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The USgamer Team

Julian "Jaz" Rignall

Editorial Director

Jaz is so old, he watched the sun rise at the very dawn of Gaming History. His dubious past includes running many magazines through the 80’s and 90’s, being the lead editorial founder of IGN.com, having an epic mullet, achieving world record highscores, and writing some of the harshest (and most enthusiastic) reviews ever published.

Jeremy Parish

Senior Editor

Jeremy Parish wanted to be an artist but got sidetracked into writing about video games. Having written for 1UP, EGM, OPM, GMR, CGW, XBN, IGN, and even some publications whose names aren't three letters long, his most valuable takeaway has been how easy it is to trick other game journalists into thinking you're respectable (just wear a tie).

Pete Davison

News Editor

Pete has been gaming since he was old enough to pick up a joystick and writing about games since he was a teen, which means he is now a veritable fountain of useless gaming trivia that no-one else remembers. His own gaming tastes favor the Japanese end of the spectrum, with a particular soft spot for bullet-hell shooters, visual novels and unusual JRPGs.

Brendan Sinclair

Contributing Editor

Brendan Sinclair has been writing about video games since 1999 and lives in Toronto. His favorite game is ZHP: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman for the PSP, which he would be happy to talk about to anyone within earshot.

Mike Williams

Staff Writer

M.H. Williams is new to the journalism game, but he's been a gamer since the NES first graced American shores. Third-person action-adventure games are his personal poison: Uncharted, Infamous, and Assassin's Creed just to name a few. If you see him around a convention, he's not hard to spot: Black guy, glasses, and a tie.

John Benyamine


Publishes Gamer Network sites in the United States. Welcomes all challengers, but please don't pick Luigi. He's mine. Here I am looking at a cloud.

Cassandra Khaw

Content Editor

Mysteriously known in Sweden, as "The Devil Woman", Cassandra is oft found obsessively playing RTSes and skulking about looking for the next cool indie game. In between writing about games, she spends time practicing street dance (East Coast popper, represent!), reading too many books, eating food and trying not to buy more books.

Craig Munro

Design & Technology

Craig is a member of the Gamer Network design & technology team. He helped create USgamer, Eurogamer, GamesIndustry, BrasilGamer, VG247, and Modojo. He lives in sunny Brighton, UK, and is still trying to complete Super Punch-Out!! on SNES.