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  • Avatar for pdubb pdubb 7 days ago

    I'm just going on record as saying that for Tactics Ogre to not have made it on even the top 500 is a travesty.

    Also, apparently my taste in gaming is crappy cause I think from 400 to 300 has the largest amount of my personal favorite games (which also happen to be PC games, go fig).

    Posted in The Problem With Trying to Pick the 500 Best Games Ever

  • Avatar for pdubb pdubb 7 days ago

    Man, this is a sore spot. I can talk about 2K5 for days. It didn't help that the Madden from 2006- roughly 2013 varied from hot garbage to barely tolerable left overs.

    Posted in The Moment Madden NFL Killed NFL 2K Forever

  • Avatar for pdubb pdubb 2 months ago

    Wait, I wasn't supposed to make a bee-line for the towers?

    The only times I got stopped going after a tower was when I would die too much or run out of supplies on the way there.

    Posted in How Nintendo Fine-Tuned Breath of the Wild's Overworld Using Triangles and Rectangles

  • Avatar for pdubb pdubb 3 months ago

    So good to hear. I want to get this game. I am glad they made an official remake to Metroid 2.

    I know you can't officially answer it because AM2R "doesn't exist" but I wonder how the two compare against each other.

    Guess I am gonna have to pick this up to find out.

    Posted in Metroid: Samus Returns Review: A Near Perfect Remake of an Underappreciated Gem

  • Avatar for pdubb pdubb 3 months ago

    Seems like this whole issue is nudging all sides towards an instance of "be careful what you wish for."

    Or as Alien Vs. Predator is famous for saying, "No matter who wins, we all lose."

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  • Avatar for pdubb pdubb 3 months ago

    Rebel Assault 2 for the PC.

    It took me more time to convince my parents to drive me to the store so I could buy the game, come home, and install the game than it did for me to beat it.

    And I paid full price for it back in 1996.

    Pissed does not begin to describe how angry I was.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What's the First Game You Bought That You Wish You Could've Returned?

  • Avatar for pdubb pdubb 3 months ago

    I remember denial being so strong that I tried to hold out for Quest 64 as well. When my friends were playing all their cool Metal Gears and Final Fantasies, I at least had Zelda eventually.

    FF7 taught me more than anything else, that I must have the attention span of a concussed goldfish because there was a LOT of items and encounters I totally forgot about.

    Posted in What Final Fantasy VII Taught Me

  • Avatar for pdubb pdubb 3 months ago

    I think the big thing is like@jihon83 and@MHWilliams have said is familiarity. Familiarity with a genre to me is more important for a review than "being good" because familiarity allows the reviewer to have a baseline for what a good game should feel like.

    Example: If everyone's favorite punching bag Shaq Fu, was the first and only fighting game a reviewer has ever played, how can the reviewer get across what is good or bad? How can the reviewer even intuitively feel that a better frame rate would make a the game more enjoyable. Give Shaq-Fu to person who cut their teeth on SF2 in the arcades, and they know why Shaq-Fu is bad, even if they were never above average at SF2.

    This is part of the reason why I do enjoy the USGamer staff's reviews when they are in their specialty areas. Kat may not be the next coming of Beaglerush, but if she gets a tactical RPG to review, I know that I will get a well thought out review of WHY Game X works or doesn't work as a tactical RPG. If she reviews a FIFA or a Madden, I know that she can very carefully explain why this year's iteration is worth me buying or waiting on. I know Mike will know the difference between a diamond in the rough open-world game and a turd. I know most of the staff (other than Jaz) is more than familiar with JRPGs. But on the same token, if I want to get into a racing game, I know there aren't many better than him in explaining why a racing game works and if it has the sense of speed that racing games need.

    But lastly, as I have mentioned, the familiarity goes both ways. After years of reading them, I am familiar with this crew so I know personally which areas I feel they cover well, so that it makes the reviews better for me. If Nadia is gushing about a racing game in a review and Jaz stops in for a couple paragraphs about how good the game is, best believe that says more to me than any number review score.

    Posted in Git Gud: On Games Journalists and Being Good At Video Games

  • Avatar for pdubb pdubb 3 months ago

    The one thing I wish more modern games would have done in the CoD hey day was keep using the varied color palettes that the SNES games did.

    I love the area early on where Samus is in Brinstar and has the pink areas with flowers (or pollen) is falling gently. Yet Super Metroid has dark and dingy areas as well.

    Games are coming back around to imitating this, but it was pretty crappy for those 4 or 5 years when it seemed every map in a AAA game was some shade of brown

    Posted in Metroid Game By Game Reviews: Super Metroid

  • Avatar for pdubb pdubb 4 months ago

    The sad part is that few shooter games feel as good the original Destiny did. The bullet sponge bosses were meh, but moment to moment gunfighting was second to none. That's why I played as much as I did for the first year.

    The idea of a reset does seem like something to bring a player like me back into the fold, but there are too many games that came out since Destiny that have cut in on what Destiny could have cornered the market on it wasnt rushed.

    Posted in Left Behind: Why These Avid Destiny Players Aren't Making the Jump to Destiny 2