Interview Confirms Mega Man 7 was Developed in 3 Months

At least trench warfare makes for good camaraderie.

News by Nadia Oxford. Published 3rd January 2018 22:20PM

I'm USgamer's resident Mega Man goof, so maybe it won't surprise you too much to learn I'm quite fond of Mega Man 7. I even said as much in my review of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2.

Mega Man 7 isn't a widely-loved entry in the series, though. The late SNES release was the only classic 16-bit entry for the Blue Bomber, and the system is generally remembered as the domain of the quicker, more streamlined Mega Man X series. It's admittedly difficult to return to classic mechanics after years of hanging out with Mega Man X. The X games have wall-jumps, for example, something Mega Man 7 takes away from the player. Even though the design decision makes sense in Mega Man canon (X is meant to be an improved build over his "older" brother), that's a rough adjustment for players to make.

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But there's still a lot I appreciate about Mega Man 7, especially after watching Game Informer's interview with Mega Man 11 producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya. Tsuchiya worked on Mega Man 7 back in the day, and he reveals to Game Informer that the game was put together in three months. It was, unsurprisingly, "a really difficult time."

Mega Man 7's rushed development is obvious in some of its balancing issues, but overall, it's still a pretty great game for something put together in 3 months. All right, look, you can say whatever you want about Mega Man 7, but don't you dare insult Shade Man's theme in front of me.

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