Resident Evil 2 Clock Tower Walkthrough - How to Solve the Clock Tower Puzzle in Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 Clock Tower Walkthrough - How to Solve the Clock Tower Puzzle in Resident Evil 2

Here's our guide on how to complete the Clock Tower puzzle in Resident Evil 2.

When you eventually need to obtain two electronic parts to solve a puzzle in Resident Evil 2, you'll need to undertake a puzzle in the Clock Tower. In our Resident Evil 2 Clock Tower puzzle guide, we'll be walking you through how to solve the puzzle as easily as possible, so you can obtain the electronic part and proceed ahead with the rest of the game.

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There are three main parts to this guide. Firstly we'll be detailing how to get the 'large gear,' then we'll be explaining how you can solve the actual puzzle in the Clock Tower, and claim the electronic part.

Resident Evil 2 Large Gear Location

In order to reach the Clock Tower in Resident Evil 2, you’ll need to make it to the upper floor of the library, and through the door on the eastern side of the room. Now you’re on the third and highest floor of the Raccoon City police department, and you’ll need to head to the eastern storage room.

The large gear you'll need. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

Dead in the middle of the eastern storage room, you can find the ‘large gear’ object. You’re going to need this for the ensuing puzzle within the Clock Tower itself.

How to Solve the Clock Tower Puzzle

With the large gear now in hand, you need to get to the Clock Tower room. Back out of the eastern storage room via the door to the west, and you’ll find yourself looking down on the main hall below. Head to the southwestern end of this area, and you can access the Clock Tower room via a door.

As soon as you’re in the Clock Tower, turn to your right. Interact with the vacant gear slot here, and use the large gear that you just picked up. This will cause a pathway to drop down nearby, meaning Leon/Claire can now reach the upper levels of the Clock Tower.

The descended ladder. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

Run round to the descended path, and take it up. When you’re on the upper level, follow the path around until you can interact with another gear slot, only this time you’ll obtain the ‘small gear’ item. Go back down to the lower level, and use it in the vacant gear slot that you passed while running round to reach the path that descended.

The small gear. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

Getting the Electronic Part

Now return to the beginning of the room, and take out the large gear from where you put it in the vacant slot. Retrace your steps all the way back to where you were first given the small gear item, and put the large gear in the now-vacant slot. This will cause the bell to ring, dropping a small orange box down to the lower level of the Clock Tower.

The boxed electronic part that you'll need to examine. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

Retrieve this box and examine it. Interact with the flap that keeps the box closed, and you can open it up, recovering one of the electronic parts that you need to progress the story. Phew, that’s one puzzle of Resident Evil 2 out of the way.

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