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Konami's Pre-E3 Presentation Brings a Couple of Surprises

PES 2014's new engine, Snake's new actor and Lords of Shadow spoilers. No Suikoden, though.

Why Xbox Failed in Japan

The inside story on Microsoft's greatest challenge: breaking into the Far East.

Modders Bring Back GRID 2's Cockpit View

Resourceful modders put GRID 2 players back in the driving seat.

The Deleted Scenes of Doom

Exploring the game that could have been, and the legacy that never was.

Soul Sacrifice Review

Take another little piece of my heart now, baby

Katawa Seiyu Brings Voices to the Students of Yamaku High

Fan-made YouTube project aims to voice-act all of controversial visual novel Katawa Shoujo.

Sid Meier's Cultural Victory

"If there's anything in reality that's not fun, we'll change it."

Plastic Soul: One Man's Quest to Build an AI that Can Create Games

ANGELINA designs video games - and has questionable views on human morality.

Inside Japan's Indie Scene

A plethora of Japan's most promising independent developers did something unusual recently: they met each other.

Metatext: Separating the Player from the Character

Ever get the feeling your video games are talking to you? You may not be crazy after all....

In Animal Crossing's World, I'm the Veal Calf

The town of Telebuni has me penned in tightly, waiting for the slaughter.

The Ten Best PC Games

The list of PC games goes on and on and on, but we've got it down to a top ten. There's something for everyone here, from stellar RPGs, first-person shooters and challenging puzzlers.

What I Want from The Last of Us

In anticipation for Naughty Dog's upcoming survival action game The Last of Us, I've made a wish list of sorts, hoping the gritty narrative gets really dark.

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot: A Competitive Dungeon Crawler That Hates Archers

Ubisoft reinvents the Dungeon Keeper concept for the online age, but it's a meathead's world.

Six Lies Take-Two Told Investors

Marketing mistruths are so commonplace that some companies aren't even trying for plausibility any more

Why Play Animal Crossing, Anyway? (A Primer)

Curious what the big deal is about Nintendo's quirky attempt at the simulation genre?

Nintendo Leans the Wrong Way with Tomodachi Collection's Gay Bug

The "fix" for Nintendo's social game falls disappointingly out of step with current trends.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Enter Iron Keep and Defeat the Smelter Demon

The Smelter Demon guards the last Great Soul and stands in the way of our journey to Dark Souls 2's endgame. Follow our guide to best this fearsome foe.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Pass Through the Dragon Aerie to Reach the Dragon Shrine

Traverse the dangers of Dragon Aerie so you can reach your true destination and the final confrontation.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Enter Aldia's Keep and Defeat the Guardian Dragon

We help you track down the Guardian Dragon so you can make your way into Dragon Aerie.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: The Throne of Want, and How to Defeat the Final Bosses

Your journey is at its end, but can you take down your final opponents? Dark Souls 2's finale awaits you, adventurer, and we're here to help.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Defeat Velstadt, the Royal Aegis and Claim the King's Ring

It's time to battle Velstadt, the Royal Aegis and claim the King's Ring for your own, opening the path to the grand finale.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Obtain the Souls of Giants from Memory of Jeigh, Memory of Orro and Memory of Vammar

Make your way through the Forest of Giants to obtain the souls you need to open the way to the final battle. We show you where to go and what to do.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Explore the Shrine of Amana and Defeat the Demon of Song

One final destination -- and fearsome opponent -- stands between you and the Undead Crypt, where you can finally obtain the King's Ring. We walk you through it.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Continue Through the Iron Keep and Defeat the Old Iron King

Are you ready for your next challenge, adventurer? Prepare to take on the Old Iron King, but don't worry -- we've got your back!

Infamous Second Son Guide: Mission 12: The Test - How to Defeat the Enormous DUP Agent

Prepare for your second superpowered boss fight. Are you ready to take on the Enormous DUP Agent and prove how awesome you are?

Infamous Second Son Guide: Mission 11: Trash the Stash - Defeat the Drug Dealers and Build up Good Karma

Our superpowered adventure through Seattle continues as Delsin and Fetch take on some drug dealers.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: How to Beat Mytha, the Baneful Queen

Our journey through Dark Souls 2 continues with another formidable obstacle in our path, this time in the form of Mytha, the Baneful Queen. Follow our guide to take her down.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Proceed Through Earthen Peak Towards Mytha, the Baneful Queen

Our adventure through the lands of Dark Souls continues as we guide you through the Earthen Peak towards your next confrontation.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Huntsman's Copse, and the Journey to the Undead Purgatory

The Huntsman's Copse awaits! It's dangerous territory that's packed with some fearsome foes. But it's also where you can find some excellent items.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Enter Belfry Luna, Defeat the Bell Keepers and the Belfry Gargoyles

Gear up! It's time to hit Belfry Luna so you can thwart the Bell Keeper invasion. We explain how to ring the bell, and then confront and take down the Belfry Gargoyles!

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Brightstone Cove Tseldora Part 1: Prowling Magus and the Congregation

Face off against the spiders and prepare to take on Prowling Magus and his Congregation as you delve into Brighstone Cove Tseldora.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Through the Shaded Woods to the Scorpioness Najka

The Shaded Woods is full of many fog-shrouded paths. Follow our guide through the mist to take on the Scorpioness Najka and claim her treasures.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: Sinner's Rise, How to Beat The Lost Sinner

In this walkthrough of Sinner's Rise, you'll learn where to find the Fragment Branch of Yore, how to beat The Lost Sinner, and the means to gain access to Belfry Luna.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: The Lost Bastille, The Three Ruin Sentinels - Alessia, Yahim, Ricce

Now the action really starts heating up with a treacherous journey through The Lost Bastille to face the Three Ruin Sentinels in an epic showdown. We'll tell you how to defeat them.

Dark Souls 2 Guide: How to Beat the Executioner's Chariot in the Undead Purgatory

It's time to finish off your jaunt into the Undead Purgatory by acquiring yourself a few tasty items, then taking on the ghostly chariot of the Executioner.

Which Xbox One Games Should I Pre-order?

As the launch of Xbox One draws ever closer, we take one last, long look at the launch games roster, and make recommendations about which ones are worth investing in.

Pokemon X and Y Guide: Which Game to Buy, Beginners Tips, What to Do, Where to go

Need some help with Pokemon X and Y? Here's what you need to know to get up and running quickly. Where to begin, what to do, where to go. super training - and what you can create with mega evolutions!

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