The Surge Tips - Level Walkthrough Guides, Combat Tips and Tricks

The Surge Tips - Level Walkthrough Guides, Combat Tips and Tricks

Here's all the essential tips and tricks you're going to need to make it through The Surge alive.

Taking clear inspiration from the likes of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, The Surge is set in a futuristic Earth, where humans can be 'upgraded' using exosuits, and huge mechs are an ordinary site in the landscape.

Just like the protagonist, Warren, the player will have to rapidly get to grips with some of the core mechanics and abilities the game throws at the player, quickly adapting battle strategies on the fly to overcome some difficult enemies in The Surge.

This page will act as a guides hub for The Surge, containing all the information we've managed to put together to help you make it through the challenging game. We've compiled full area walkthroughs, on top of boss strategies, and general tips and tricks for the game.

The Surge Walkthrough

In this section we'll help you get through the various areas in The Surge, walking you through the many dangers you'll encounter. On top of that we'll give you tips on how to beat The Surge's bosses, which can be tough if you don't know what you're doing.

The Surge - Boss Strategy Guides

Aside from the above articles, we also have a detailed guide on how to understand combat in The Surge. This guide will walk you through all the things that the game doesn't teach you in the introductory section, such as the various different ways of blocking and dodging enemy attacks.

On top of this, we've also compiled some key bits of information just below, which will help you understand how the currency system works in The Surge, as well as how to get your Tech Scrap back should you perish.

How to Recover Your Tech Scrap in The Surge

Whenever you die, your currency will be left in the place you died, not unlike a certain other game. However in The Surge, you'll be placed on a time limit as soon as you respawn, and you must recover your Tech Scrap before the timer expires, or it will be lost forever.

But you can increase this time by defeating an enemy, a bit like hitting a checkpoint in an arcade racing game. As such, if you dropped a particularly large portion of Tech Scrap that you're keen to recover, you'd best be quick, as well as taking care to despatch most of the enemies along the way in order to buy yourself some valuable time.

Exploring and Unlocking Shortcuts in The Surge

For each enemy you despatch in The Surge, you'll be rewarded with a varying amount of Tech Scrap for your efforts. Once you've built up enough Tech Scrap, you can then put this to use in a variety of ways in the Medbay area. For one, you can use it up upgrade your Core Power level, which in turn increases your Health, Stamina, and your Core Power Consumption limit.

On top of this, you will also have to use Tech Scrap to both upgrade your current items, and craft new items. Tech Scrap basically works as the currency for The Surge. If you have a decent amount of Tech Scap saved up, but you don't want to use it quite yet, you can always bank it back at the Medbay, saving it for when you want to spend it later on.

Another influence that The Surge draws from Dark Souls is the ability for the player to unlock shortcuts, providing quicker routes around the map. This mostly takes the form of either doors or lifts, which can nearly always only be used by the player on one end, being barred or blocked off from the other side. As such, if you come across a door or lift that you can't yet use, then don't worry, for it's extremely likely that this will be used as a shortcut at a later stage in the area.

Use Your Drone!

Although it may seem like a tiny detail in a fairly complex, intricate game, your Drone can actually help chip away at the health of enemies, as well as finishing them off if your Energy levels get to a high enough level.

While you can call your drone in at any time, if you wait until your Energy level is past the first symbol on the bar, your drone will deal significantly more damage than it otherwise would. This is extremely useful for finishing off enemies, avoiding the chance you'll get taken out by a foe's final death throws. Using a drone does use a portion of energy, but it's worth it.

Make sure to bookmark this page, for we'll be constantly updating it with new strategies, new bits of information, and boss guides as we further progress through The Surge.

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