Bloodborne Bone Ash Armor Guide - How to find the Top Hat and White Church Armor

Bloodborne Bone Ash Armor Guide - How to find the Top Hat and White Church Armor

Suit up with the Bone Ash Armor, Top Hat, Mensis Cage, and Black Church Armor in Bloodborne.

The various Bloodborne armor types you can come across throughout the Gothic game might look nice, but how can you tell which one is more powerful? In this Bloodborne Bone Ash armor guide, we'll detail how you can get your hands on one of the best Bloodborne armor sets, as well as how you can get the Top Hat and the White Church armor.

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Bloodborne Bone Ash Armor Guide

To find this armor, explore the multiplayer Chalice Dungeons. Before you can enter that realm, you'll need to take down the Blood-starved Beast and pick up the Pthumeru Chalice. From here, you'll need to beat the Pthumeru Chalice Dungeon and gain the Central Pthumeru Chalice. Once you've completed the previous Chalice Dungeon, grab your friends and head into the next dungeon. Here you should locate layer two, and find the Central Pthumerian Labrynth and fight the Keeper of the Old Lords. Once he is defeated, you'll be able to purchase this armor from the Insight Fountain located within Hunter's Dream.

Bloodborne White Church Armor

This armor is great because it sports a very high poison resistance. If you want to find it, however, you must have access to the Forbidden Woods. Once you have access, head to the area just beyond the first log trap near the Lamp. You should see several enemies in a narrow section, as well as a cliff above you. Once you are past the enemies, look left and locate the yellow flowers on the hill. Walk up the hill and move left until you spot a house with a lantern. Now head behind the house to find a few hounds scuttling in their cages. Move past these beasts and then turn right to find a ladder on the back side of the house to your right. Climb up and loot the corpse on the roof to nab this armor.

Bloodborne Top Hat

If you want to look spiffy while slaying monsters, you can't go wrong with this piece of Hunter attire. To find this stylish throwback to the time of Abraham Lincoln, you'll want to head to the Lamp at Cathedral Ward. Head down the stairs and into the next room, then out the door on your left. You should find yourself in a graveyard. To find the hat, simply look for a dead body on the right side of the graveyard behind a tree. Interact with it to find the Top Hat, then throw that bad boy on to give yourself a stylish new look.

Bloodborne Mensis Cage

The Mensis Cage is another great piece of headgear for your Hunter, and if you're looking to find it, you must defeat Micolash, Host of the Nightmare. You'll find this monstrosity waiting for you in the Nightmare of Mensis area, which you can easily reach by heading through the glowing purple door located on the Lecture Building's second floor. This building can't be accessed until after defeating The One Reborn in the Unseen Village. You can also get there if you're caught by the evil portal to the right of the Grand Cathedral, after you slay Vicar Amelia.

Bloodborne Student Uniform Outfit

To find this outfit, make your way through the Forbidden Woods and into Byrgenwerth. Once you've made it, look for a building in the middle, then defeat the hunter hanging out in the area. Once the enemy hunter is dead and you loot the body, head up the stairs to the second level and open the chest on the right hand side of the room to find this set of gear.

Bloodborne Black Church Armor

After you've taken down the Blood-starved Beast, visit Hunter's Dream and purchase the Hunter Chief Emblem from the Messengers in the fountain. This emblem will open up a gate in the Cathedral Ward (which you must open to advance anyway). Once you're through the gate, head left until you spot a narrow alleyway with quite a few red lanterns. Speak with the people inside the homes for some witty banter, or ignore them and search for a corpse in the vicinity to grab this great set of armor.

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