Ask Them Anything: USgamer Talks to CCP Games

Ask Them Anything: USgamer Talks to CCP Games

Ever wanted to ask CCP Games some really weird and/or insightful questions about the future EVE Online? Now's your chance.

A quick recap for those uncertain as to what EVE Online is: it's an MMO built on Tatooine's spirit, an interstellar sandbox that runs on mercantile genius and cutthroat politics, a treasure trove of wallpapers waiting to happen. The prettiest hive of scum and villainy you will ever encounter. And that is the space gospel truth.

Like any good MMO, EVE Online is constantly evolving, switching up the familiar in exchange for the unexpected. The upcoming Rubicon expansion, which is scheduled to hit on the 19th of November, actually looks pretty darn nifty. It has got what appears to be galactic ghost towns, the first steps towards colonization, new ships, better player guidance systems and a plethora of gameplay tweaks. And given that it's on the verge -- who am I kidding? We just wanted an excuse to grill the team in an almost no-holds-barred interview to the finish.

If you have any questions about Rubicon and the future of the game, let us know in the comments and we'll relay them to the right ears! Alternatively, you can also tweet, e-mail, send carrier pigeons, utilize smoke signals and so on. No guarantees the latter methods will elicit responses, though. Perform Morse Code at your own peril.

Ahem. Proceed.

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