Anthem Chest Locations - Chest Farming and Rewards

Every Anthem chest that we’ve found so far.

Anthem has a lot to see, shoot and collect in its open world segments. Players are free to roam as they wish, and the open world is where you’ll find valuable resources which you’ll need in order to craft new gear. One item that you’ll want to keep an eye for are Chests. There are a bunch of different places on the map that Chests can spawn, and knowing a few places to look can help you farm Chests in Anthem in no time at all. The reason you’ll want to do so is because around halfway you will encounter a mission called ‘Trial of Yvenia’. This mission tasks you with opening a tomb, and you’ll need to open 15 of them. In this Anthem Chests Guide, we’ll highlight some Anthem Chest Locations on the map. We’ll also list some surefire ways to get Chests in Anthem, and what you’ll get in them.

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Anthem Chests

While exploring Anthem’s open world sections, you’ll have the opportunity to find Chests. Chests are well worth grabbing, as they contain parts and loot. They are also necessary to open the Tomb of Yvenia, which you’ll have to do around midway through the story. On the map embedded below, you’ll see three maps, covering the whole section of Bastion. We’ve highlighted Chests on each one.

Anthem Treasure Chest Locations on Map

As you can see in the images embedded above, we’ve highlighted all of the Anthem Chest Locations that we’ve found so far. There’s a number beside each one, which corresponds to a description in the list below. We’ll give you a little bit more info on how to find each one.

Jake Green/USG
Jake Green/USG
Jake Green/USG
  1. In this area you will see a bridge. There are usually enemies fighting up there. Behind the bridge is a Chest.
  2. For this one, fly to the area shown above, to the West of the Grand Falls region. You’ll see a destroyed tower, inside of which is a Chest.
  3. Head to the Watchtower of Arath region. There’s a Chest near the camp.
  4. This one is easy to spot, right next to the cliff face.
  5. You’ll see tents in this area, with a Chest slightly to the West
  6. Head underwater to find this Chest
  7. If you spawn by Fort Tarsis in Free Play, this Chest is to the east, next to a gun turret
  8. Fly over to the Valley of Tarsis and look for a rocky overhang to the west
  9. There’s a tent in this area, the Chest can be located just below on a ledge
  10. Head to the Great Falls Canyon area, just below where the words appear on your map. You’ll find bridges in this area, with a Chest next to the water’s edge.
  11. Head underwater in this area and you will find a cave with a Chest in it as you emerge from the other side.
  12. There’s also a Chest right at the end of this cave system.
  13. This one is found by diving underwater at the location shown above.
  14. This Chest has a chance to spawn in the water.
  15. Head back to Great Falls Canyon. You’ll see a large rock spire in the center, there is a Chest on the northern side.
  16. To the south west of this area, there is a blue cave system. You’ll find a Chest inside.
  17. This one is found in the northwest area of the Eastern Reach.
  18. Head over to the Valley of Tarsis. There’s a bridge nearby, with a cave system next to it. There is a Chest inside the cave
  19. There’s also a Chest in the underwater area nearby
  20. Another cave here, with a possible chest inside.
  21. Head down the stream towards the south. There is a Chest underwater at the end of the clearing.
  22. This one is in a blue cave to the northeast of the Valley of Tarsis
  23. Head to the Eastern Reach and to the North East. There’s a Chest up near the Scar Stronghold.
  24. Head up to Monument Watch. There’s a Chest underwater in the south.
  25. Over to the Fortress of Dawn now. There’s a Chest over in the rocky region to the West.
  26. This one is to the South West of the Fortress of Dawn
  27. Finally, we have some Chests which spawn in the ruins of Shadowmark. There’s one to the north on a rocky outcrop.
  28. For this Chest, you’ll find it right in the open. Be warned though scorpions will spawn as soon as you open it.
  29. This Chest is found a little east from the last one.
  30. This Chest is right outside the cave area that you can enter to the east.
Jake Green/USG

Anthem Chests Not Appearing in Spawn Locations

As with many loot shooters, Anthem features spawn locations for Chests. These locations are fixed, but the chance that you’ll find a Chest there is not certain. The best thing you can do is visit a string of Chests in quick succession, as there’s a good chance you’ll find at least one.

You’ll Get Anthem Chests For Completing World Events and Strongholds

One guaranteed way to get Anthem Chests is to complete World Events and Strongholds. You can load into Strongholds from the main menu, while World Events will pop up as you’re out exploring.

Jake Green/USG

Anthem Chest Rewards

So why should you be keeping an eye out for Chests in Anthem? Well, you’ll get loot for it, precious loot. This can range from javelin parts to weapons and resources. To increase the rarity of the loot dropped, play the game at a higher difficulty.

Anthem Chest Farming

You may have seen some reports of an Anthem Chest farming method. This involved farming Chests while at the Grandmaster 3 level. BioWare recently closed this exploit, so you’ll need to farm the old fashioned way. This means checking the map and planning out a route. We recommend the Great Falls Canyon area as there is a high concentration of Chests.

What Determines Chest Rarity in Anthem?

Opening Chests is pretty much always worth your time, but it is possible that you may receive items of lower rarity than you can use. Generally though, the rarity of the items received from Chests will scale depending on your level. This means that at higher levels, e.g. 25 and above, you'll have more of a chance to get Epic and Legendary drops.

That’s all of the Anthem Chest Locations we have for you so far. We’ll be adding more locations to the map as we find them. For more on Anthem, check out our Anthem Javelins Guide, and our Anthem Stronghold Guide.

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