Ask Them Anything: USgamer Talks to CCP Games

Ever wanted to ask CCP Games some really weird and/or insightful questions about the future EVE Online? Now's your chance.

News by Cassandra Khaw, .

A quick recap for those uncertain as to what EVE Online is: it's an MMO built on Tatooine's spirit, an interstellar sandbox that runs on mercantile genius and cutthroat politics, a treasure trove of wallpapers waiting to happen. The prettiest hive of scum and villainy you will ever encounter. And that is the space gospel truth.

Like any good MMO, EVE Online is constantly evolving, switching up the familiar in exchange for the unexpected. The upcoming Rubicon expansion, which is scheduled to hit on the 19th of November, actually looks pretty darn nifty. It has got what appears to be galactic ghost towns, the first steps towards colonization, new ships, better player guidance systems and a plethora of gameplay tweaks. And given that it's on the verge -- who am I kidding? We just wanted an excuse to grill the team in an almost no-holds-barred interview to the finish.

If you have any questions about Rubicon and the future of the game, let us know in the comments and we'll relay them to the right ears! Alternatively, you can also tweet, e-mail, send carrier pigeons, utilize smoke signals and so on. No guarantees the latter methods will elicit responses, though. Perform Morse Code at your own peril.

Ahem. Proceed.

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  • Avatar for cryospam #1 cryospam 4 years ago
    I want to know what the plans are for the fixing of POS permissions. The lack of secure living space in POS's is one of the things that prevents many from trying out wormhole living, we heard something months ago about how an overhaul was coming, but haven't heard anything since. Please, give us details, and a timeline.
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  • Avatar for Kelduum #2 Kelduum 4 years ago
    DUST 514: Why? Why PS3? Why not PS4? Why not PC? Why try and compete with things like Call of Duty and Battlefield?

    And when will we see DUST 515?Edited November 2013 by Kelduum
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  • Avatar for Kelduum #3 Kelduum 4 years ago
    When will EVE have another "expansion" which adds new content to the game, rather than fixing/updating broken things and adding new ships and adding a handful of new mission sites.

    The last actual expansion which added new things to do do in space was Incursion, which was 3 years ago now.Edited November 2013 by Kelduum
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  • Avatar for helen4m #4 helen4m 4 years ago
    General Roadmap Question:

    For years now you have catered to multi-player fans. Don't you think you have accumulated so much technical resources that you can easily, just add narrative and refined story to release a single player campaign EVE game, that would let all those people who aren't into core pvp enjoy the EVE universe for themselves?
    Space situated single-player is in a poor state these days - despite some attempts, and none of them can match your existing technical base thats just begging to be repackaged for a different kind of audience.

    Do you think we can see an Eve campaign port?
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  • Avatar for deathzhadow #5 deathzhadow 4 years ago
    @Kelduum it is being release on PS4 and it is being released on PC, or so i heard, and why would tehre need to be a 515, Dust 514 is linked to EvE there's no need for a sequel
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  • Avatar for mathiasjonsson94 #6 mathiasjonsson94 4 years ago
    @helen4m Eve is whatever you want it to be, your only limitation is your own imagination..

    “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will.”
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  • Avatar for bradleyhieber28 #7 bradleyhieber28 4 years ago
    What is your thoughts on the state of industry and the mexallon shortage? PvP'ers get a lot of pomp and circumstance, but the enablers get stomped on.Edited November 2013 by bradleyhieber28
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  • Avatar for mikedoucette97 #8 mikedoucette97 4 years ago
    Are the skill requirements going to change for Marauder Class?
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  • Avatar for chriswilliams76 #9 chriswilliams76 4 years ago
  • Avatar for michaelbalsillie44 #10 michaelbalsillie44 4 years ago
    What are the current numbers for active players of Dust 514? How does this compare to numbers in May? How has the player base fluctuated between now and then?

    What are the expectations/forecasts for user falloff following the PS4 launch?

    At what point (by which I mean how low would user numbers have to descend) would CCP acknowledge that Dust has not succeeded as required (IOT make it feasible as an ongoing product) and that a drastic change could be needed to turn it around?

    What would CCP's "drastic action plan" be in this event?
    - Would they attempt to port it to the PC and Xbox to broaden potential customers?
    - Would they pull the game entirely temporarily, thus cutting operating costs, while a rewrite is done? (Ala Final Fantasy Online XIV)
    - Or would we expect to see significant game changes implemented in a short period of time?

    I do want Dust to succeed, I like the idea of an expanded New Eden universe. I enjoy shooters, particularly Halo, albeit casually
    Also it's important for it to succeed in order to pave the way for future cross game interaction such as Valkyrie.
    As much as I want/support Dust though, rational acknowledgement (free of forum-esque rage and hyperbole) needs to be made of the games struggling state. I'm happy to give CCP my loyalty, time and money. And happy to wait for the product to be improved, I simply want to know how it's going to be done.
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  • Avatar for michaelbalsillie44 #11 michaelbalsillie44 4 years ago
    Will the invention requirements for the Nighthawk ship change now that it's hull is modeled off the Drake rather than the Ferox?

    Will it be invented from Drake BPC's instead?
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  • Avatar for Makoto-Priano #12 Makoto-Priano 4 years ago
    .-- .... . -. / .-- .. .-.. .-.. / .-- . / -... . / .- -... .-.. . / - --- / .--- ..- -- .--. / - --- / ..- -. . -..- .--. .-.. --- .-. . -.. / ... -.-- ... - . -- ... / --- ..- - ... .. -.. . / - .... . / -.-. ..- .-. .-. . -. - / -.-. --- -. ..-. .. -. . ... / --- ..-. / -. . .-- / . -.. . -. ..--..
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  • Avatar for michaelbalsillie44 #13 michaelbalsillie44 4 years ago
    @Makoto Priano - .... .. ... / .. ... / .-- .... .- - / .-- .- ... / .. -- .--. .-.. .. . -.. / -... -.-- / -.-. -.-. .--. / ... . .- --. ..- .-.. .-.. ... / ...- .. ... .. --- -. / ..-. --- .-. / - .... . / ..-. ..- - ..- .-. . / ... .--. . . -.-. .... / .- - / ..-. .- -. ..-. . ... - / .---- ...-- .-.-.- / --. .. ...- . / .. - / .- -. --- - .... . .-. / ..--- / --- .-. / ...-- / . -..- .--. .- -. ... .. --- -. ...
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  • Avatar for kaneatkins62 #14 kaneatkins62 4 years ago
    With Star Citizen coming out with some big promises, how will future EVE updates help keep up to player expectations? Since some people like to play the game almost entirely from the stations (playing the market and so on), will we soon be able physically traverse the inside of these stations?

    Also are there any future plans for the Character Creator? Any new content (clothes, tattoos, accessories, etc) planned? And will we be able to eventually use this outside for EVE, ie for creating forum Avatars and so on?
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  • Avatar for andreasniklasson80 #15 andreasniklasson80 4 years ago
    Will there ever be a way to avoid showing up in local?

    Currently you can't lurk around properly thanks to the local channel always revealing your presence. A real annoyance when your trespassing and trying to be annoying and cause mischief.

    It also removes a bit of the immersing feeling.

    Rather than joining it automatically I'd rather see you could set to autojoin the "system communication hub" or not. That way the sheep can huddle together in local channels and relay threats and happenings to others and the wolfs can prowl unseen, and explorers pass undetected.

    To offset such a change one would probably need to implement deployable alarms for passive intrution detection for use in defensive positions.
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  • Avatar for michaelbalsillie44 #16 michaelbalsillie44 4 years ago
    @andreasniklasson80 I've thought before that a fittable module that removes your presence from local would be a good addition for stealth scouts and covops cyno girls

    "Fluid Router Encryption Housing" or some such. "Minimises disruption to the local surrounding quantum foam caused by the entangled pair in your ship's fluid router, effectively hiding you from any open band communication networks". Passive module, fit in medium. Can only be fitted to covert ops and black ops ships.

    Local is an important intelligence tool and has become a part of the core game play. Adding the option to simply switch it off would be too drastic I think. Now, if you have to sacrifice a med to gain this advantage, that I think is fair.
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  • Avatar for deathzhadow #17 deathzhadow 4 years ago
    CCP, I would love to know if you have any plans to do with ship boarding/takeover to do with EvE/Dust, it could really spice up low-sec piracy.
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  • Avatar for helen4m #18 helen4m 4 years ago
    @mathiasjonsson94 We have D&D for that, and our imagination only shoots at us if we want to (;
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  • Avatar for Makoto-Priano #19 Makoto-Priano 4 years ago
    @michaelbalsillie44 .. / .-- .- ... / .... --- .--. .. -. --. / - .... . -.-- .----. -.. / ... - .- .-. - / .-- .. - .... / .--- ..- -- .--. .. -. --. / - --- / - .... . / -... .-.. .- -.-. -.- --..-- / - .... . -. / .-- .. - .... / .. -. ..-. .-. .- ... - .-. ..- -.-. - ..- .-. . --..-- / ... --- / - .... .- - / .--. .-.. .- -.-- . .-. ... / -.-. .- -. / . -..- .--. .-.. --- .-. . / ..-. .. .-. ... - .-.-.-
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  • Avatar for Brassman6 #20 Brassman6 4 years ago
    Carebear questions: Every now and then my corp mates lose our FW itch and want to shoot at red crosses. Are there any plans for new content for mission runners? At this point, there seems to be no consideration to anything much outside of rebalancing and item/ship addition and little "content". While its fun to see things go pop, you can (and we have) receive the same "random mission" multiple times in a row.
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  • Avatar for marcwarwick33 #21 marcwarwick33 4 years ago
    Alright for a couple years some of us have been waiting for the walking in stations, going to a bar for mini games and the like, when is this coming ?
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  • Avatar for lucasheuman24 #22 lucasheuman24 4 years ago
    You removed 30% of splash damage from my forge gun. Will I be seeing a 6% per level to heavy weapon splash on caldari heavy suites soon? I was certain that the team view Nerf in 1.4 balanced out the forge gun completely! FPS's arn't my thing and the forge gun made the game something special for me. Please have a good fix in the works.
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  • Avatar for Fear-Lancer #23 Fear-Lancer 4 years ago
    Expansion and General Roadmap Questions:

    As far as industry goes, you havent really focused at all on the industrial side of Eve over the recent expansions other then moving ice fields into a scan-able location. When are we going to see planetary ring mining or better yet for asteroids that are too large to mine, allow players to transport mobile mining bases to place on top of and allow users to interface with it to mine the ore from it? And as far as building goes, instead of having players just gather minerals for ships, actually allow players to salvage hull portions and other pieces of ship wrecks and make use for them. Gathering millions of minerals then just porting them into a blueprint seems very boring and the UI gets boring after awhile. The only actual use for the racial engine and hull parts are for Tech 2 ship construction and though I find that appropriate due to the fact that they are indeed upgraded and more advanced versions of the Tech 1 variant hulls, there can be alot more done with alot of the items in eve that just sit on the market until someone decides to break their neck to train up to build capitals or Tech 2 variants of ships or modules.

    Thats another point I would like to get across, all of the useless items and equipment on the market that absolutely NOBODY USES. Specifically radioactive material, the people such as scientists, military personnel, etc etc... Why dont you implement people into the characters ships, I know that the characters control their ships from their Pods, but you can boost the player experience and the "tears" if you give them the ability to use the in game market items like I stated above in their ships. I would like to be able to buy a set of scientists and they allow me to direct my capacitor power specifically to weapons to boost their output, or have military men man the turrets and depending on what race of militants I have will determine the boosts I get. ( Hint Hint: this can lead directly to your ideas with ship infiltration with DUST ) Then for colony development you have to not only have command center, but you have to have a set number of colonists and workers to allow the colony to develop and prosper. ( Hint the more you support your colony the better output of resources you get ) Then when a player corp attacks your colony they can kill the defenders and the civilians if need be. Both of which will cause damage to your colony if the attacked corp doesn't retaliate.

    As far as POS's go when are we going to see the revamp of the different components? I would really like to see full blown shipyards with actual ships being produced, a good example of what im talking about can be seen in X3 with their station layouts. The POS's look boring and arent as fun to blow up anymore because there isnt really anything that really seems valuable when you are destroying them. Yes there maybe billions invested in the modules etc stationed in the POS but as far as feeling like you are about to destroy a key strategic location..that feeling is lost because every POS is the SAME!!

    In other words, When are we going to see more multi-directional expansions and not just one focused expansion on PVP and very little to almost no experience revamping content. I like the balancing and the new models and the new UI thats coming out with this expansion but I feel like there could have been more done to really kick off the end of the year expansion.
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  • Avatar for jamescarder85 #24 jamescarder85 4 years ago
    what is your plan for rolling out new ships and ships rebalancing?
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  • Avatar for damienmadon68 #25 damienmadon68 4 years ago
    Ask CCP about the station door !
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  • Avatar for standsalone #26 standsalone 4 years ago
    a few random short and sweet questions (with clarification) in list form (no particular order). im big into faction/small-gang warfare. many of my friends have tried and quit EVE due to lack of solo activities that don't feel like grinding.

    -in FW, when my fleet of ships makes 30 war-target kills in a disputed system, do you foresee making war-target kills more meaningful? i.e. .05-.2% (depending on ship kill) to the winning faction's system alignment. of course with anti-farming countermeasures such as an 30 minute cool-down before the defeated pilot's ship will count again towards the alignment of a system, preventing a main killing an alt every 2 minutes on a 1000 rookie ship stockpile one jump away.

    -when do you think we will see dynamic ship damage? i.e. when hull gets 20%, your ship looks like... a shot up hull?

    -more immersive pve experience? i.e. player choice affects the outcomes of mission, like hauling a top secret crate with some random item in it... open it and risk standings and illegal freight or haul it for legitimate reward OR kill the pirate leader at the end of a mission or hold for ransom.

    -ok I like this idea/question so this might be long and kinda crazy... how soon do you foresee more exciting events that can affect eve pilots or the system they are in?
    and no, not like festival launchers. I mean; you are sitting in Jita watching all the pretty spaceships and a notification comes across your screen that says: "Concord has been notified of a pending attack from Angel Cartel that will commence in approximately 15 minutes, all civilians (carebears) please evacuate the system, all able pilots prepare for attack." and then 11 minutes later, BOOM a huge fleet of pirate battleships warps in and the fight begins. iknow, kinda far out idea/question...

    -cockpit view? immersion, baby.

    -ok ok, I know this has been asked to death, but when will there a be a public area in stations? I wanna go see the face of the dude with the top bounty... with my friends, and have internet tea and crumpets while playing an internets board games, with isk being bet, of course. that way we can all dress up for game night and brag about our latest combat boots, piercings, and cyborg laser eyes

    -annnddd... my caffeine just wore off, good night...
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  • Avatar for evertechy #27 evertechy 4 years ago

    Love the Danger Game. Just saying probably the best board game I've played in a long while.

    The collectors edition: mystery code.
    How often will the holders of this code see items? will we need the code again and again or just the once?

    Being the game is very player driven I would like to ask if there is some kind of story line in the works that involves player movements. Or how the fiction is going to grow?

    Scan sites: I have yet to find a site that is limited to the specialists, scanning anything down with the right modules is easy enough. But it seems that the level 5 training isn't worth the time. Will we see rare sites that only specialists (level 5) with equipment can find?

    Keep up the good work. Absolutely love this game.
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  • Avatar for svenli40 #28 svenli40 4 years ago
    Dear CCP,
    appart from the general changes in Rubicon, which I like, I like to adress a feature I miss since several years now.
    I would like to ask you if you will implement the feature that logistic pilots (who reps the one who shoots a target) will show on km aswell. There have been many discussions about it, but other then "its possible", came no more info from your side. Since some time you can see now a pilot in a pod, if he got shot out of his ship while helping to kill the ship the km is from within a certain timeframe.

    If you do not plan to use Rubicon to deploy it, when will you? Any Comments to this matter?

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  • Avatar for Didden #29 Didden 4 years ago
    Please ask CCP how will they be be making changes to the CSM to better represent the wider game community, instead of the current large alliance bias currently re-enacted each year.
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  • Avatar for andreasniklasson80 #30 andreasniklasson80 4 years ago
    @michaelbalsillie44 That's probably true. I'm not near enough experienced to comprehend all the effects being able to chose not to appear in local would cause.
    A module would also be easier to implement than adding new assets for deployables.

    But by it being a module there would be no counterplay for the stalkees other than scanning actively, which wouldn't be near as efficient as local. Would it be completely passive or require fuel or capacitor?
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  • Avatar for Kelduum #31 Kelduum 4 years ago
    @deathzhadow Heard from who, though. CCP have never said anything, and in fact have refused to talk about DUST on anything but PS3 since they went exclusive.
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  • Avatar for Kelduum #32 Kelduum 4 years ago
    @michaelbalsillie44 has the answer to how many people are playing.
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