Madden 19 CB Ratings - Best Cornerbacks in Madden 19

Cornerbacks are essential for a solid defense, and these are the best at the position in Madden 19.

The crop of Madden 19 cornerbacks are as strong as ever, but there are a clear group of elite players who stand out from the rest of the crowd. In this Madden 19 CB ratings guide, we'll be detailing the full list of the best Madden 19 cornerbacks, so you know which players you can rely on in the backfield for some solid coverage, no matter if you're playing man, zone, or blitzing.

If you instead need any additional information on anything else to do with the latest iteration of Madden, you’ll want to check out our complete Madden 19 guides hub. It’s in this guide that you’ll find everything you need to know on all the gameplay changes that EA has made to the game this year, as well as a complete list of the various playbooks and money plays you should be using.

Madden 19 Best CB Ratings Guide

Just below, you’ll find our complete list of the top 10 cornerbacks in the entirety of Madden 19. These players are ranked by their overall rating, and next to each we’ll be detailing some of their most important and impressive stats.

Madden 19 Best Cornerbacks

  • 1: Jalen Ramsey (97 OVR) - 97 awareness, 93 speed, and 94 acceleration means Ramsey can keep up with the vast majority of receivers on the field. 96 man coverage and 93 zone coverage, coupled with a 98 press rating only cement Ramsey as the best corner in Madden 19.
  • 2: A.J. Bouye (93 OVR) - On the same team as Ramsey no less, Bouye boasts a 95 rating with both man and zone coverage, along with a 93 press and a 96 play recognition rating.
  • 3: Casey Hayward Jr. (91 OVR) - 90 speed and acceleration might not make Hayward one of the fastest cornerbacks in Madden 19, but he’ll certainly be able to keep pace with most receivers. He’s also got a fantastic play recognition statistic of 97, meaning Hayward won’t be fooled by any play action passes.
  • 4: Patrick Peterson (91 OVR) - At 93 speed and 97 agility, Peterson is known as one of the premier corners in the NFL for a reason. He also boasts a 94 man coverage and zone coverage rating, along with a nice 93 press rating for staying with a receiver.
  • 5: Richard Sherman (91 OVR) - The big ticket free agent for the 49ers in the offseason, Sherman might not be the quickest cornerback with a speed rating of 88, but he’s excellent elsewhere, with zone coverage, play recognition, and press ratings of 92, 93, and 94 respectively.
  • 6: Desmond Trufant (91 OVR) - Another speedy cornerback in Madden 19 with a speed rating of 92, coupled with an agility rating of 97 is deadly for Trufant. He’s also excellent in coverage, with a 92 rating in man coverage, a 93 rating in zone coverage, and a 95 press rating.
  • 7: Darius Slay Jr. (90 OVR) - Slay is one of the quickest cornerbacks in Madden 19, with a speed rating of 94. Slay excels in zone coverage with a rating of 94, as well as in play recognition, boasting a stat of 91.
  • 8: Xavier Rhodes (90 OVR) - Rhodes is an excellent corner for any Madden 19 team, boasting low 90’s ratings for speed, agility, and acceleration. He’s also got 95 man coverage, 92 zone coverage, and a press rating of 94.
  • 9: Chris Harris Jr. (89 OVR) - With 90 speed and 96 agility, Harris is a smart option for a slot cornerback.
  • 10: Jimmy Smith (89 OVR) - This Baltimore cornerback is faultless in coverage, with a man coverage rating of 91, a zone coverage rating of 91, and a press rating of 92.

As things stand, this is the current top 10 list of the best cornerbacks in Madden 19. Keep in mind that EA will be making changes to play stats and overall ratings as the 2018/19 NFL season progresses, to keep an eye on this list for any changes that are made over the coming months.

For now though, there’s plenty of additional player rating pages to check out here at USgamer. You can head over to our best Madden 19 Quarterbacks guide, or our complete Madden 19 HB ratings guide for more.

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