XCOM 2 - How to Build Base Facilities

XCOM 2 - How to Build Base Facilities

How to build each facility on the Avenger.

XCOM 2 features a variety of facilities that can be built to enhance the Avenger. The facilities offer different amenities for your soldiers and crew. This guide explains the basics of facility building, and gives a brief overview of all facilities that can be built in the game.

Some facilities are much more beneficial than others during the early stages of the campaign. Analyze the function of each facility, and think about which ones will best suit your needs early on. We have indicated certain facilities to be prioritized during the early game phase, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide which facilities you want first.

How to Build Facilities

Facilities can be built within any of the smaller rooms in the center of the Avenger. However, you must first clean out the alien debris, machinery, or exposed power coils in each room to free up space for new facilities. Engineers can be assigned to excavate the alien debris from any of these central rooms, as long as they are not already busy with another project.

As you acquire engineers, it’s best to keep them busy with a project rather than have them sit idle. Select a room to be cleaned out, and assign an available engineer to excavate the space. This will usually take several days to complete the excavation process.

Once a space has been excavated, you can begin construction on a new facility. Select the newly emptied room, and choose which facility you’d like to build from the list provided. Each facility costs a certain amount of supplies to build and maintain, so be sure you have enough supplies available. Once you begin building a facility, you can assign an engineer to the same room while it’s being built to speed up the construction. When the facility is built, you can continue to assign engineers to the room for added benefits.

Early on, you will have a limited list of facilities to choose from. New facilities will become available as your research department continues to make discoveries, so make sure to maintain a constant flow of research. We have listed a brief description of the function and perks of each facility, as well as a general timeline for when you should build certain ones.

Guerilla Tactics School

The Guerilla Tactics School (GTS) primarily allows you to train recruits and unlock additional skills for your soldiers. Rather than sending new soldiers into the field, rookie recruits can be sent to the GTS to train for a specific class. At the end of their training, you can select the class that you wish to promote them to, instead of having it randomly assigned. This allows you to manage the types of soldiers you have available for your squad, while preventing the need for rookies to gain their initial promotion during missions. Always try to keep a rookie training in the GTS to maintain a steady supply of prepared soldiers.

The GTS also offers a variety of Combat Tactics that you can purchase. Some Combat Tactics are class specific, but most of them are general perks that can be selected to suit your particular combat style. We recommend purchasing a larger squad size, as additional soldiers are always a good thing to have. The GTS is very valuable early on in the campaign, so try to build this facility as soon possible.

Advanced Warfare Center

The Advanced Warfare Center (AWC) acts as the medical facility aboard the Avenger. This is where your soldiers go to seek medical attention for their injuries. Wounded soldiers can take a painfully long time to recuperate from their injuries, making them unavailable for missions in the meantime.

If you typically have soldiers return from the battlefield wounded, then you may generally run into trouble finding enough healthy soldiers to participate in missions, which can hurt you as missions become more challenging. Send injured soldiers to the AWC, then assign either an engineer or a Gremlin to the AWC to increase the healing rate to 100% for quick soldier turnaround.

The AWC is also where you can retrain soldier’s abilities. After the retraining period, you can reassign new skills to a soldier’s skill tree, and even earn random new perks from alternate skill trees when soldiers level up. Consider building the AWC early, as it will help maintain the viability of your squad.

Power Relay

Each facility requires a certain amount of power to run its operations. After you build your first couple facilities, you will likely need to construct a Power Relay to increase the Avenger’s power supply. Power Relays can be built within any empty room, and can be upgraded to increase its power output.

Assigning an engineer to a Power Relay will increase its power by +5. Upgrading the Power Relay allows an additional engineer to be assigned to the room, making its power output +10 when two engineers are assigned. Try to build Power Relays on top of exposed Power Coil rooms to enhance its overall power.

Resistance Comms

Resistance Comms facilities are required for making contact with new regions, which is crucial for expanding the reach of the Resistance network and ultimately putting a stop to the Avatar Project. More contacts means a higher monthly income, more supply drops, and access to new missions.

If you’ve been researching regularly, you will have access to the Resistance Comms fairly early in the campaign. Staffing engineers in the Resistance Comms facility will increase the number of contacts you can have by two. Try to prioritize this facility relatively early in order to expand your reach and strengthen the Resistance in a desirable amount of time.

Proving Grounds

The Proving Grounds is a facility used for experimental research. Elerium Cores and other items looted from missions can be applied to research projects for new experimental types of weapons, armor, and gear. Multiple projects can be in progress at the same time, provided you have the resources to fund the projects. Assigning an engineer to the Proving Grounds will increase the speed of the project by 100%. This facility is better to have a bit later in the campaign, as its effectiveness is dependent on the extent of your overall research, as well as your available resources.


The Workshop effectively gives you two engineers for the price of one. The Workshop is an engineering facility that creates machines called Staffing Gremlins that act as engineers for other facilities. Assigning an engineer to the Workshop grants you two Staffing Gremlins, which can then be assigned to staff adjacent facility rooms. Upgrading the Workshop will create a workbench that allows for an additional engineer slot, granting you two more Staffing Gremlins. If you find yourself running low on engineers, consider building a Workshop to pad the workload.

Psi Lab

The Psi Lab allows you to train rookie recruits into a fifth soldier class, called Psi Operatives. Psi Operatives have unique Psionic abilities, which are unlocked randomly during training. Only rookies can be trained in the Psi Lab, and they are unavailable for missions during the training period. Upgrading the Psi Lab allows you to train two rookies at once, and assigning an engineer grants a training speed boost.

Building the Psi Lab costs more supplies than other facilities, and you will need to have completed research on Psionics for this facility to become available. Depending on your progress, you may need to wait to build the Psi Lab until after you’ve constructed a few other facilities first.

Defense Matrix

The Defense Matrix facility uses destroyed turrets from missions and repurposes them for the Avenger. These turrets will help defend the Avenger from incoming alien attacks later in the campaign. Staffing an engineer in the Defense Matrix will increase the defensive stats of the repurposed turrets, and upgrading the facility increases the total number of turrets. The Defense Matrix is not an immediate priority, as alien attacks are rare during the early months of the campaign. Build this facility when you feel that a challenging alien threat is imminent, as indicated by the Dark Events.

Shadow Chamber

The Shadow Chamber is a different type of research lab that provides new research projects for you to pursue. This facility is greatly tied to the campaign story, so you’ll know when to build the Shadow Chamber when the time comes. One key benefit of the Shadow Chamber is that it provides advanced information about enemies detected in a mission. In a tactical game like XCOM 2, knowledge is power. Review the enemies in a mission beforehand on the map and prepare your squad accordingly to gain an advantage during combat.

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