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  • Avatar for swamped swamped 2 days ago

    Huh. I mean I dunno, all I have are anecdotes, but the people I know in their 30s who have experience with gaming, whether they continued or not, are split about 50/50 on whether they started with NES or SNES. (Weird that I don't seem to know any Sega kids?) I have zero nostalgia for the NES because I never had one and I can see how the opposite would be true due to the considerable overlap. But for as many times as they've rereleased Mario Bros. 1-3, Mario World was right there behind them. I dunno. I'm interested to see how this plays out.

    Posted in The SNES Classic Won't Get Nearly as Much Hype as the NES Classic

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 4 days ago

    Hadn't they originally said there would be a new Battlefront release every year? Glad they decided to take their time instead of moving forward with that plan. What I've seen looks much improved.

    Posted in Star Wars: Battlefront II Focuses on The Empire on November 17

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 4 days ago

    This hurts me. SNES was the system I grew up on and I'd really love to have one of these. But I'm beyond burned out on Nintendo's tactics. Don't punish me for having a life outside of your products.Edited 4 days ago by Unknown

    Posted in Nintendo's Next Out-Of-Stock System Will Be The SNES Mini/Classic

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 8 days ago

    Is anyone really stupid enough to buy a THIRD console version of Payday 2 after the first 2 attempts were never updated or patched?? Pretty sure matchmaking on XB1 is still borked to this day.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch Has Mario Kart 8, Minecraft, Rayman, and Payday 2 Coming This Year

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 9 days ago

    @Tetragrammaton GBC was new and its games couldn't be played on older systems but it did have backwards compatibility and colorized the old games. Some games had special palettes. I played so much Pokemon Red in color that it was weird going back to monochrome on Virtual Console.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Owning a Console is More Complicated (And Expensive) Than Ever

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 9 days ago

    Dammit, I didn't realize we weren't getting the 3DS version in the US. Just thought it would be download only. Waaahhhh.

    Posted in Lady Layton Gets a New Name, Mobile Version Coming Worldwide on July 20

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 9 days ago

    "This makes Breath of the Wild one of the few 100 percent attach rate games I've ever seen, which Nintendo attributes to folks buying the standard and limited editions of the game together."

    Weird theory, I would have thought it was Wii U owners or people interested in the game but not a Switch yet purchasing the Switch limited edition version. I'm not a proponent of buying multiple nearly-identical versions of the same game to begin with, but for a game without online play it makes even less sense.

    Posted in Nintendo Switch is The Company's Fastest-Selling System Ever, Breath of the Wild Has 100 Percent Attach Rate

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 9 days ago

    The way this reads, I'm hoping this is because they're coming out with an improved model.

    Posted in NES Classic Prices Rise With End of Production, Mini Famicom Discontinued Too

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 12 days ago

    Interesting point about the New 3DS because that was also the only mid-cycle upgrade that threatened to be necessary with exclusive games. But in the end, there were what, 2 of those (excluding SNES virtual console)? Sony and Microsoft never pulled the trigger in that way and even with the framerate improvements, I haven't seen that rhetoric coming directly from the companies themselves. At this point it still seems to be something marketed towards "elites" with the rest of us being reassured an upgrade isn't necessary.

    At least the performance enhancements were immediately noticeable on New 3DS. I wouldn't have even bothered upgrading if I hadn't been cursed by a witch to have all my circle pads break, but I'm kind of glad I did with it being where I do most of my gaming. Last I heard they were still struggling to get FFXV to run at 60fps on PS Pro so yeah... Not a good look. I'll be interested to see if Scorpio changes any of that.

    Edit: I had forgotten until Mr. Spo mentioned it, but yeah the 3D is soooo much better on New 3DS. To the degree that I'll actually use it sometimes! I'm prone to migraines so the added stability makes an enormous difference. Maybe it's still a little gimmicky but it's nice to have those QOL improvements.Edited 2 weeks ago by Unknown

    Posted in Starting Screen: Owning a Console is More Complicated (And Expensive) Than Ever

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 16 days ago

    This is super helpful! Looks like they're kind of getting to some level of consistency with the Steam releases which is good. I know S-E has had kind of a shoddy record with ports (some of those mobile ports... gag me).

    Posted in The Best Version of Every Final Fantasy Game