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  • How is Assault Android Cactus Shaping Up?

    Witch Beam's promising twin-stick shooter missed its originally anticipated release date, but it's coming together nicely. We take a look at the latest build and attempt to get to grips with Aubergine.

    By Pete Davison By Pete Davison 2

  • The Early Access Revolution

    Four out of the top five sellers on Steam right now are Early Access titles. The community, it seems, has taken to this new way of doing business.

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  • What Should I Buy in the Steam Autumn Sale?

    We all know that Skyrim is worth buying, but what about all the other games in the Steam sale? Pete and Cassandra dive in and pick out some personal favorites you should watch out for.

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  • EGX: East Meets West in Assault Android Cactus' Bullet Hell

    We check out Australian indie developer Witch Beam Games' upcoming manic shooter Assault Android Cactus, and how it's drawn inspiration from Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga and the distinctive Dreamcast-era "Sega look."

    By Pete Davison By Pete Davison 2