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  • Avatar for novacav novacav 3 days ago

    I loved Odyssey, but I agree with you for the most part. Both Galaxies are just that good. Two of the best games of all time. Gamerankings agrees with you, at least as it pertains to Galaxy 1 vs. Odyssey.

    Odyssey was brilliant but I think people will realize in time that both it and BotW were crowd pleasers. Doesn't make them bad, in fact they're quite good (in particular Odyssey is just brilliant in so many ways and applies its nostalgia so damn well), but these titles were designed to be huge mega-hits that give departed fans what they've wanted for years and bring them back.

    In other worlds, big open worlds. Odyssey and Breath of the Wild are the games that brought back all your friends who haven't cared about Nintendo since the N64. They are the rare games where Nintendo bends and delivers precisely what the fans want, rather than what their visionaries decide and what fans didn't know they wanted.

    It's a smart move to pump up Switch and both regain and develop a new horde of Nintendo loyalists for the next decade. As mentioned, they are lovely games.

    That said, I hope it's not a permanent new strategy. There's something about appreciating the more nuanced Mario and Zelda titles, that your PlayStation and Xbox friends will never understand, the is uniquely Nintendo. The yin and yang of what I describe is important.

    Posted in Clearer Art Direction Helps Super Mario Galaxy Shine Brighter Than Super Mario Odyssey

  • Avatar for novacav novacav 5 days ago

    I bet the nazi part is fake but honestly the rest sound feasible. We'll see.

    Posted in David Cage Accused of Fostering a Toxic and Inappropriate Workplace at Quantic Dream

  • Avatar for novacav novacav 8 days ago

    @SIGGYZtar He said/she said 1 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in ESA Condemns Trump's Racist Remarks as "Repulsive"

  • Avatar for novacav novacav 8 days ago

    @mattcom26 Fair enough - to clarify, it was 100% a hypothetical to make a point.

    But, I could have just as easily have replied to you saying it's real and that I need to protect my sources.

    Hence my problem with WaPo and others who use anonymous sources as carte blanche to print whatever they like, whenever it's politically expedient, and remain immune to libel laws because sources. And have other outlets then endlessly parrot it as fact.

    Anonymous sources are fine when they provide verifiable documents or other primary sources... but when it's just hearsay some wannabe fiction writer could just as easily have come up with, the practice becomes more shady.Edited 1 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in ESA Condemns Trump's Racist Remarks as "Repulsive"

  • Avatar for novacav novacav 8 days ago

    @usgmatt Thanks for replying, I appreciate it. I do see what you're saying - it's fair enough. The news is the ESA's action.

    Still, the assumption irks me, and there remains a problem, again in my opinion.

    'ESA Condemns Trump's Racist Remarks as "Repulsive"'

    The headline alludes to the alleged remarks as fact. I forgot to mention actually, this morning two anonymous sources familiar with the matter told me that you, Matt Kim, made anti-Jamaican remarks in a USG strategy meeting. The two people say that you called Jamaicans "smelly" and that they "smoke too much weed while carrying their hair in a bag."

    Now, obviously you will claim you did not say this, but alas, the "two people" say otherwise. Maybe I even found a former or sitting Gamer Network employee who corroborates. Okay, so let me go write a headline.

    'ESA Condemns Kim's Racist Remarks as "Repulsive"'

    Do you see the issue I have? Again, thanks for replying. USG is one of my favorite gaming websites, but I felt it was worth commenting.

    Edit: From where I'm sitting, the article says 1/12/18, which is today, the day Trump denied. If you're in a time zone where it was yesterday and Trump's denial was today, apologies. I suppose without a timestamp, I should not have assumed.Edited 2 times. Last edited 1 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in ESA Condemns Trump's Racist Remarks as "Repulsive"

  • Avatar for novacav novacav 8 days ago

    @nadiaoxford Actually, he didn't report the news straight.

    1) The things Trump said, including the "shithole" comment, are alleged by two anonymous sources via Washington post. Alleged, not fact. There is no proof other than anonymous "people familiar with the meeting." In other words, it could be real, it could be complete fiction.

    2) While the Whitehouse did not deny, Trump, in a tweet earlier today, denied that he used the reported language.

    If those had been mentioned, I'd be fine with the article.

    However, I don't expect games journos to be pros at political reporting, and that's not a bad thing - why would they be? Which is why it's better to stick to games in my opinion.

    Posted in ESA Condemns Trump's Racist Remarks as "Repulsive"

  • Avatar for novacav novacav 17 days ago

    @KCC I agree with the concept you are talking about, however IGN said they fired him as a result of their investigation. So to me that implies they uncovered guilt. Butts has not denied or anything yet, either.

    That said, we'll see what happens.

    Posted in IGN Fires Editor-In-Chief After Investigation Into 'Alleged Misconduct'

  • Avatar for novacav novacav A month ago

    Everyone should calm down. last month by Unknown

    Posted in The FCC Votes to Rip Apart Net Neutrality

  • Avatar for novacav novacav A month ago

    Amen. That games rules. In fact, I'm due to play it again, especially because BotW isn't exactly replayable the way most Zelda games are (it's more endlessly playable, which is cool, but I'm not dying to play a new file start to finish).

    Posted in The Problem With Trying to Pick the 500 Best Games Ever

  • Avatar for novacav novacav A month ago

    I lol'd. Someone should make a list of the actual objectively best games of all time, not accounting for influence or how groundbreaking it was back then. Just purely, how good is it now?

    That's a list that might actually be useful to, say, kids or teenagers today looking for the best older games to check out.

    Posted in The Problem With Trying to Pick the 500 Best Games Ever