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  • Avatar for retr0gamer retr0gamer 6 days ago

    Interesting. The last game was sent out to die by EA, which is a shame because it was excellent.

    Posted in NBA Jam May Return For Its 25th Anniversary

  • Avatar for retr0gamer retr0gamer 13 days ago

    I stop all games and TV twice a year to watch this. I'm missing super metro is this year but it's also nice to change it up I guess.

    Posted in Why Awesome Games Done Quick is Such a Joy To Watch

  • Avatar for retr0gamer retr0gamer 17 days ago

    I kind of feeling that Sony are just coasting and as a result aren't putting the effort in. They're no.1 by a considerable margin so why try harder? I hope the success of the switch starts to wake them up a bit and they start expanding their exclusives to tap into a wider market than just focusing on stale triple A games like Horizon.

    Posted in What We Want From PlayStation in 2018

  • Avatar for retr0gamer retr0gamer 18 days ago

    I'm not convinced. The first game showed promise and maturity... then the true horror that Akihiro Hino was the pribnciple writer and it turned into his usual garbage he always writes. Remember this is the guy responsible for garbage writing like Overblood 2 and Gundam Age. I know level 5 can do good games and charming story but it's always when thus guy is left out of the writing role.

    Posted in New Ni no Kuni II Gameplay Demo Shows off a Delicate Balance Between Cute and Serious Content

  • Avatar for retr0gamer retr0gamer 30 days ago

    Switch for me. It actually had games I wanted to play on it. The PS4 disappointed me. It was basically a machine where any game on it I got on my PC. What exclusives there were were disappointing and even persons 5 was on PS3.

    Xbox one was just the PS4 but worse.

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Was the Most Successful Platform of 2017?

  • Avatar for retr0gamer retr0gamer A month ago

    I just don't get realistic soccer games. I don't like sports games but I see the appeal in the translations of sports like NFL and NHL. One is fast paced and high scoring enough to be exciting, the other is full of strategy and tactics. Realistic football is just a boring slog. It's too slow paced to be exciting and it's too low scoring as well with a lot of games kind of feeling like they come down to luck rather than skill. That opposed to the likes of Sensible Soccer and ISS Deluxe which I actually enjoyed as they throw realism out the window and concentrate on being fun games.

    Posted in FIFA 18 is Tom's Favorite Game of 2017: Deal With It

  • Avatar for retr0gamer retr0gamer 2 months ago

    David Cage is a hack but I think it's totally wrong to tell him what issues and themes he can deal with. Who knows, he might surprise us. Let him make the game he wants then judge it. And if it's the poorly written insensitive drivel he usually products... then what harm. Bad writing is not a crime.

    Posted in David Cage: "You Don't Choose to Talk About Domestic Abuse"

  • Avatar for retr0gamer retr0gamer 3 months ago

    @retr0gamer Wait, Future Cop LAPD had multiplayer! OK I take the MOBA thing back.

    Posted in The Rise and Fall of Visceral Games

  • Avatar for retr0gamer retr0gamer 3 months ago

    Bit much to say Future Cop LAPD was a proto MOBA. It was more a continuation of the gameplay in the Strike series.

    Also don't get the love for Dead Space. It was a good game but nothing more. People seem to forgive its flaws. The awful asteroid shooting section and how samey the game got very early on with the jump scares being repeated and no longer being scary. The only thing exceptional about the game was the sound design and engineering. It just came across as a poor mans Resi 4 with a poor mans System Shock 2 story.

    For some reason it's been elevated to some kind of horror classic.

    Posted in The Rise and Fall of Visceral Games

  • Avatar for retr0gamer retr0gamer 3 months ago

    I think the opinion of a board like the ESRB doesn't hold any weight. It's a self governing body run by industry leaders and there is no way they are going to bad mouth a practice that us currently making them stinking rich.

    Posted in The ESRB Doesn't Consider Loot Boxes to be Gambling