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  • Avatar for swamped swamped 23 days ago

    Oh, tough. I'm sure there have been many but I'll go with FFXV. I've never liked a mainstream Final Fantasy game and even my taste in spin-offs is questionable. (Love Tactics Advance & A2, hate the original. I know! I know.) Never clicked with FFVII before my save file got corrupted and was warming up to FFX when I got hit by a boss I couldn't defeat and gave up instead of grinding.

    So I was fully ready to ignore FFXV but then I started seeing coverage of features that really appealed to my interests: a tsundere prince, open world exploration, chocobo road trips... Picked it up fully expecting to be baited and switched again or annoyed to death by melodrama and I ended up loving it. I still can't really articulate why. It's just very well tailored to my specific interests.

    P.S. PLAY. POCKET. CARD. JOCKEY. It took me 50 hours to defeat the main campaign. IN SOLITAIRE!

    Posted in USgamer Community Question: What Game Came Out of Nowhere to Become a Favorite?

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 23 days ago
  • Avatar for swamped swamped 26 days ago

    To save you a click literally the only thing the Legend of Zelda and the American Tax Code have in common is that the first Zelda game came out in 1986, the same year the last major reform to the American Tax Code was signed into law.

    What, that's it?? Come on, I could have done better than that. Zelda actually has a lot in common with the tax code:

    1. They add more to it almost every year.
    2. It's almost impossible to complete 100%.
    3. They keep retconning the lore.

    Posted in Why in the World is the Republican Party Comparing The Legend of Zelda to the US Tax Code?

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 27 days ago

    Oh yeah man, that's definitely how art works. That's why novelists are always dying from overwork and painters paint so much they give themselves carpal tunnel. And films never EVER get delayed in order to accommodate extensive reshoots and rewrites.

    It's really not hard to make the connection here, crunch comes from the tech side of making video games, not the artistic one. My spouse in a different tech industry has had more than one job go to shit after a management change resulted in his bosses wanting to pursue more of "a startup culture environment" which is just a euphemism for expecting twice as many work hours. It's the worship of "productivity" for its own sake, ignoring the evidence that overwork doesn't actually lead to increased productivity.

    Posted in The Video Game Industry Reacts Against an Article Praising a Harsh Industry Practice Known as "Crunch"

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 27 days ago

    "You would think Nintendo would have learned its lesson for how to handle [literally anything] after [all of Nintendo history]."


    I really don't get the continued stanning for Nintendo on this issue. The NES Classic release was bad enough, but this time they're literally releasing a brand new SNES game for the first time in decades and I wouldn't be shocked if this is the ONLY way to get it. If they want to put it on VC later fine, I'll take it back, but they haven't said anything of the sort yet and to lock a new game release into such a limited release product is inarguably shitty and illogical.

    Posted in The SNES Classic Pre-Order Debacle is a Bad Look for Nintendo

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 28 days ago

    Amazing how many different ways they want to tell this story they never finished writing.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XV Gets Chibi With A Mobile Pocket Edition

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 28 days ago

    I managed to get one this time but I'm still mad about it. Continuing to be a Nintendo fan is just prolonging my own suffering.

    There's still Walmart. Follow@wario64 and turn on Twitter notifications. It's been annoying me for weeks but it really works.

    Posted in SNES Classic Preorders Reportedly Live on Best Buy, May Require Refreshing [Updated]

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