collection Brings Back Six NES Classics

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 11 days ago

    @Roto13 Which also makes no sense.

    The Switch simply isn't designed for 2D games. It's the first Nintendo system ever made without 2D input.

    Posted in Capcom's Decision to Keep the Disney Afternoon Collection off the Nintendo Switch Is a Load of Duck Feathers

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 12 days ago

    Not really surprising. The Switch install base is tiny, plus it doesn't even have a d-pad. These games will simply play better for most people on a PS4 or XO.

    Posted in Capcom's Decision to Keep the Disney Afternoon Collection off the Nintendo Switch Is a Load of Duck Feathers

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 12 days ago

    The release schedule looks positively anaemic for the rest of the year, with third parties barely visible.

    This has failure written all over it, which is really too bad.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Has Sold 1.5 Million Systems Worldwide, According to SuperData

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 26 days ago

    Strange headline. Do you mean Ooblets resembles your dream game? Doesn't read well at all.

    Posted in Ooblets Is Kind of My Dream Game

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi A month ago

    They're exactly what I expected, which is to say, a total waste of bandwidth. Dumbed down to the extreme, bizarrely locked to portrait mode, and even loaded with money grabbing free to play traps.

    The best that can be said is that Nintendo understand mobile now. They "get it". I was hoping they'd better, that they'd try to maintain a higher standard. I was wrong.

    Along with the Wii U 2/Switch, I fear this is the end for Nintendo.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: Are You Happy With Nintendo's Mobile Games So Far?

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 2 months ago

    The C64 was head and shoulders above all the other 8-bit micros in the 80s. Nothing came close. It had hardware sprites, hardware scrolling, 16 colours, built in joystick ports, and of course, the incredible SID chip. The guys who engineered the C64 at Commodore did so very much the intention of making something which could play games as well as coin-ops. Commodore had other ideas and initially pitched the C64 to business, but that didn't last long fortunately.

    In terms of chip music the C64 is to my ears still the king. I know people love the NES, and the NES could do some great stuff (especially when paired with the Famicom Disk System), but that C64 bass is just spine tingling. Plus C64 tunes were usually far longer than NES compositions (some lasted for as long as 10 minutes for a single track), and I'd say C64 composers just pushed the boundaries more. Rob Hubbard of course is the grand master, but Tim Follin, Martin Galway. Matt Grey. Jeroen Tell, Ben Dalglish, David Whittaker and others created amazing things too.

    Interestingly the SID chip lives on to this day, as it's often used by demo scene musicians.Edited January 2017 by Unknown

    Posted in Amazing Chiptunes You've Never Heard: Crazy Comets

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 2 months ago

    "As an example, the PlayStation 4 Pro does allow developers to use that power for 60 fps gaming, but the number of developers that do so is small."

    Not really true Mike. The PS4 Pro has a much quicker GPU, but the CPU is barely any faster. If your PS4 game is CPU bound already then increasing the frame rare just isn't an option, and as the PS4 (and XO) have such slow CPUs, this is a common problem. So games may be GPU bound, but not many.

    So instead the extra GPU goes on things which won't hurt the CPU, chiefly on render size.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch's Hybrid Nature: Some of the Strengths, All of the Weaknesses?

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 3 months ago

    I picked this up in a recent PSN sale but never played very far through it as I was put off by the awful soundtrack. Good BGM is very important, especially in an RPG, but the music in Setsuna just drove me nuts. Incredibly monotonous and often tuneless solo piano music for the entire game was a truly terrible choice for the devs to make.

    It's too bad as this game may otherwise have been right up my street.

    Posted in I Am Setsuna Won't Have a Direct Sequel, Says Tokyo RPG Factory

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 3 months ago

    Game of the year for me so far, and I'd guess I'm around half way through. I haven't really had any issues with Trico not doing what I ask him to He's been pretty obedient on the whole, and as the journey progresses even more so. His animation is simply unparalleled and no other AI companion has ever come close to his believable behaviour.

    I'd also call out the environments as an outstanding achievement. Aside from the odd PS3 spec texture and the somewhat dated surface response, The Last Guardian does scale and verticality like no other game. I genuinely felt a pang of vertigo in places, which no other climbing and shimmying game has ever elicited. THe environmental puzzle design is also fantastic, and feels perfectly at home in the world.

    I've yet to see if the story resonates as deeply as Colossus, but so far, the game is very much living up to expectations.

    Posted in The Last Guardian Won't Change Game Design — But It's a Revolution in Character Design