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  • Avatar for shurn shurn 24 days ago

    That's the one thing people who thrive on word of mouth recommendations don't consider, the reputation of a game is always subjective.
    Based on how we feel about games in general at that moment in time, and that always changes throughout our lives. An old game we try now we might have never
    Appreciated on release but down the road after growing in experience finding out what we like and don't like, we end up enjoying it more than we would have if we initially played it day and date on release.
    Fine art has the same perception I think, like Van Gogh who was never appreciated in his time alive but became revered after his death. On second thought I'm just talking out my ass sorry.

    Posted in Sympathy for the Vampire: Castlevania II Is Way Better Than People Give It Credit For

  • Avatar for shurn shurn 26 days ago

    The disaster report , it got bad reviews and was overlooked but I saw a tips and tricks guide on it and gave it a shot. What I experienced hasn't been reproduced in any other game since and was immersing and captivating for me at the time, I up until that point wasn't really feeling the 3D generated graphics yet, this helped me see the promise of the future they held.Edited 3 times. Last edited 4 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Came Out of Nowhere to Become a Favorite?

  • Avatar for shurn shurn A month ago

    I missed out, bright side I'll live.

    Posted in The SNES Classic Pre-Order Debacle is a Bad Look for Nintendo

  • Avatar for shurn shurn A month ago

    Will there be sword combat? God I hope so because what was the point of the sword. Oh and arm wrestling and duck races and forklifts too. Since it's rural china can we get horses or something, I guess a bike is possible but I can't remember riding one in two. Well if we don't get any of that I will for sure be crying like an anime fan on prom night. ( do other anime fans like proms? I sure don't.)

    Posted in Deep Silver is Publishing Shenmue III

  • Avatar for shurn shurn A month ago

    If we can play it, it can be judged on the merits and faults it currently has.
    Developers are trying to change the meaning of unfinished. If it's only playable by a small amount of people in a beta it's unfinished, if it's playable by the world wide masses it's finished. Aren't they still working on no mans sky? That was finished last year too.

    Posted in Should PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds be in the Running for Game of the Year Despite Being Unfinished?

  • Avatar for shurn shurn A year ago

    This move of using its ip's to make money on lucrative platforms is something only nintendo and not sony or Microsoft can do, sure they have characters but not as strong as nintendos, and doesnt sony have a competing moble platform aganst ios and android?

    Posted in You Can Stop Asking Nintendo to Go Third Party; With Super Mario Run, They've Done It

  • Avatar for shurn shurn A year ago

    Well looks like collums and alien syndrome are joining turbo outrun and i see a space ship in the mosaic so anyones guess what the last mystery game is.

    Posted in The Hits Keep Coming: SEGA Announces Third and Final 3D Classics Compilation

  • Avatar for shurn shurn A year ago

    Got the first two collections on my jp 3DS and will do the same for this one.
    My 5 game hope picks are
    1: golden axe revenge
    2: outrunners (hope it has a chance still)
    3: landstalker ( they said it would be a lot of work but not impossible)
    4: monster world 4
    5: ranger x ( they published it, would prefer thunder force 4 but tecnosoft's property belongs to some pacinko company and sega might not want to bother licensing it.)Edited August 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in The Hits Keep Coming: SEGA Announces Third and Final 3D Classics Compilation

  • Avatar for shurn shurn A year ago

    @TernBird it's a cult classic in japan for its strategy based gameplay and the poll was done in japan on a card that came with the second collection.Edited August 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in The Hits Keep Coming: SEGA Announces Third and Final 3D Classics Compilation

  • Avatar for shurn shurn A year ago

    @TernBird lets agree to disagree, i enjoy it for what it is, your welcome to have your opinion, i was only expressing mine and i think its great as it is already.
    : D
    I +'s your comment to show that i think its great that we have our own opinions and that makes the world a better place.
    Late edit i just wanted to make clear its good that this game is difficult and frustrating to play in mechanics and menus, its like life. We could go through life always taking the easy path never taking the hard route and still be happy with our lives, but when we challenge ourselves and do something thats difficult and succeed its a more rewarding experience and we grow as people when we do ( in this games case we grow in gaming skill). That why i think its fine in my opinion that monster hunter plays the way it does, this hard game like the hard path in life is not for everyone, but if you struggle with it and work with with what it gives you and succed you enjoy the experience more than other games you have played.Edited 3 times. Last edited August 2016 by Unknown

    Posted in Five Ways Monster Hunter Could Change for the Better