Madden 19 Franchise Mode - Complete Beginner’s Guide

Madden 19 Franchise Mode - Complete Beginner’s Guide

Franchise mode can be tough to conquer in Madden 19, but this beginner's guide can help get you on track.

Franchise mode is back and bigger than ever before in Madden 19. In our Madden 19 Franchise mode guide, we'll be providing you with a full beginner's guide to the mode, giving you a detailed overview of how to be a player, coach, or manager.

If you instead need a helping hand with any other areas of this iteration of Madden, you’ll want to head over to our Madden 19 guides hub. It’s in this main guide page that you can find all the beginner tips and tricks you need to know to dominate the online competition, including a walkthrough of all the changes that EA has made to the core throwing and running mechanics of the game this year.

Madden 19 Franchise Mode Guide

First thing’s first, when you enter Madden 19’s Franchise mode for the very first time, you’ll be asked to select from a real life NFL roster, or create your own. If you choose the former option, you’ll be managing or playing for a real life NFL team, in the state that they are entering the 2018/19 NFL season, but if you select the latter option, you can draft an entirely new roster for your team, made up of players that are already playing in the NFL.

Madden 19 Franchise Roles

No matter which option you choose, you’ll then be selected with another three role options: head coach, player, or owner. We’ll run through the three roles and their responsibilities just below:

  • Coach - In this role you’re responsible for managing the roster of your team, putting your players through training, signing new players, as well as controlling both the offensive and defensive plays during a game.
  • Player - In this role, you control a sole player on a team. You can choose which team you play on, as well as earn XP and boost your legacy score to match that of Hall of Fame players.
  • Owner - Finally, the owner basically manages the coach, the team, and the stadium. You can put players through training in between games, make stadium decisions such as ticket prices, as well as signing new players. On top of all of this, you’ll still be able to manage your team in-game, controlling their actions on the offensive defensive sides of the ball.

Once you’ve selected a team, a roster, and a role, you’re well underway with your Madden 19 Franchise mode career. You’ll now begin in the preseason of the 2018/19 NFL season, and you can either choose to play or sim every game in your schedule. Playing each and every game obviously takes up way more time, but selecting the sim option for a game leaves the outcome of the game entirely up to chance.

This is the basic loop of Madden 19’s Franchise mode, as you try to guide your team to as many wins as possible, and onto the Super Bowl. If you selected the role of a player, this is all you have to do, and you don’t have to worry about signing or cutting any players throughout the season. But you’ll have to deal with injuries, signings, trade offers, and draft picks if you’re either a coach or an owner, and this is where Franchise mode presents you with a lot more things to do.

In either the owner or coach role, you’ll be able to sign new players to improve your team. If you scroll down to the ‘Improve’ option on the main Franchise mode menu in Madden 19, you’ll be taken to a complete list your team players on the left, where you’re assigned ratings for each and every position, based on the players you have at that position.

For example in the screen just above, we can see that our tight end position could do with a bit of an improvement, and free agent Julius Thomas can be instantly signed, since you don’t need to trade with another team for a free agent. He’s an improvement of +6 overall points on our current tight end, and since we’ve got the funds to do so, we can sign Thomas to a contract of $3.39 million, for a year. This is the basic method of improving your team in Madden 19’s Franchise mode.

We’re all wrapped up with this guide on Madden 19’s Franchise mode for now, but we’ll be updating this guide should we uncover any new details for the mode in this year’s iteration of the game. For now though, you can head over to our Madden 19 best team guide for more, or our Madden 19 Ultimate Team guide, for a complete beginner’s guide of the mode.

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