Madden 19 WR Ratings - Best Wide Receivers in Madden 19

Madden 19 WR Ratings - Best Wide Receivers in Madden 19

Wide receivers are essential to win in Madden 19, and these are the best at the position.

Your group of Madden 19 wide receivers are critical to dominating your opponent, as you'll always want at least one solid pair of hands for when you're throwing the ball downfield. In this Madden 19 WR ratings guide, we'll be walking you through a complete list of the very best Madden 19 wide receivers, so you know which players you can rely on to contest balls no matter what situation they're in.

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Madden 19 Best WR Ratings

Just below, you can find our complete list of the top 15 wide receivers available in Madden 19. We’ve ranked them by their overall ratings, but we’ll also be delving into some of their more impressive stats, such as speed, catching, route running, and more.

Madden 19 Best Wide Receivers

  • 1: Antonio Brown (99 OVR) - The number one receiver in the entire game, Brown has a speed rating of 92, agility of 98, catching of 99, and short, mid, and deep route running ratings all in the high 90’s.
  • 2: Julio Jones (98 OVR) - Another safe pair of hands to throw to, Jones has a catching rating of 96, a juke move rating of 91, and catch in traffic, spectacular catch, and route running ratings of 98.
  • 3: Odell Beckham Jr. (96 OVR) - With one of the highest speed ratings in Madden 19 at 94, Beckham is hard to catch. His catching might be slightly lower at 89, but all his route runnings, catch in traffic, release, and jump stats are all in the 90’s.
  • 4: DeAndre Hopkins (95 VR) - You could make a case for Hopkins as one of the best receivers in the league. With a catch rating of 98, a catch in traffic rating of 96, and a spectacular catch rating of 97, he’s hard to stop.
  • 5: A.J. Green (94 OVR) - Green has been one of the best receivers in Madden for years now, and there’s good reason for it. 6’4” makes Green the tallest receiver on this list, and he’s got catch, route running, speculator catch, and release ratings all in the 90’s.
  • 6: Michael Thomas (93 OVR) - Thomas makes for an excellent, big body number one receiver for any team. He’s got a catch rating of 95, a spectacular catch rating of 92, and a release rating of 89.
  • 7: Keenan Allen (92 OVR) - Allen is an excellent receiver to put in the slot, as since his speed is decent at 88, his catching and route running ratings of 90+ are invaluable in close quarters.
  • 8: Stefon Diggs (91 OVR) - Boasting an excellent speed rating of 91, Diggs can easily stretch the field deep for your team. He’s also got an agility rating of 93, a catch rating of 92, and a spectacular catch rating of 94.
  • 9: Mike Evans (90 OVR) - With 88 speed Evans isn't exactly the fastest receiver of this group, but he does have some solid hands, boasting a 89 in catching, 93 in catch in traffic, and 96 in spectacular catch ratings.
  • 10: Alshon Jeffery (90 OVR) - Jeffrey is quick with a speed rating of 89, and he’s also got a spectacular catch rating of 97, making him a reliable receiver for any team.
  • 11: Davante Adams (89 OVR) - With a 91 rating in catching, a 94 rating in catch in traffic, and a 93 rating in acceleration, Adams is an excellent slot receiver for any offense.
  • 12: Tyreek Hill (89 OVR) - With a blistering 98 speed and 98 agility, Hill is one of the fastest players in all of Madden 19.
  • 13: Golden Tate (89 OVR) - Tate has a solid pair of hands for the Lions, with a 90 and 91 rating in catch and catch in traffic, respectively.
  • 14: Emmanuel Sanders (89 OVR) - With 90 speed and 97 catch ratings, Sanders is an excellent receiver in the slot.
  • 15: Adam Thielen (89 OVR) - An emerging star for the Vikings, Thielen boasts 90+ ratings in speed, catch, and route running.

This is a complete list of the top 15 wide receivers in Madden 19 at the time of writing, but keep in mind that stats can always change throughout the NFL season. We’ll be updating the list above whenever EA makes any changes to player ratings, after each weekend passes in the NFL.

Now that we’re all wrapped up with Madden 19 guide on the very best wide receivers in the game, why not check out our additional guides on the game. You can head over to our Madden 19 QB ratings guide, or our Madden 19 HB ratings guide, for a list of the top 10 players at either position.

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