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  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 3 days ago

    @jeremy.parish I don't like to argue Jeremy, as I love what you do, but your technical knowledge is a little off here. Shovel Knight has multiple layers of real parallax scrolling, some of which would push a SNES hard and are well beyond what even the Mega Drive could do. Take a look at the boss battles too, you'll never see anything anywhere near that advanced on an 8-bit system. huge sprites with background layers intact. Impossible on any 8-bit era hardware.

    Jake Kaufman used VRC6 emulation in Famitracker to compose the score. The NES could never handle a VRC6 score as it lacked the pins on the cartridge slot. Only the Famicom had the necessary inputs.

    As I said, it's a 16-bit era title with an 8-bit skin, and there's nothing wrong with that.

    It's silly to dispute something so trial, but I'm a bit of an obsessive when it comes to old gaming hardware and the limitations they had. Apologies.

    Posted in Shovel Knight Uncovered, Part 3: How Shovel Knight Justifies Its 8-Bit Allusions

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 4 days ago

    Shovel Knight is a great piece of work, albeit one which could use mid level saves (as opposed to just checkpoints).

    I feel you're overplaying the NES thing though Jeremy. Shovel Knight never looked like a NES game to me, it's much more like a 16-bit era game with an 8-bit style colour palette. The game throws around huge boss sprites and has multiple levels of real parallax scrolling. Even the wonderful score could never run on real NES hardware, although it could apparently run on a Famicom if it was paired with a VRC6 chip.

    None of that matters though as Yacht Club made a fun game which played, looked, and sounded enough like an old game to tickle those nostalgic feelings, whilst also avoiding some of the must brutal and unfair aspects of real old games.

    Posted in Shovel Knight Uncovered, Part 3: How Shovel Knight Justifies Its 8-Bit Allusions

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 5 days ago

    Great game of course but the Switch version is rather technically deficient. It's 720p in docked mode, and it drops frames a LOT. Baffling really when you look at how simplistic the game is from a visual standpoint. It's simply a bad port.

    Posted in Disgaea 5 Complete Review: The Game of The Year Edition A Few Years Later

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 11 days ago

    @DrCorndog What did you expect? Motion controls are inherently imprecise. Just play the game using regular controls. Fortunately Nintendo had the sense to let people leave motion control where it belongs - turned OFF in the options screen.

    Posted in Nintendo's Arms Will Hurt Your Arms

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 18 days ago

    Surprising they're willing to undercut physical. I thought that was a big no no.

    I'm more interested to see how the switch version looks and runs compared to the other versions.

    Posted in Rime's Digital Price on Switch Drops to $30, Physical Offers Free Goodies

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 18 days ago

    Pirates are getting upset because they're being punished for being criminals? My heart bleeds for them.

    Pirates are a cancer on the games industry. They are worthless scum.

    Posted in Nier Automata PC Mod Sparks an Internet Battle

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 19 days ago

    "The Nintendo Switch operates on a custom Tegra processor with a custom GPU based on Nvidia's GeForce graphics cards"

    Not sure what you meant to type there, but it doesn't make any sense.

    The Tegra X1 in the Switch isn't a custom chip, it's a completely stock Tegra as found in the original Shield TV. Also the Tegra IS the GPU. The sentence in the article above makes it sound like the Tegra is in addition to a GeForce GPU.

    As for the CPU (which curiously rarely gets a mention) it's an ARM A57.

    As a site linked to Eurogamer, which hosts Digital Foundry, you shouldn't be making any technical gaffs.Edited 3 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Nvidia Sales Predictions Hint at Nintendo Switch Production

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 20 days ago

    I'd rank it as the worst MarioKart course ever created by a mile. It's a joyless experience. It requires zero driving skill, so it's really just complete chance if you manage to get to the finish in first before being pounded by yet another red or blue shell.

    The best MarioKart circuits are the ones where the field is spread out, so it returns to being a game of skill, rather than chance.

    Actually I wish there was a way to turn items off in MarioKart completely. I swear every time I get the squid ink thing on my screen I want to turn the Switch off and do something else.

    Posted in Baby Park Encapsulates the Chaos of Mario Kart

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 23 days ago

    Slow news day I assume.

    This utterly bizarre trend of non stories, which are comprised of random nonsense from nobodies Twitter has to stop. It's utterly inane. Life is too short for this bilge.

    Posted in Retro Game Fans Get Riled Up by the Twitter Poll from Hell

  • Avatar for moroboshi moroboshi 23 days ago

    Shame this is on the 3DS and not the Switch.

    Posted in Ever Oasis Has Promise, But The Demo Wasn't Enough