Madden 19 Rookie Ratings - Best Madden 19 Rookie QB, HB, WR Ratings

Madden 19 Rookie Ratings - Best Madden 19 Rookie QB, HB, WR Ratings

Here's our complete guide to the very best rookie offensive players in Madden 19.

Now that Madden 19 is finally with us, we've got a whole new batch of rookie players to try out for the very first time, as they make their debut in the league. In this Madden 19 rookie ratings guide, we'll be diving into lists of the best Madden 19 rookie players, at each skill position on the offensive side of the ball.

If you instead need all the latest tips and tricks on mastering the new iteration of the football sim, you’ll want to head over to our full Madden 19 guides hub. It’s in this page that you can find our complete beginner’s guide to the throwing and passing mechanics, as well as complete guides on how to audible and change receiver routes on the fly.

Madden 19 Rookie Ratings

Even before Madden 19 released, we knew who the best Madden 19 rookie players would be. EA not only detailed this information well ahead of launch, but also revealed the top rookie players at almost every skill position on the offensive side of the ball. Thanks to this, we can detail the list of the best rookie players at quarterback, running back, and wide receiver.

Madden 19 Best Rookie Players

Firstly, we’ll detail the best overall rookie players in Madden 19. The five players you see below have been given predetermined overall ratings by EA ahead of setting foot on the field.

  • 1: Quenton Nelson, Left Guard, Indianapolis Colts (83 OVR) - The first lineman off the board during the 2018 NFL Draft, Nelson boasts 97 strength, with a run block rating of 85, and a pass block rating of 82.
  • 2: Saquon Barkley, Running Back, New York Giants (82 OVR) - There's a reason Barkley's jersey has been the highest selling of the offseason so far. With 92 speed and 93 acceleration, he'll be hard to catch in the open.
  • 3: Baker Mayfield, Quarterback, Cleveland Browns (81 OVR) - Well color me surprised, the Browns drafted a QB. Mayfield boasts a throw power stat of 95, with an 88 throw on the run rating.
  • 4: Roquan Smith, Middle Linebacker, Chicago Bears (81 OVR) - Combine an 89 speed rating with an 88 tackle and 87 hit power, and you've got one of the most impressive rookie linebackers within recent memory.
  • 5: Bradley Chubb, Defensive End, Denver Broncos (80 OVR) - Chubb boasts pure power, with an 91 strength and 89 finesse moves, all supported by a speed rating of 83.

Madden 19 Best Rookie QBs

  • 1: Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns (81 OVR) - As we mentioned in the list for the best 5 rookie overall players just above, Mayfield is a standout. With 80+ ratings for short, mid, and deep throws, he’s one of the most versatile QBs available.
  • 2: Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens (79 OVR) - The successor to Joe Flacco might not even set foot on the field for most of this season, but he’s still an incredibly talented player. Jackson boasts 91 speed and 94 throw power stats, meaning he’s quick on the move and when dishing the ball out.
  • 3: Josh Rosen, Arizona Cardinals (78 OVR) - Rosen is going to be your more traditional pocket passer, having an 89 short throw and 85 mid throw accuracy stats. If you want a QB who can stand in the pocket and distribute the ball all over the field, then Rosen’s your guy.
  • 4: Sam Darnold, New York Jets (75 OVR) - We’d say Darnold is going to be one of the more reliable rookie QBs in Madden 19. With a 90 throw power stat, along with 86 short and 82 mid accuracy, he should be able to get the ball where it’s needed.
  • 5: Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills (74 OVR) - Rounding out the top 5 rookie QBs in Madden 19 is the latest addition to the Bills. With a 99 throw power rating, Allen instantly finds himself as the most powerful passer in the game, above Matthew Stafford’s 98 rating.

Madden 19 Best Rookie HBs

  • 1: Saquon Barkley, New York Giants (82 OVR) - With a 92 speed and 91 juke move ratings, Barkley is going to hit the ground running for the Giants. He’s the second highest rated overall rookie in Madden 19.
  • 2: Derrius Guice, Washington Redskins (78 OVR) - Coming in at second on the list is the latest addition for Washington. Guice boasts 89 speed, 93 agility, and 91 in both carrying and trucking statistics.
  • 3: Ronald Jones, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (77 OVR) - Combining 93 speed with 89 juke move, Jones is the rookie RB to go to if you’re the kind of Madden player who prioritises speed over everything else.
  • 4: Sony Michel, New England Patriots (77 OVR) - The running back by committee carousel for the Patriots’ running back might have just landed on Michel. He boasts 90 speed, 93 agility, and an 88 juke move rating to cap it all off.
  • 5: Nick Chubb, Cleveland Browns (76 OVR) - One of the slower running backs in this group with a speed rating of 88, Chubb makes up for this in pure power with an 85 strength rating.

Madden 19 Best Rookie WRs

  • 1: D.J. Moore, Carolina Panthers (77 OVR) - The Panthers need a big target at WR, and they might have found it in Moore. He’s not the quickest rookie receiver, but he does have a 94 juke move and 84 catching ability, so he’s a solid pair of hands.
  • 2: Calvin Ridley, Atlanta Falcons (77 OVR) - With a 93 speed rating, Ridley can be sure to stretch the field for the Falcons. He also has 93 acceleration, 95 agility, and 91 juke move ratings, making him a deep threat.
  • 3: Dante Pettis, San Francisco 49ers (76 OVR) - Pair the 90 speed rating with an 85 catching stat, and Pettis is definitely one of the more reliable WR out of the 2018 NFL Draft.
  • 4: Courtland Sutton, Denver Broncos (75 OVR) - At 89 speed he’s not one of the quickest wide receivers out there, but Sutton stands at 6’3”, making him a potential red zone threat for any team.
  • 5: Anthony Miller, Chicago Bears (74 OVR) - With 82 short route running and 80 mid route running stats might be nice, but Miller is unfortunately let down by his hands, with just an 80 catching statistic.

Now that we’re all done with this Madden 19 rookie ratings guide, you’ll want to continue ahead to our best Madden 19 team guide, where we outline the top team, as well as the top 10 players in the game. Alternatively, you can go to our Madden 19 Ultimate Team guide, where we’ll be detailing how you can get started building a dominating team against other players.

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