IGN Fires Editor-In-Chief After Investigation Into 'Alleged Misconduct'

Steve Butts is no longer at IGN.

News by Matt Kim. Published 3rd January 2018 21:10PM

According to a new report, video game website IGN has fired its editor-in-chief, Steve Butts, after the company investigated claims of alleged workplace misconduct against him.

Kotaku was the first to report on the news and published a statement given by IGN general manager Mitch Galbraith to the website.

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"IGN initiated an investigation into alleged misconduct involving Steve Butts. As a result of the investigation, the Company has appropriately determined to part ways with Mr. Butts," Galbraith said in the statement.

Two months ago, former IGN employee Kallie Plagge accused her then co-worker Vince Ingenito of sexual harassment against her and another woman at IGN. Following the accusation IGN employees walked out in solidarity with Plagge, and refused to work until IGN issued an official statement regarding the matter.

After several meetings, IGN eventually put out a statement that laid out measures to create a "safe environment" to continue working in. Reportedly, it was at one of these meeting that Butts was accused of harassment. This triggered IGN to begin investigating the matter.

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According to Kotaku, Butts had been working from home since the investigation. His absence, and whether or not he would return to the company, was described as an "elephant in the room," by one IGN staffer.

Butts was also the boss who Plagge said mishandled her sexual harassment case. According to the report Butts told Plagge to not "be so uptight about it," in regards to the situation with Ingenito.

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