Resident Evil 2 Super Tyrant Boss - How to Defeat the Super Tyrant as Leon Kennedy

Resident Evil 2 Super Tyrant Boss - How to Defeat the Super Tyrant as Leon Kennedy

Here's how to defeat the Super Tyrant boss as Leon Kennedy in Resident Evil 2.

When given the option of playing as either Leon Kennedy or Claire Redfield, you're going to facing off against the Super Tyrant as the final boss of the game. In our Resident Evil 2 Super Tyrant boss guide, we'll be explaining how you can easily defeat the final boss for Leon Kennedy's campaign.

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In this guide we'll be detailing the Super Tyrant's weakness, as well as the one fatal attack that the boss can pull off.

How to Defeat the Super Tyrant in Resident Evil 2

The Super Tyrant is, as you might have guessed from the name, a super version of the Mr. X Tyrant, who poor Leon Kennedy has spent a large part of Resident Evil 2 running from. Note that the Super Tyrant is only the final boss of the Leon Kennedy campaign, as Claire Redfield will have a different final boss to face at the conclusion of her story.

You're going to need more than just that pistol for this fight. | Hirun Cryer/USG, Capcom

When the Super Tyrant descends onto the platform with Leon Kennedy, you’ll immediately notice that you’ve got a very limited amount of space to work with. In this first stage, the Super Tyrant attacks with either one big jab of his oversized arm, or three successive swings with the arm. After each swing he’ll get closer to Leon, so make sure to constantly stay on the move for this attack.

Super Tyrant Weakness

If you, like me, thought that the head of the Super Tyrant was the weak point, then guess again. You can actually see the exposed heart of the Super Tyrant directly in the middle of its chest, so hit home at this with either Leon’s pistol/magnum or shotgun for maximum effect.

Deal enough damage to the heart, and the Super Tyrant will temporarily stagger. Keep hitting the heart with all you’ve got, and the Super Tyrant will stagger again. Rain down with all the bullets you’ve got at the heart of the Super Tyrant, and instead of staggering a third time, the Super Tyrant will charge up a huge attack, by raising its head to the sky and groaning.

Super Tyrant's Ultimate Attack

In this phase, you need to hit either the head or the heart of the Super Tyrant with enough force to stagger it out of the build up. If you fail to do this, the boss will rush at Leon, impaling him on its claws in an attack which can’t be dodged, which spells instant death on even the lowest difficulty Resident Evil 2 has to offer. If you’ve got magnum bullets left, now would be the ideal time to use them.

After you’ve dealt with the build up attack, you need to go back to hitting the heart of the Super Tyrant with whatever ammo you’ve got left. After two one final stagger, a cutscene will play out, where a very much alive Ada Wong will throw down an anti-tank rocket launcher onto the platform for Leon to retrieve.

When you’re back in control of Leon, do not run to the rocket launcher straight away. Since the weapon is directly between you and the Super Tyrant, doing this will cause the boss to attack you instantly. Instead, you need to bait the Super Tyrant off to the side of the platform, run around it, and then go back to pick up the rocket launcher.

Deal one direct hit to the boss with the rocket launcher, and this boss battle is all over. Finally, the nightmare of Resident Evil 2 is over for our Leon Kennedy.

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