Valve Reveals Screenshots and Details for Artifact, its Dota 2 Card Game

Valve Reveals Screenshots and Details for Artifact, its Dota 2 Card Game

Gabe Newell wants to play cards with you.

Late last summer, Valve dropped a surprise announcement about Artifact, an upcoming card game based around its Dota 2 universe. Maybe winter's chill made you forget about the announcement (winter's chill will do that), but Artifact didn't forget about you. Last night, we got our first look at Valve's big project.

Game Awards creator and host Geoff Keighley tweeted news and info about Artifact yesterday evening after spending time with the game at Valve's new Bellevue office. "'We're back to making and shipping games,' Gabe Newell assured me as he started to share details of @PlayArtifact, the new digital card game coming later this year," he wrote. Keighley then passed along some Artifact "How To," as well as artwork that appears just a touch inspired by Blizzard's tremendous card game, Hearthstone. But, hey, it sure looks pretty.

As with Dota 2, Artifact's gameplay takes place in three lanes. Your Artifact deck contains five heroes, which you can place across the three boards. Your goal is to attack your opponent's three towers (there's one for each lane), and you win if you can bring down two of them—or if they do the same to you. An alternative way to win involves attacking the stronger "Ancient" towers that pop up after a regular tower is destroyed. If you destroy one, or if your opponent destroys it, the game ends.

We've already worked out the basic ruleset for Artifact, so start studying if you want to get the jump on your friends. Artifact is coming to PC later this year, and the Android / iOS versions will follow sometime in 2019.

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