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  • Avatar for swamped swamped 5 hours ago

    I find it so hilarious when gamers in these types of games try to make demands of the publisher about their pricing model (and trust me, I've been there). It doesn't matter how stoic you are or how much you refuse to purchase in game content because all Ubisoft needs to make a profit is a small percentage of whales willing to drop 15x the retail cost into the game and there are A LOT of people willing to do that. I can't wrap my head around the spending habits of hardcore gamers, but there's enough profit from that segment that publishers don't even need to cater to the majority of players, so why would they?

    Posted in Ubisoft On For Honor Microtransactions: "We Don't Expect a Player To Buy Everything"

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 5 hours ago

    I'm not an early adopter because of this kind of thing, but even I have to laugh at how overblown this was in some circles. Didn't the 360's RROD issue turn out to affect something like 1/3 or more of the consoles? I mean come on. Seems like a pretty typical launch hardware issue.

    Posted in Nintendo's Switch Joy-Con Problem a Result of "Manufacturing Variation"

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 5 hours ago

    Excited for the full feature! I did ultimately enjoy FFXV, in the same way I love other seriously flawed but highly ambitious games. The one thing they really did get right was the characterizations of the main crew. Even though I started with a favorite, by the end of the game I loved them all.

    Posted in Hajime Tabata Explains why Prompto was Made a Photographer in Final Fantasy XV

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 20 hours ago

    Well yeah this is what happens when self-proclaimed progressives try to be "inclusive" toward a group without consulting anyone in it. It's more about being able to pat yourself on the back about it. (See also: any minority in games)

    Posted in Mass Effect: Andromeda's Transgender Character Backfires on Social Media

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 2 days ago

    God I put so many hours into CoH. Still miss it.

    Posted in City of Heroes Returns… Within Master X Master

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 3 days ago

    I still want Steel Battalion, dammit.

    Posted in Gaming's Weirdest, Wildest, and Wackiest Controllers and Peripherals

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 3 days ago

    I want FFXV's photo mode in every game now.

    Posted in They Did it For The 'Gram: The Best Selfie Cameras in Video Games

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 3 days ago

    Sweet Jesus. Well good on Bioware for standing up for a former employee when we've known a few companies who let current employees bear the brunt of harassment alone (and maybe even fire them after cough cough).

    I dunno what happened here and I'm not going to pretend it's not hilariously bad, but I've read too many stories about animation teams not being given the time and resources they need to deliver a quality product to automatically assume it's a lack of talent. I mean, the production team ultimately okayed this so presumably they thought it was "good enough."

    Posted in Mass Effect Andromeda Animator Harassed Over False Information

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 7 days ago

    Wow some of these are new to me! The coolest thing I've seen that I haven't tried yet is that you can mount basically any animal that's big enough.... INCLUDING LYNELS holy shit.

    Posted in Here Are the Coolest Things People Have Discovered About Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Avatar for swamped swamped 7 days ago

    The only deaths that have really annoyed me at this point are the result of physics. I was doing the Igneo Talus on Death Mountain quest, missed a dodge, and got knocked over on an incline. Before I was able to get up, I slid into lava and died. I've also had multiple instances of getting hit and sliding off a mountain to my death. It's annoying but you can't really get rid of those things without also losing the benefits of the in game physics.

    Oh, and getting ready to climb a mountain but it starts raining and there's no place to build a fire. FUCK THAT.

    Posted in The 'Git Gud' of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild