Fallout 4: Airship Down - Reach Liberty Prime

Fallout 4: Airship Down - Reach Liberty Prime

Complete a risky mission at Boston Airport.

This guide will help you to complete the Falllout 4 Institute Quest: Airship Down. This is the final main story quest available for siding with the Institute. Follow the steps in this guide to finish what the Institute has set into motion.

This quest involves the end-game series of events that occur as a result of siding with the Institute. Airship Down is the last important Institute mission you will complete for Father before the main story concludes. Due to the nature of this quest, the steps in this guide may indicate spoilers regarding the conclusion of the main storyline. Follow the steps in this guide only if you are prepared to embark on one more pivotal mission for the Institute.

Speak to Doctor Li or Doctor Watson

The Institute’s final plans have been set into motion. Locate Doctor Li in the Advanced Systems Division and speak with her regarding your role in the next mission. If Doctor Li is unavailable, then speak with Doctor Watson instead.

Dr. Rosalind Orman explains that your objective is to help the Institute infiltrate the Boston Airport. However, the airport contains equipment that interferes with the Synth’s technology, making it difficult to bring Synths along for the mission. The goal is to have you take down several generators within the airport in order to allow the Institute to slowly relay in their reinforcements.

Use the Relay to Reach the Airport

Before heading to the airport, you may want to make some final preparations for the fight ahead. Equip your Power Armor if it’s available, and be sure to pack extra ammunition and enough firepower. Your opponents will be heavily armored, so it’s a good idea to bring along weapons that pack a punch, as well as grenades that you can lob from a distance. When you’re ready, use the Relay on the upper level to teleport out of the Institute and travel to Boston Airport, just off the east shore of Boston.

Infiltrate the Terminal

You will relay into a small shack just outside of the airport’s perimeter. As you approach the airport, watch out for landmines, machine gun turrets, and hostile Vertibirds protecting the area. Make your way into the airport terminal through a hole in one of its outer walls, or pick the lock on one if its security doors.

Destroy Brotherhood Generators

Once you are inside the terminal building, your goal is to locate and destroy three power generators, which are indicated on your map. Eliminate any hostiles you encounter along the way. Destroying the generators allows Synths to relay into the airport from the Institute.

One generator is found on the upper level behind a Vertibird landing pad, so look for large staircases that can lead you to the rooftop. The second generator is located on top of a control tower guarded by a Protectron and defensive turrets. The last generator can be found along a skywalk on your way to Liberty Prime. The generators can be destroyed in any order.

Reach Liberty Prime

  • Optional: Place Teleport Beacons

Ascend the metal scaffolding to reach the topside of Liberty Prime. Now is a good time to deploy those Institute Beacons that Rosalind gave you earlier. The Institute Beacons are used to relay Synths to the beacon location. Toss one of the beacons on the ground nearby to spawn in Synth reinforcements.

Defend the Synth Hacking Liberty Prime

One of the Institute Synths needs extra time to hack into Liberty Prime, and you must keep the Synth safe during this process. Use the scaffolding to your advantage by throwing explosives or other projectiles from up high to wipe out enemies on the ground level. Toss the Institute Beacons into crowded areas to maximize the effectiveness of the Synth reinforcements.

Evacuate the Airport

When the hacking and reprogramming process reaches 100%, prepare to evacuate from the area. Liberty Prime is now a war machine in service of the Institute, and has already found its primary target. Loot what you can before teleporting to safety. Afterward, the quest concludes.

Return to the Institute to speak with Father to begin the next quest Nuclear Family, or head over to USGamer’s Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide.

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