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  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel 2 days ago

    Adventure 2 is just as terrible as Adventure 1 (though I have nostalgia for both), Generations is excellent, and Sonic3/Knuckles should definitely be counted as a single game.

    Posted in Gotta Go Fast: Ranking All of The Sonic The Hedgehog Games

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel A month ago

    I really love this series by the way, and I don't think it should be limited to SNES Mini games. I mean, I know it's not a retro site, but... it's fun to see professional reviews of older games that aren't just pure analysis/retrospective.

    Posted in Super NES Classic Reviews Game by Game #5: Contra III: The Alien Wars

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel A month ago

    @Kat.Bailey 3D doesn't do much for me either, especially when playing a game that requires constantly glancing at the bottom screen. Seeing as my 3DS primarily is a Etrian Odyssey-playing machine, 3D is terrible for that series. The way I hold the system - usually playing and shifting around in bed - just does not work well with the 3D effect.

    But I'm still not sold on the new 2DS, despite that. The best Xenoblade experience, of course, is emulated in HD via Dolphin - it's hard to go back to the dinky 3DS resolution after playing that. Regardless, I'm not the type to really upgrade my systems - especially when my 3DS Xl serves me well enough the past 5 years (even if it's less than ideal).

    Posted in Nintendo New 2DS XL Review: The 3DS Model You Should Own

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel A month ago

    @brionfoulke91 People value different things... for instance, you value music, 'originality' and challenge more than other things. That's all good.

    But then you say you wish ALL reviewers valued these things more... in other words, 'I wish all reviewers had the same opinion as me.' Because what you value more or less IS what constitutes your opinion.

    I do think those things are valued by many reviewers, by the way. Great soundtracks do not go unnoticed. Bad soundtracks are actually sort of rare, though there's plenty of mediocre ones out there... in which case, they neither add to or detract from the experience.

    I think gamers like a good challenge! Souls gets a 'pass' because the the games are designed for it, with precise mechanics that are meant to be learned through death. Other games are 'a challenge' because the mechanics are poorly explained or the controls are bad or the gameplay feels unfair. This is subjective too, but I don't think reviewers ignore it. I think reviewers CAN ignore challenge because most games offer multiple difficulty levels. I don't think modern games are easier than the old-school; I just think the default difficulty has shifted towards being easier.

    As for originality, it can only take you so far. it's a good thing. It's a necessary thing! But it needs polish, and hey - some people value that equally. I don't think reviewers are harsh on more 'creative' titles. Fresh experiences are quite often praised highly, like Portal for example. Sometimes a creative idea (Nemesis system) can take a mediocre game (Shadow of Mordor) quite far.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Looking Behind The Curtain Of Game Reviews

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel A month ago

    I never understood the Gambit system criticism. It's totally optional and the game can be played command-by-command in a traditional FF style if you wanted, except with a (VERY welcome) lack of combat transition screens. It's just a detailed version of what games like Dragon Age offer, though I can understand being annoyed at how Gambits are locked behind stores and licenses.

    Though it might be my favorite FF, I think the real flaw is how the narrative really loses its urgency with the big areas, which can take a while to get through. The game is full of possibilities for some character-developing stops along the way, but cut scenes are mostly plot, plot, plot.

    Posted in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age Review: A Near Perfect Remaster of an Underappreciated Gem

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel A month ago

    @benjaminlu86 Yeah, if you really just followed the MSQ and did some dungeons regularly (but not heavily), it's probably more than enough. A lot of people have complained about the grind for jobs that aren't your main... but I've found that all those side quests that were unnecessary in your first job are a nice supplement for your next jobs.

    And of course, instances are all scaled. Rather than everyone scaling up to the same level (like ESO), the game scales everyone down to the dungeon's level. I think it's a good system that has kept trials and dungeons relevant, and when I run them, I often see new players doing them for the first time. I think the bigger problem for newer players is some of the secondary content - the Crystal Tower series, Coils, maybe even Alexander, none of which are available in the average roulette.

    A lot of the quest design issues are still there in 4.0 (and especially 3.0). It's not like getting through the base game, the quests will magically improve - 4.0 design has improved, sure, but there's still TONS of filler and seemingly endless back-and-forth. Making your way through the MSQ doesn't suddenly get any faster or slower in the expansions - it's just the way the game (and most MMOs) are designed. At least FFXIV has the writing to make it semi-interesting most of the time...

    Posted in Final Fantasy XIV's A Realm Reborn Content Needs An Overhaul

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel A month ago

    It's weird to think of Nintendo products as being such luxury items! Especially if, like me, you prefer to think of the Switch as a fancy portable system and not an average home console.

    Posted in NES Themed Nintendo Switch Controllers are $200, Might as Well Just Buy an NES Classic

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel 2 months ago

    I have no interest in Zelda, and I'm pretty sick of Skyrim, but come one... that Link outfit in Skyrim Switch is pretty neat.

    Posted in Welcome to Video Games' Next Top E3 Presenter: The Best-Dressed of E3 2017

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel 2 months ago

    Sounds like a fair price to me. I don't have much interest in owning a XBONE, having a PS4 and enjoying its exclusives, but... I dunno, it doesn't sound too bad. I think MS's real problem is having too many SKUs on the market.

    Posted in The Internet Reacts to the Xbox One X $499 Price

  • Avatar for touchofkiel touchofkiel 2 months ago

    Ilove the freedom it allows, but as someone who tends to mostly clear an area before moving on, the update didn't do much for me except make everything take longer to kill. Or in some cases, unable to kill some of the local bosses solo.

    Posted in Elder Scrolls Online's Level Scaling Is What More MMOs Need