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  • Avatar for siamesegiant siamesegiant 2 months ago

    @VotesForCows I really disliked 3 first time through. I played again on the PS4 collection and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. The story was much better than I remembered, and the ship sequence really is a series highlight. The combat was less frustrating than I remembered, though there were still points where it seemed overwhelming. I don't know how anyone plays these games on crushing, I find them hard enough on the normal difficulty level.

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  • Avatar for siamesegiant siamesegiant 2 months ago

    Uncharted 4 is dead last for me. Bloated, overlong, with weak new characters and pointless driving sections. Want to have a rip roaring adventure? How about we make you wander around as child Drake for an hour. It also seemed to make you want to feel bad for having a good time.

    On the other hand, Lost Legacy is fantastic. The driving sections now have a point to them, the story is tight and exciting, and the relationship between Chloe and Nadine is far more interesting than Nate and Sam's.

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  • Avatar for siamesegiant siamesegiant 7 months ago

    Props for including Shadow Dancer over the other Shinobi games. That game has always been my favourite. The level design is much tighter, and I've always been a dog person...

    I believe Alien Soldier got a PAL release, so there's an English translation out there. Would love a go at Terranigma too.

    Posted in Two SNES Classic Edition Game Collections We Would Like to See

  • Avatar for siamesegiant siamesegiant 10 months ago

    @pimento It was Redout. Which isn't a bad substitute I suppose.

    Posted in Reaction: This Was Pretty Much the Switch's Worst Case Scenario

  • Avatar for siamesegiant siamesegiant 10 months ago

    I loved the last 3 entries. You can argue the point that they became more and more absurd, but that element was there in the fourth entry (mecha-Napoleon statue anyone?) and I loved it. The ridiculous b-movie action and dialogue is part of what makes the series so much fun. Admittedly, I played RE6 long after launch, so maybe there was a certain amount of jankyness patched out, but there is a certain sniffiness towards it from critics that has always struck me as being a little po-faced.

    I'm sad they're probably not going to make any further games like 6. I feel that with PT, Layers of Fear, Outlast etc the market is already full of first person horror, whereas the chances of having a mega budget game where you punch a zombie shark in the face are comparatively slim.

    Posted in Opinion: Finding Resident Evil Again Requires Letting Go Of Resident Evil

  • Avatar for siamesegiant siamesegiant 10 months ago

    @matthewcooley77 Really? Persona and Nier look fantastic, and Horizon looks great too, as long as it isn't some Ubi style open world drudge. Gravity Rush is reviewing really well too.

    Really disappointed about Scalebound. Kamiya can basically do no wrong so the fact that years of work have gone down the tube is an unbelievable waste.

    Posted in Revisiting Xbox E3 2014: Remembering All The Games That Died

  • Avatar for siamesegiant siamesegiant 10 months ago

    @link6616 The PC version of Trails is functionally identical, and I don't think there are significant carry overs if you have a save on the same platform.

    Posted in Steam Winter Sale 2016: What Are The Best Games to Buy?

  • Avatar for siamesegiant siamesegiant 10 months ago

    @riderkicker I slogged through the whole game. The characters and dialogue are great, but the world, story and mechanics are kind of dull. It ends on a cliffhanger so I bought the sequel, played a couple of hours, realised it was exactly the same and couldn't bring myself to play any more.

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  • Avatar for siamesegiant siamesegiant 11 months ago

    Dormant IPs such as....

    Deep Down!

    Seriously though, more Dragon's Dogma, Breath of Fire, Dino Crisis would be great.

    Posted in Capcom Needs to Get Creative About Reviving Its "Dormant IP"

  • Avatar for siamesegiant siamesegiant A year ago

    Sleeping Dogs is an all time favourite, and probably my favourite open world game. Always hoped for a sequel. By all accounts Triad Wars turned into a bit of a disaster, but Smash and Grab was put on Steam about a week ago. Weird that it wasn't given any time at all to find its feet. Very sad for all the folks who've lost their jobs, hopefully they'll land on their feet.

    Posted in Sleeping Dogs Developer United Front Games Reportedly Shut Down