Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries Looks Deliciously Dark

A 'non-sugercoated sidescroller fairy tale, full of drama and dark twists'? Bring it on.

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GriN is a 'research and development agency for online browser-based games and applications' that has been flying rather under the radar since 2002. (Did you know they made Forklift simulator V1? No? Me neither.) However, if Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries, which GriN is making in conjunction with Vaf Game, tturns out as cool as its trailer, we might see GriN being discussed way more.

To say that information about Woolfe is currently sparse is to miss the opportunity to use words like 'skeletal' or 'almost non-existent'. The trailer is all but cryptic. We've got a corseted Red Riding Hood navigating through a steampunk factory, toeing through a wintry village and fighting against clockwork soldiers. We've got lines like 'This is not a fairy tale' and 'There is nothing fair about it' and a cottage which looks like it all but demands witchy occupancy. We know Woolfe is supposed to make an appearance sometime in 2014. And though the description in the trailer states that it's going to be a sugar-free sidescroller, a certain portion of the trailer makes me hopeful for stealth elements.

I'm hoping that Woolfe defies my natural cynicism and turns out to be a blast. The last Red Riding Hood-inspired game that I played, the somewhat bland Akaneiro, was too generic (Akaneiro, I am looking at you) for its own good. If the pretty, stop motion-like action of the trailer has you similarly intrigued, you might want to do yourself a favor and bookmark the site. Or not. Because I will most likely be ranting about this when it releases.

Please be good, Woolfe. Please be good.

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  • Avatar for MojoBox #1 MojoBox 4 years ago
    A dark and gritty twist on fairy tales is pretty damn cliche at this point. Add to that the just-as-cliche "steampunk" and you've got a recipe for me completely, and unfairly, writing the game off. I get it, the original stories were pretty grim, but this sort if treatment is a pretty big yawn anymore.
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  • Avatar for docexe #2 docexe 4 years ago
    It might be turning into a cliche, but I still find these kind of things interesting. If the game is good, I might try it.
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  • Avatar for avreytrautman67 #3 avreytrautman67 3 years ago
    I pass on this game, and I do agree that it's pretty cliche. Seeing the trailer, It looks like the creators took many concepts from Alice Madness Returns, such as the atmosphere, the steam punk, and the characters look. Seriously, just throw on a brown wig and she looks like Alice in a red hood *sighs*.
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