Splatoon 2's Next Splatfest Takes the Fight to Genre Fiction

Choose your poison: science fiction or fantasy?

News by Caty McCarthy. Published 10th November 2017 18:45PM

It hasn't been long since the war of vampires versus werewolves. Vampires, the obvious better choice, reigned supreme in the ink-drenched battlefields. But Splatoon 2 won't let its squid-kid soldiers rest for long: a new Splatfest is in our midst once again. This time, the battle's taken to the genres of fiction: Science Fiction versus Fantasy.

Splatoon 2's next Splatfest will kick off on November 17th at 9pm PT, as usual. For 24 grueling hours, players will be able to log on to Splatoon 2 from their Switch and partake in the themed Turf War battles. By the end, Nintendo will calculate a winner determined by popularity, amount of team battles won and amount of solo battles won. Given both Fantasy and Sci-Fi's popularity in the world, I can see the popularity being a close call for once, contrary to most Splatfests where the popularity winner is usually clearer.

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As for which side I'll be taking, I think it's pretty obvious if you know my tastes. (I'm choosing Sci-Fi, obviously. DUH.) In the meantime, Nintendo's continued support for Splatoon 2 in the many months since it released in July this year. New maps, weapons, and more have joined the game. Hopefully, we can count on some new gear soon too; my closet is overflowing and I need that Squid Girl outfit again, Nintendo.

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