Detroit: Become Human Release Date, Gameplay Analysis, Characters, Narrative Choices - Everything We Know

Detroit: Become Human Release Date, Gameplay Analysis, Characters, Narrative Choices - Everything We Know

The next game from Quantic Dream takes influence from Blade Runner, studying the place of androids in a futuristic society. No Harrison Ford or Ryan Gosling, though. All the details on this PS4 exclusive, including the Detroit Become Human release date.

Wearing influences of Blade Runner on its sleeve, Detroit: Become Human was announced by Quantic Dream back in 2015, as a game that was seemingly built on the Kara tech demo from 2012. Detroit: Become Human will launch for the PlayStation 4 in May, but before then we can piece together every piece of news that makes its way online, and bring it all here for you in complete guide to everything we know.

Detroit: Become Human Release Date

The Detroit: Become Human release date has been confirmed as May 25, 2018. This follows the April release of fellow PS4 excluisve, God of War.

Quantic Dream’s previous release, Beyond: Two Souls, was announced at E3 2012 and released 16 months later in October 2013. A similar announce to release timeframe for Detroit would have seen it launching in the spring of 2017 - something that didn't happen. Detroit was set to launch in 2017, but will now arrive in the middle of 2018.

Detroit: Become Human New Gameplay Trailer

The trailer just below for Detroit: Become Human was shown off at Paris Games Week 2017, and showed off the android Kara for the first time since the game was revealed. The trailer depicts a morbidly dark tone of parental abuse, and looks set to force the player into the difficult situation, whenever it eventually releases.

Detroit: Become Human E3 Gameplay Demo Analysis

After Sony's E3 showcase wrapped up, the PlayStation YouTube channel aired gameplay and commentary for Detroit: Become Human, showing different choices the player can make, as well as the fallout from these decisions.

We've put together some notable highlights from the gameplay demo below, all of which tell us something more about Detroit: Become Human.

  • It might not be final build footage, but even through the YouTube feed the game looks stunning, with facial animations in particular highlighting what the characters are thinking and feeling.
  • You can hold down R2 to bring up your current objectives, and this also appears to scan your nearby surroundings, picking out anything you can interact with.
  • After a bad encounter with the police captain, we can see a probability success meter for the hostage scenario, which drops to 48%. Every piece of information you gain counts towards the outcome of the hostage negotiation.
  • Connor interacts with items, like the gun case on the floor, to determine what happened, able to play through the events leading up to the hostage being taken using L2 and R2.
  • Every single interaction raises the probability of success meter, and this rises to 51% after Connor finds out that the android took the father's gun.
  • The probability of success meter continues into the actual hostage negotiation, and every decision you make affects the meter, and therefore the outcome of the scenario.

Update: 06/13/2017 - New E3 2017 Trailer, No Release Date

A brand new trailer for Detroit Become Human was shown off at E3 2017 during Sony’s press conference. The trailer showed how you can approach scenarios in a number of different ways, each with different outcomes.

We've put together some highlights from the trailer just below:

  • If these are all androids in the first fifty seconds of the trailer, then it seems like they're stuck doing the menial jobs possible in Detroit, such as sweeping pavements and working in factories.
  • We're introduced to Marcus, the third playable character that we've seen so far for Detroit: Become Human, outside of Kara and Connor.
  • Marcus and North are on a mission to attack five Cyberlife stores in Detroit and set the androids in them free, a far different task than we saw Connor doing, when he was in a hostage scenario.
  • It seems like Marcus has the ability to set other androids free just by touching them. He seems to have a far greater agenda than Connor had, and could have a bigger impact on the overall game.
  • We see many different choices that Marcus can make, confirming that this is the main mechanic of the game. The hostage negotiation with Connor could turn out any number of ways, and the same is true for Marcus and North.
  • The lives of potentially hundreds, or thousands of androids are in the hands of Marcus, as he appears to have a more direct impact on android-human relations than Connor did.

Detroit: Become Human Announcement and Gameplay Trailers

Originally seen as a character in a tech demo released by Quantic Dream back in 2012, Kara reappeared in the announcement trailer for Detroit: Become Human, which was first shown off to the world at the Paris Games Week show in late October, 2015. In the trailer, Kara is introducing the audience to a futuristic world, in which androids are now commonplace in society, although some humans are resentful of their robotic counterparts.

The second trailer for the game, shown off to the world at E3 2016, featured several brand new characters, with Kara nowhere to be seen. An android negotiator by the name of Connor is sent in by the police force to talk down another android, that has taken a girl hostage at gunpoint, on the roof of a skyscraper.

Connor is seen making multiple choices throughout the gameplay trailer, all of which can lead to a multitude of resolutions in the hostage crisis. The other android can either let go of the child willingly, unwillingly, kill Connor, or kill both themselves and the child, and the result is based purely on the decisions that the player makes in the shoes of Connor.

Connor and Kara have so far been revealed as two playable characters, but this trailer shown off at E3 2016 highlights the choice mechanic as a major part of the game - something David Cage and Quantic Dream have pursued in games for many years.

Detroit: Become Human has been confirmed as a third-person game, in which players will inhabit the shoes of multiple characters, like Connor and Kara. Any of the playable characters can die at any point, and the game will continue without them, merely continuing on with any characters remaining alive.

On top of this, the more information the player collects, the greater their chances are of succeeding in any situation. For example, you would have a greater chance of rescuing the child from the android in the trailer, should you collect more information from the crime scene before heading to confront the android. The player can also reconstruct crime scenes through clues that are collected, replaying the events as they had occurred beforehand.

We’ll have to keep an ear out for any more information from Quantic Dream regarding characters, gameplay, and a release date for the game. If any new information breaks regarding the game over E3 2017 or afterwards, you’ll find it right here.

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