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  • Avatar for vincentgoodwin88 vincentgoodwin88 22 hours ago

    I loved Mass Attack, but I always felt that it would've been better if it was re-skinned as a side-scrolling Pikmin platformer.

    I'm eager to see how much "Hey, Pikmin" plays like Mass Attack.

    Also, Mass Attack has a mini-game pinball mode that's deeper & better than Pinball Land (come fight me).

    Posted in All of the Kirby Games, Ranked From Worst to Best

  • Avatar for vincentgoodwin88 vincentgoodwin88 3 days ago

    @NiceGuyNeon Dragon Quests 4 through 9 are all playable on the 3DS (4, 5, 6, 9 are original DS). They're decently priced new on Amazon right now, and even better priced used.

    I'd recommend 4, 5, and 9 first. And the spinoff Rocket Slime is charmingly delightful.

    Posted in Dragon Quest Heroes 2 vs Dragon Quest Builders: Which Spin-Off Is Right for You?

  • Avatar for vincentgoodwin88 vincentgoodwin88 5 days ago

    Marvel also started a "brilliant" promotion to encourage comic shop employees to wear Hydra shirts and put the Hydra logo up all over the store.

    Asking people to dress up like Marvel's equivalent of the Nazis seems incredibly tone deaf right now.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Call of Duty: WW2 Needs More Than a New Setting to Refresh the Series

  • Avatar for vincentgoodwin88 vincentgoodwin88 19 days ago

    I thought Yuji Horii announced the Switch version (then NX) before Nintendo even announced the NX existed. Switch DQ11 is coming.

    And Outrider, you're right. It is weird. But it's also Dragon Quest, and Dragon Quest is allowed to do whatever it wants.

    Posted in Dragon Quest XI Coming Late July in Japan, Switch Version "Planned", But Missing

  • Avatar for vincentgoodwin88 vincentgoodwin88 A month ago

    How does the Griffey Retro mode compare to the first Griffey SNES game? That's a game my dad and I still play (we never got into sim-style games and we never liked the Griffey SNES and N64 sequels). If it's comparable, we might give it a look.

    I also heard Neo Geo's Baseball Stars scratches a similar Griffey itch.

    Posted in MLB The Show 17 Review

  • Avatar for vincentgoodwin88 vincentgoodwin88 A month ago

    I think the first 1Up podcast I ever heard Bob Mackey on, he was playing Resonance of Fate.

    It sounded like the game was breaking him, but I remember he spoke fondly of the game afterwards.

    Posted in Starting Screen: Mass Effect Andromeda is Coming Out at Exactly the Wrong Time

  • Avatar for vincentgoodwin88 vincentgoodwin88 A month ago

    So many people were mad on Twitter at Capcom.

    Pro-tip for anyone wanting someone to do something: Don't lead with telling them they're stupid. Rarely do people change behavior because of people being angry at them.

    Especially in this case. I thought these games were lost to time. Especially Darkwing Duck. I thought there was no way anyone would ever get these games again except through piracy. So somebody at Disney and Capcom deserve a medal for cutting through all the licenses and getting these games out again.

    Would I prefer it on Switch? Yeah, it seems like a more natural fit given the games' history and Nintendo playerbase, plus I prefer playing games portably. But if it doesn't happen, I'll find a way to play it.

    Also, what I find especially funny is if there was a Switch port, people would be mad at the price and claim them can get all these games on a ROM site for free (even though $20 is more than fair). Capcom can't win for losing.

    Posted in Capcom's Decision to Keep the Disney Afternoon Collection off the Nintendo Switch Is a Load of Duck Feathers

  • Avatar for vincentgoodwin88 vincentgoodwin88 A month ago

    Oh sweet! This is the team that made Torchlight. Color me interested.

    Posted in Hob Continues To Bend The World To Its Will

  • Avatar for vincentgoodwin88 vincentgoodwin88 A month ago

    Amazon's "new" prices for out-of-print games are all whack. The used price is around $30...which is high for a DS game, but not crazy.

    It's also on Wii U eShop.

    Posted in Which Legend of Zelda Should You Play First?

  • Avatar for vincentgoodwin88 vincentgoodwin88 A month ago

    This is the first game I've played where I like weapon degradation. And I think I like it because they break so quickly. There's no time to get attached to a favorite weapon, and instead you just have to pick up what you can find & hope for the best.

    I mean, this also screws me when I get stuck on an encounter where I obviously have no decent weapons (often against the guardians).

    Posted in Nadia's Zelda: Breath of the Wild Travel Journal -- Owner of a Broken Sword