Madden 19 Tips - Beginner’s Guide, Offensive and Defensive Tips and Tricks, Madden 19 Controls

This is our complete beginner's guide for Madden 19, featuring all the offensive and defensive tips and tricks you need to know.

Maddden 19 is out right now for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but like every new iteration in the series, there's plenty of new gameplay twists to get to grips with. In this Madden 19 beginner's guide, we'll be taking you through absolutely everything you need to know about the game, providing you with all the Madden 19 offensive and defensive tips that you should know.

Now that we've had our fair share of time with Madden 19, we've experienced all that the latest iteration of the football sim has to offer, both on consoles and PC. For our complete thoughts on the latest Madden, check out our full Madden 19 review.

Madden 19 Tips

As soon as you boot up Madden 19 on any platform, be it PC, PS4, or Xbox One, you’ll come to the home screen pictured just below. It’s at this screen that you can choose to take on any mode that the game offers, and we’ll be explaining all the modes of Madden 19 just below.

  • Ultimate Team - Put together your dream roster of NFL players from all ages of the game, and build up your dream team. Once you’ve built up your team, you can take on other teams from players around the world, as well as beating challenges to further upgrade your squad.
  • Franchise - Starting out with any team in the NFL, you’ll play the role of the GM and coach, guiding your team and upgrading your players all the way to the Super Bowl, competing with other teams along the way.
  • Longshot - Simply put, this is the story mode of Madden 19. Returning stars from the previous year are Devin Wade and Colt Cruise, as the pair battle to find a foothold in the NFL.
  • Exhibition - This mode is basically the “quick play” mode of Madden 19, where you can select any team in the league and battle it out either against other players around the world, or against the CPU if you want some practice.

No matter if you’re new or seasoned coming into Madden 19, we’d recommend diving into an Exhibition game straight away. Take some time to properly learn both the new and old mechanics of the game, and work out which teams are going to respond well to your play style. For example if you prefer to pass the ball around, you’ll probably want to go with the Falcons or the Patriots, but if you prefer a more run-heavy attack, then you’ll probably want to go with the Seahawks or the Raiders. Take some time to practice, and see what works for you.

Madden 19 Offensive Tips

Just below, we’ll be detailing some key offensive tips that you need to know in Madden 19. No matter if you’ve been playing the game for years at this point, there’s always new mechanics and features to be learned coming into every new iteration of the football sim.

  • We’d always recommending choosing the ‘Enhanced’ play style option when you’re going into a game of Madden 19, since this gives you more play options on the screen at once.
  • Once you’ve called the play, look at the position of the defence. If they’re close up to your receivers then the coverage is probably man, but if they’re backed off then they’re more likely playing zone.
  • If two or more defenders more before the snap, then it’s very likely a blitz play.
  • If you want to change the route of a receiver, press Y/Triangle, then press the corresponding button for the receiver, and you’ll be able to change their route however you wish.
  • Not confident in the play you’ve called? Press X/Square and you’ll see a list of plays you can switch to, without having to call a timeout and reset entirely.
  • When you’ve got the ball as the QB and you’re going to throw a pass, remember that you can hold the button of the receiver for a bullet pass, or tap it for a lob pass, which sails high above defenders.
  • While pressing the button of a receiver to pass the ball, you can also hold the right stick in either direction to lead the receiver in a certain direction. For example if they’ve got a defender to the left of them, throw the ball to the right to take it out of the reach of the defending player.
  • When you’re controlling a player that has the ball, hold the right bumper to protect the ball, which helps prevent fumbles.
  • Alternatively, you can press the right stick forward while carrying the ball, in an attempt to break any tackles.
  • Finally, press B/Circle to spin while carrying the ball. This can potentially take you round defenders and out of their reach.

Madden 19 Defensive Tips

As for the defensive side of the ball, I’ve always struggled more with defence in Madden. There’s so many options when you’re on the offensive side of the ball, that you’ll always need a fundamentally sound defensive scheme no matter who you’re facing off again.

  • As we mentioned above, always pick the ‘Enhanced’ option of playcalling before the game, to give yourself more options when selecting plays.
  • Hold the right trigger to bring up the play art before the ball is snapped, which will show you which players are blitzing, playing zone, or playing man coverage.
  • If you’re playing man coverage, you need to make sure that all offensive receivers are accounted for by one of your defenders.
  • If not all receivers are covered in man coverage, or if you just want to change the role of a defender, press Y/Triangle, then the corresponding button of the defender, and you’ll then be able to change their role for this one play.
  • If you want to audible to another defensive play entirely, press X/Square, and then select from the option of plays you can switch to.
  • Remember that a blitz plays commits more players to blitzing the QB, and leaves your backfield players without support.
  • Once the QB throws the ball, press B/Circle to instantly switch to the defender nearest to them.
  • In this position, you can try to intercept the ball while it’s in the air by holding down Y/Triangle, but remember that swatting away the ball with A/Cross is always a safer move.
  • If you instead want to tackle the player with the ball, press X/Square to commit to the tackle. Alternatively, you can flick the right analog stick in the direction of the player with the ball to attempt a big hit, and make them fumble.
  • If your player gets blocked by someone and you need to get through them to stop the player with the ball, then simply press the corresponding button on the screen, and your player will attempt to spin around them.

Madden 19 Player Ratings

Just below, you can check out any of our Madden 19 player ratings guide for various positions on the field. We’ll be detailing the best available players on the field at all skill positions, so you know which players can make a difference no matter what team you’re playing with.

Madden 19 Guides

In the list just below, you can see all our in depth Madden 19 guide pages. We've got pages covering the best offensive and defensive playbooks in the game, all the best MUT Solo Battles you can undertake to earn coins quickly, and many more guides.

This concludes our complete Madden 19 guides page. We’ll be continually updating this guide, as well as all our various other guides on the game, over the course of the entire NFL 2018/19 season, for example to update all our Ultimate Team guides with all the new Team of the Week players.

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