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  • Avatar for ojinnvoltz ojinnvoltz 9 days ago

    I am okay with Respawn dying as long as I get Titanfall 3 beforehand. Ideally it'll have the same microtransactions of buying the cosmetics I want, but I'm sure EA will shove loot boxes into it.

    Posted in It's Hard to Be Excited About EA's Respawn Deal After Visceral and BioWare Montreal

  • Avatar for ojinnvoltz ojinnvoltz 14 days ago

    @KaiserWarrior A man after my own heart. ZOE2 is my pick. Something that I love about it is that it's a real 3D action game in the sense that a lot of levels take into consideration that the game is about gravity defying robots and some of the levels have you thinking vertically as well as horizontally. Best example is the level where you're descending a shaft with smashers coming out of the wall. I'd expand on these thoughts but I'm tired and bloated.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's Your Favorite Video Game Sequel?

  • Avatar for ojinnvoltz ojinnvoltz 16 days ago

    @manny_c44 People coming in from over seas destroying our culture? Kinda like how whitey sailed out from Europe and destroyed other cultures? Karma, baybeeeeeeeeee!!!

    Posted in In Wolfenstein 2's Quietest Chapter, Evil Hides in Plain Sight

  • Avatar for ojinnvoltz ojinnvoltz A month ago

    This is rage inducing. Front Mission is my favorite SRPG franchise; I've played every numbered game but 2 (I don't think the English fan patch was ever completed). This is a world where XCOM is a success and Mario+Rabbids is one of the best surprises of E3. Just make a damn strategy Front Mission! But as a tool, I'll buy this to support the franchise for the hopes of FM6.

    Posted in Here's the Full Trailer for Left Alive, the new Action Survival Game from TGS

  • Avatar for ojinnvoltz ojinnvoltz 2 months ago

    You're giving too much credit to Bungie as they're not developing the PC port. Vicarious Visions is the studio that deserves your praise (Raven might be helping out too).

    Posted in Why Destiny 2 on PC is Shaping Up to Be the Definitive Version of the Game

  • Avatar for ojinnvoltz ojinnvoltz 2 months ago

    Anything my buddy Nick recommends. In high school, he told me to check out Final Fantasy Tactics. In college, he brought over a game called Demon's Souls. Those are my two favorite games of all time. More recently he recommended Hollow Knight despite my dislike of 2D platformers and Metroidvanias; it's in my top 3 for the year so far.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Came Out of Nowhere to Become a Favorite?

  • Avatar for ojinnvoltz ojinnvoltz 3 months ago

    I was the king of Chocobo Racing. Back when I was playing Titanfall 2 every day, I got pretty good. My skill has dropped off significantly.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Multiplayer Game are You Best At?

  • Avatar for ojinnvoltz ojinnvoltz 3 months ago

    Though lucrative, I hated the crate and key system in TF2 and CS:GO. I always turned my crates into scrap for crafting or gave special ones to idiot friends who did buy keys. Cut out the middle man of keys like Overwatch or just let me buy the skins directly like Titanfall 2.

    Posted in PlayerUnknown Issues a Statement Regarding PUBG's Loot System

  • Avatar for ojinnvoltz ojinnvoltz 3 months ago

    Capcom needs to pivot. Their main franchises, survival horror and fighting, are niche. There's a lot of games out there; it's like TV these days. There's something for everybody and great quality out there, but the huge hits aren't really there anymore except for a select few. Capcom needs to be smarter with its money. There are many developers out there that've talked about how triple AAA isn't too sustainable. Capcom keeps chasing those ambitions even though it doesn't have the means to do so. But you look at similar sized companies that are doing solidly like Sega. They pivoted, focused on their niches like PC strategy games, JRPGs via Atlus, Yakuza, and furries.

    Posted in Capcom Is In A Sad, Sorry State Right Now

  • Avatar for ojinnvoltz ojinnvoltz 3 months ago

    Well, my distaste of nostalgia driven pop culture feels validated. And isn't that what criticism all about? Feeling validated in your opinions? ;) I used to listen to a podcast -- hosted by nerds of a certain age -- that hyped Ready Player One to no end. They even got Ernie Cline on the show who mentioned that he bought a DeLorean. And I knew that I'd never read it. Not because I'm a literary snob, though I have read works of Oulipo and picked up on the recurring theme of fraud in William Gaddis' work (anybody can make impenetrable references!), but RPO seemed like enjoyment very much hinges on you giving a shit about the exact same stuff Cline gives a shit about. I lost my point. I started writing this and then went to make food. But I had a line in my head along the lines of "why surround yourself in a Bastille references." I haven't been graded on words for almost a decade! Why do I bother with a thought out collection of them when there's no stakes?

    Posted in The Backlash to Ready Player One Reveals the Blindspots of Entertainment Journalism