Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Walkthrough -- How to Beat the Demon in Pain, The Demon from Below, and the Demon Prince

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City Walkthrough -- How to Beat the Demon in Pain, The Demon from Below, and the Demon Prince

A guide to beating the DLC's multi-part first boss battle.

This is a guide to beating the first boss of Dark Souls 3's The Ringed City DLC—The Demon in Pain and the Demon from Below. Like most Dark Souls 3 bosses, this fight comes in two parts, with the Demon Prince emerging after you've defeated first two parts. Here are some tips on how to emerge from this tough fight unscathed.

How to Beat the Demon in Pain and The Demon from Below

This fight is in two phases, with the first phase against two enemies. If you are bringing in NPCs or other players for help, it will take them close to 20 seconds to join the battle as they have to take the long drop before entering the arena themselves, so be sure to run laps around the Demons to give them time to enter. Your damage output in this battle will be a factor as the enemies are highly resistant to magic and have a substantial amount of HP, so be prepared for a marathon.

The Demon in Pain engulfs itself in flames to your left, while the Demon From Below is slightly harder to see in the dark background on the right at the beginning of the battle. Both have the same attacks with a few swipes and a two-handed smash that are telegraphed well enough for nimble players to easily dodge. They also have a series of clawing slashes in quick succession with a stomp at the end, which must be rolled away from.

While engulfed in flame, both Demons are in a more powerful state. However, they have a very strong two-handed smash that will drain them of their fire and leave them open to attack for an extended period. Without the burning state, though, they will shoot Toxic mist at you that will severely drop your HP rapidly, so be cognizant of where both enemies are at all times.

Staying in close to them with melee attacks is a viable strategy, especially if you have an ally to distract them and can dodge attacks to get around to their backsides. Concentrate on one Demon at a time to make the fight easier.

How to Beat the Demon Prince

Once both Demons are dead, the last one killed will resurge as the Demon Prince. Its melee attacks will remain the same, but will always stay in the burning state. It’s much more aggressive, so finding openings for your own strikes will become fewer as the fight goes on. It also adds a few new attacks, too. First, summoned orbs of fire will act as turrets to briefly pelt you, which are challenging to avoid. Next, it will fly high up into the air to either swoop down to ram you or toss a giant AoE fireball down your way. Third, it will shoot beams of fire along the ground in front of it, which is easy to avoid to get inside for some quick attacks. Finally, it will summon a meteor struck from above, but stays in place while doing so. The meteors are very hard to dodge, but it will give you a few moments to attack as you make your way around.

All of the Demons can be staggered after enough damage has been inflicted, followed with a critical attack to the face. High resistance to fire attacks make tanking the enemies viable, so items like the Black Knight Shield, the Dragon Crest Shield, and the Black Iron Greatshield are worthwhile. As most melee attacks are telegraphed fairly early, high mobility is also an asset in this battle, too. Again, damage output is a factor in this fight, so bring your strongest weapon and don’t shy away from bringing in extra help if necessary.

Grab the Small Envoy Banner and light the bonfire. Head inside and follow the path downward to complete the area.

Still having trouble? Check out all of our tips! You can also read up on how to get the best ending, as well as how to get all of the Estus Shards! If you need further help with the Ringed City, this guide should prove useful.

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