The Surge Combat Tips - Weak Points Explained, Blocking, Body Part Targeting

The Surge Combat Tips - Weak Points Explained, Blocking, Body Part Targeting

This guide will walk you through how to get to trips with the basics of The Surge, in which combat is of the utmost priority.

Combat is tough and brutal in The Surge, and one wrong step can result in your swift demise. In our complete Surge combat guide, we'll be compiling all the information that you could possibly need on getting to grips with the way combat functions in the game.

In case you need help with any other areas of the game whatsoever, head over to our guides hub walkthrough for The Surge, featuring entire level walkthrough guides, as well as boss guides and strategy articles.

The Surge Combat Guide

First and undoubtedly foremost, combat is one of the main features of The Surge, and this works in a way not dissimilar to Dark Souls: the player can lock on to only one enemy at a time, and will frequently run up against opponents that are far more powerful than they are.

As such, it's always a good idea to scope out an area before you charge headlong into the unknown. You can do this by positioning the camera to peer around corners to either side of you, as well as possibly running into and then back out of an area once you've got a good feel for the layout.

It should go without saying that there's no reason not to run away from a fight, if the tide starts turning against you. If you're ever faced by more than one enemy, it's always a good idea to run back to the previous area, and try to bait only one of them into following you, taking the enemies down one at a time.

On top of this, when you're in the actual combat loop, you should always lock on to an enemy, as this will allow you to target specific body parts. You can target either the main body, head, left or right arm, or left or right leg of an enemy, and a blue circle will tell you that this area is unprotected by armor, and is therefore vulnerable. If, however, the body part glows a dark yellow color, then this indicates that the body part is armored, and will therefore be less vulnerable to damage.

As well as targeting the correct, weaker body part of an enemy, there's also the finishing moves to consider. Once you've built up your light blue energy bar to a certain level while in combat, a button prompt will appear over the enemy, and you will have to hold this down to execute a brutal finishing move, hacking off the appendage of the enemy in one fell swoop.

Doing this gives the player a chance to receive a loot drop, related to the limb that they just targeted during the finishing move. You may receive a schematic, which you can then take back to a Medbay, to craft the item for your own use, or you may receive a component that can go towards creating an item for that limb. It's a lot to get your head around, but just remember that if you're after a certain crafting item, target that body part on your opponents.

How to Block Enemy Attacks in The Surge

To use the blocking mechanic in The Surge, you'll want to hold down the left shoulder button to perform the basic block. While this won't completely shield you from enemy attacks, it will lessen the damage you receive upon being hit.

However, you can also duck under high attacks, and jump over lower attacks. At the same time that you hold down the left shoulder button to block, either pull down on the right analogue stick to duck, or push upwards to jump. Used successfully, you can entirely avoid certain attacks while utilising the correct block at the correct time.

As this guide doesn't even begin to cover the bosses the player can encounter in The Surge, head over to our walkthrough on how to defeat P.A.X., the first boss in the game or our complete The Surge Boss Guide.

We've given you all the information you could possibly need on combat in The Surge, now all that's left is for you to get onto the battlefield and take the fight to the various enemies in the game.

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