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Ripple Dot Zero Totally Just Made My Day

Sometimes gaming throws up some really nice surprises. If you've got 15 minutes of spare time, read this story and follow the links. Hopefully you'll enjoy the journey.

Top 10 Pride-Swallowing Moments in Gaming History

Microsoft's Xbox One reversal has us reflecting on some of the medium's biggest blunders, reversals, and retractions.

For the Future's Sake, I'm a Collector

Pete contemplates how having shelves full of physical games might be good for the gaming medium in the long run.

Hotline Miami Review

All hail the conquering control scheme! We see how Dennaton improved an already amazing title.

Ouya or Ou-Nah?

Eurogamer's Dan Whitehead looks at the Little Android Console That Could... but can it, really?

New Kickstarter Celebrates Heroes of Video Game Music

Another day, another Kickstarter, yes, but if you're a fan of game music, you might want to check this one out.

Soar Through the Sky in If My Heart Had Wings

The debut release from visual novel publisher MoeNovel, If My Heart Had Wings, is now available in English.

Chaos Reborn Inches Closer to Release with Playable Prototype

Julian Gollop's remake of his classic ZX Spectrum strategy game is coming along very nicely, thank you very much.

Magic 2014: Duels of the Planeswalkers Review

Now in its fourth iteration, the latest Duels of the Planeswalkers continues to push the series forward, and offers one of the cheapest and most enjoyable ways to get into this classic collectible card game.

Etrian Odyssey Untold: It's Never Too Soon for a Remake

That is, provided the remake is practically a brand new game (or two).

Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Full E3 Interview

The folks from Nintendo and Retro Studios share the details on the Kong family's first high-definition adventure.

Rogue Legacy Review

Ever wondered what would happen if the Belmont bloodline had a few genetic defects along the way? Wonder no longer.

Professor Layton's Son Comes to iOS

It ain't no Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney, but it'll do for now.

Ex-King of Fighters Devs Launch Crowdfunder for New 2D Fighter

Three former SNK/King of Fighters staffers need your help to make the 2D fighter they've always wanted to make.

Final Fantasy Born Again

Eurogamer's Simon Parkin takes a closer look at how Square Enix is doing its best to fix the "problem child" of the Final Fantasy family.

What Does "Final Fantasy" Mean to You?

We look back in series history and see how we ended up with an action RPG as the franchise's latest.

Puzzle and Dragons Review

Highly addictive obsession for some, throwaway garbage for others, Puzzle and Dragons is one of the most successful - and polarizing - games of the last twelve months.

Oh Brothers, Where Were Thou?

Starbreeze Studios' latest was nearly lost in the din of the E3 show floor.

Christine Love's Hate Plus Launches August 19

The follow-up to Christine Love's ambitious dark visual novel Analogue: A Hate Story finally gets a release date.

Lee Jackson Returns for Rise of the Triad Reboot

The original composer for Apogee's chaotic first-person shooter is returning to help the reboot's team reimagine his classic tracks.

Vita Hearts Indies

Sony's making a big noise about its support for indie developers at the moment -- particularly when it comes to the Vita.

When Bad Isn't Bad

Have you ever played and absolutely adored a game that press and public alike seemed to despise? The USgamer team gives its thoughts on a selection of favorite "underdogs" through the years.

Zeboyd's Next Game is Cosmic Star Heroine

The Cthulhu Saves the World and Penny Arcade RPG developer has officially announced its next project: Cosmic Star Heroine.

Hale to the Commander

Eurogamer's Johnny Cullen chats with Jennifer Hale about her two decade-long career voice acting in the industry.

Dance Yourself to Death With Crypt of the Necrodancer

Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? We talk with programmer Ryan Clark about his music-based roguelike.

Making Fans of Every Man With Lost Planet 3's Everyman

Producer Andrew Szymanski talks about LP3's conventional Call of Duty similarities, and its unconventional protagonist.

Diablo III Is Where All Hell Breaks Loose on a Comfy Couch

Thanks to subtle design tweaks and great controls, Diablo III makes the transition from PC to consoles - and feels all the better for it.

The World Ends With You: The Death March Soundtrack Review

Square Enix revisits its coolest soundtrack with a blistering live rendition.

The Complicated Legacy of Penny Arcade

Whether you love or hate Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, you've probably got good reasons for it.

Why Animal Crossing Succeeded Where Social Games Failed

Seemingly everyone is playing Nintendo's new life sim at the moment -- even those who would never normally touch social games. What's Nintendo done differently to the hundreds of Facebook game developers out there?

Horror Adventure Home Hits iOS

Creepy psychological horror title Home comes to mobile platforms, with all its unnerving atmosphere intact.

Titanfall Dev Demystifies Xbox One Cloud Technology

Eurogamer's Wesley Yin-Poole reports on just how Titanfall will take advantage of Microsoft's rather ill-defined "cloud technology."

Sword of the Stars: The Pit Expansion Out Soon

Fans of Kerberos' sci-fi roguelike will be able to enjoy a newly-expanded experience from July 1.

English Legend of Heroes Art Books Coming This Fall

Fans of Falcom's long-running RPG series will be able to get their hands on two lovely-looking art books later this year.

Muramasa Rebirth Review

Vanillaware's masterful visuals elevate an otherwise average action game.

New Super Luigi U Review

At last we see why Luigi lives in his older brother's shadow: The Mushroom Kingdom has it out for him.

Game and Wario Review

Is Game & Wario a warning that Nintendo is becoming the type of company it made fun of in the original WarioWare?

Call of Duty's House Divided

Ghosts' executive producer Mark Rubin discusses the tension and conflict between the series' single- and multiplayer components. Not only how the two aspects of the best-selling series are premiered, but also the fundamental philosophical difference between them.

Finding Your Role in Final Fantasy XIV

Class changes, crafting and special quests: just some of the things Pete got up to in last weekend's Final Fantasy XIV beta.

Japanese Visual Novel Dev Turns to Crowdfunding

Japanese PC developer Bamboo has turned to crowdfunding to pay for a remake of one of its past games.

Zeboyd Games Talks Penny Arcade and the Future

The indie RPG developer has some interesting plans up its sleeve now the Penny Arcade Adventures series is completed: a new, original RPG project inspired by Lunar and Prydain Chronicles.

Dreamfall Chapters Dev Disagrees with George Lucas on Storytelling

Lucas claims games are still waiting for a Titanic-style storytelling success; Tornquist isn't so sure. Eurogamer's Tom Phillips reports.

Prison Architect Dev Introversion Explains Indies' Trouble with Retail

Eurogamer's Tom Phillips reports on an eye-opening talk at the recent PC and indie games show Rezzed.

BioShock Infinite: America's Fairground

Chris Donlan goes in search of Columbia's origins.

How Mega Man and Mario Inspired Skylanders: Swap Force

The old-school inspiration behind the latest Skylanders ensures it'll have some teeth despite its family-friendly nature.

The Deleted Scenes of Deus Ex

Dissecting a masterpiece with the original designers, and the original design document.

EVE Online: If You Love It, CCP Has You Covered

We talk to CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson about not screwing up EVE Online

Nintendo Gets Into the Game

Three decades ago, Nintendo parlayed a single arcade hit into a home gaming dynasty that remains strong to this day. Their secret? A strong belief in quality, the cutthroat pursuit of profit, and an occasional dash of humility.

The Rap Game[r]

"Xenogears, that's the type of game that relieves my fears." We're right there with you, Del.

Ask Us Anything: Nintendo in NYC (June 25)

We're headed behind-closed-doors (spooky) and want your Nintendo-related questions!

Mighty Switch Force 2 Review

The sequel to Wayforward's action puzzler may have you questioning your gaming skill.

New Site Aims to Promote "Games with Purpose"

Education and gaming experts have teamed up to highlight the positive impact games can have on us all.

Delving Into the Digital World of Location Services

Following up on our recent interview, Owl Cave Games were good enough to provide USgamer with an exclusive first look at its upcoming adventure.

A Realm Reborn, the MMO for MMO Idiots Like Me

An MMO novice talks to Naoki Yoshida, the man tasked with reinventing Final Fantasy XIV from the ground up, and likes what he hears.

Pre-Owned is Back on the Table - But at What Cost?

After Microsoft's dramatic 180, Eurogamer's Wesley Yin-Poole seeks out a variety of opinions on the complex used games issue.

Greenlight, Genetic Flatulence and "Roguelites"

Indie developer Cellar Door Games is releasing the promising-looking Rogue Legacy soon, so we tracked down founder Teddy Lee for a chat.

Will a Measure of Mario Magic Save Sonic?

One-time unstoppable superstar, Sonic's recent history has been one of inconsistent vehicles and supporting roles. But could the upcoming Lost World signal a turnaround for his fortunes?

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Mario?

Jeremy and Brendan attempt to disagree without resorting to personal attacks in USgamer's first Point/Counterpoint column.

I Wish Microsoft Kept Its Awful Xbox One Policies

The quick reversal of anti-consumer policies is nice, but Microsoft and other companies are now likely to take the wrong lessons away from the debacle.

PlayStation Vita Wants to Kill Me, and I'm OK With That

The benighted Vita made an impressive showing at this year's E3, even if everything I played was curiously hostile.

TrackMania 2 Stadium Officially Launches

It's been in beta for a while, but the revamped Stadium environment for Ubisoft's thrilling build-your-own-racer game is now officially available.

Prime World Enters Open Beta This Friday

Nival's upcoming action RPG Prime World launches into open beta for the first time at the end of this week. Why not give it a go?

A Chat with Location Services' Owl Cave Games

Richard & Alice developer Owl Cave has a new adventure coming soon, so what better time to sit down for a chat?

Microsoft Restores Game Ownership and Expects Us to Smile

Eurogamer's Tom Bramwell believes that for Microsoft's reversal to have meaning, it must be matched by deeper change.

Does Animal Crossing Stress Anyone Else Out?

Not sure if she's doing it wrong, Olivia questions whether or not Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a management sim blessing or a holy-crap-there-so-much-to-do-and-I-want-the-best-town-ever-right-now time-sink curse.

The Witcher 3 Opens Its World for a Wild Hunt

CD Projekt Red lets a neophyte take a look at the latest Witcher title.

In Which Lavish Praise is Heaped Upon Two Old Game Boy Color Re-Releases

The joy of playing a pair of utterly brilliant, twelve-year-old Game Boy Color classics for the first time results in a review that needs no score.

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Review

The return of the king (of sidescrolling arcade beat-em-ups).

Gender is Carefully Balanced in The Last of Us

Gender equality in video games is an important talking point in our community. With this in mind, Olivia takes a look at how well Naughty Dog handles gender roles in The Last of Us. Warning, this article contains spoilers.

Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Launches on Steam

Satirical role-playing game makes its way to Steam for PC and Mac... but beware of the microtransactions!

The Tetris Effect

Some games have a habit of inserting themselves into your waking life; which ones have consumed you?

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Full E3 Interview

Our in-depth conversation with director Motomu Toriyama and producer Yoshinori Kitase digs into the details and mechanics of the grand finale of the tumultuous Final Fantasy XIII saga.

PlayStation 3 Update 4.45 Bricking Some Consoles

Sony is investigating the issue and has taken the patch offline in the meantime.

Explore, Fight and Go Mad in The Occult Chronicles

An upcoming PC game that promises a combination of turn-based strategy, the Tarot and roguelike mechanics is looking most intriguing.

Dungeons and Dragons Arcade Games are Back

The two Dungeons and Dragons arcade games, Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara, have made their grand return to home platforms.

I Shall Give You Endless Earth: An Ar Tonelico Retrospective

JRPG developer Gust may be best-known for its Atelier series, but as Pete discovers, its other franchise Ar Tonelico is well worth exploring too.

Skulls of the Shogun Freed from Windows 8 Exclusivity

17-Bit's strategy game finally heads to Steam, away from Microsoft's walled garden.

What We Liked and Didn't Like at E3

Channeling the powers of Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator, we've each got one thumb up and one thumb down for what we saw at E3.

Super Mario 3D World: Four Players, Four Opinions

Is Nintendo's next Mario brilliant or banal? Depends on who you ask.... so we ask everyone, in order to get their take on the 3DS adventure's foray into big-time console gaming.

What the Templars Told Me About Assassin’s Creed IV

The newest Assassin's Creed looks great, but is it all real or just an illusion?

Need for Speed: Rivals vs The Crew

The next-gen car combat genre is heating up, with a familiar name and a brand new one ready to go wheel to wheel.

Why Did Atari Fail in Japan?

30 years ago, Atari made its official debut in Japan, hoping to go toe-to-toe with upstarts like Nintendo and Sega. It bombed hard.

It's Not a Bug, It's a Feature

An imaginary chat with the newest member of the Murdered: Soul Suspect QA team.

The E3 2013 Prospectus

Do you invest in gaming trends? Let our team of seasoned professionals tell you where to place your bets coming out of the big show.

Endless Space's Age of Disharmony Begins Soon

Amplitude Studios has announced the Disharmony expansion to its 4X title Endless Space will be with us on June 26.

Size Five Games' Gun Monkeys Headed to Steam

Gun Monkeys, a "procedurally-generated multiplayer monkey deathmatch shooter" from British developer Size Five Games, is coming to Steam.

Mars War Logs Enjoys New English Translation

Focus Home Interactive's sci-fi RPG is getting a new translation from the original French after widespread criticism.

Bleszinski's Attack on Used Games is Flawed Logic

Cliff Bleszinski claims that triple-A can't function with used and rental games around. Does he have a point?

Next-Generation Graphics: It's All in the Details

Screenshots and grainy YouTube videos don't paint the best picture of some great-looking games.

How I Was Made to Like Batman: Arkham Origins

At E3, Warner Brothers went to great lengths to showcase a game that looks and feels too much like its predecessors.

How Final Fantasy V is Saving the World, Four Jobs at a Time

We talk to the man behind the FFV Four Job Fiesta that's sweeping the Internet (again).

XCOM for iOS Costs $20, and That's Not a Bad Thing

At $20, the long-awaited iOS version of the new XCOM is expensive for a mobile app. But it's worth your support.

A Realm Reborn: Impressions from FFXIV's Front Line

Square-Enix recently launched the penultimate phase of Final Fantasy XIV's beta. Pete was on the front line.

The Witcher Composer Honors C64's 30th Birthday

The Commodore 64 turns 30 this year, so composer Pawel Blaszczak has decided to honor it in his own way.

That Difficult Second Screen

Eurogamer's Christian Donlan ponders the prevalence of second screen interactivity at E3.

Ibb and Obb Melted My Heart. And My Brain.

Lurking on a single screen at E3 was this strange, but oddly delightful Dutch PS3 indie game.

Good Controls are Overrated

Octodad: Dadliest Catch was the least intuitive, most amusing thing on the E3 show floor, tentacles down.

Suda51 Answers Your Questions, Likes Wreck it Ralph

The creator of Killer is Dead answers a few questions, including his favorite American kids movie.

Shigeru Miyamoto is Still Donkey Kong's Papa

Even though it's in Retro's hands these days, Donkey Kong's creator continues to influence the series.

The Stylish Apocalypse of Shin Megami Tensei IV

SMT4 designer Masayuki Doi wants to take SMT fans to school... fashion school, that is.

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