The Surge Walkthrough - How to Activate Your Body Gear in The Surge

The Surge Walkthrough - How to Activate Your Body Gear in The Surge

Here's how to activate your body gear in The Surge, and make it through your first combat encounter.

All isn't explained for you at the outset of The Surge, and you'll need to find some lights for your body gear if you want to head underground. In our Surge gear lights guide, we'll be walking you through how to make it through one of the earlier stages of the game as quickly as possible.

If you need a hand with any other areas of the game, head over to our guides walkthrough hub on The Surge, featuring full level walkthroughs exactly like this one, as well as full boss strategy guides.

How to Activate Body Gear in The Surge

After assembling the Body Gear part in the Medbay area, head back out, going past the very first enemy on the floor that you encountered, and following the train tracks round to the right. Take out the next enemy you come to, and then the next humanoid enemy just before the large doors that were previously closed.

Head inside the building, and turn right, taking out the enemy hiding just behind the hanging veil of cloth, and then proceed forward into the next area, through two successive gaps in walls. Take out the two enemies you immediately encounter in this area, and then head diagonally left, going off the train tracks and through a set of double doors.

Here lies the entrance to the underground section of this initial area of The Surge, so activate your lights by pressing down on the D-Pad, then head all the way down the flight of stairs straight ahead of you. Take out the two enemies that rise from the ground at the bottom of the stairs, before turning left to collect the Vital Boost Implant lying on the ground.

Now head down the stairs right behind you, and at the bottom you'll have to lure a flying machine away from two other enemies, so you can deal with it by itself. Lure it back to the top of the stairs and finish it off with some quick melee attacks, then head back to the bottom of the stairs and deal with the enemy lying on the ground ahead of you, before continuing onwards.

Lure another flying machine towards you to deal with it separately, then deal with the enemy patrolling a ramp area, before heading down the ramp itself. Now take care of the enemy straight ahead of you, before turning right and heading all the way down the ramp, dealing with a lesser flying machine and another enemy there. Use the message station to receive an Audiolog, and then head down the path to your left.

Use the Exo-Lift at the end of this path to reach the upper area, where you'll have to deal with a particularly quick enemy. Pick up the Audiolog in the middle of this area, then deal with the enemy hanging around the open door, before heading through the door itself and taking out the quick enemy in the next room. Overload the power circuit in this next area to turn on the lights, then head back to the former room, heading along the left wall to reach a path heading up.

How to Find P.A.X. Boss in The Surge

Take the stairs all the way up to the ground level, and take out the two lumbering enemies you find patrolling the area at the top. Head through the open door on the left to find the ASTir Vibro-Cutter weapon lying on the ground. In this room, take the Exo-Lift up, and follow this next path round, taking out the lumbering enemy in the narrow area. Continue pushing forward and take out the quick enemy patrolling around the platform area, and then head down the path leading off this area, using the Exo-Lift you come to at the end to open up a handy shortcut to the Medbay area.

From here, you have your route to the first boss in the game secured, as it can be reached by running past the area with the two flying machines from the Medbay, and following the train tracks. Once you come to a single humanoid enemy and two flying machines, head up the stairs on your left, take out the enemy at the top, then run down the other set of stairs leading down from this platform. Take out the three flying machines in this next area, before heading through the large, open doors.

For more on the next stage of The Surge, head over to our walkthrough guide on how to beat P.A.X., the first boss in the game.

Should you instead need any help on other areas of the game, continue to our guides on how to take down the LU-74 Firebug boss, or retreat back to our walkthrough of the first area in The Surge.

We've covered all you need to know in the first area of the game, so now it's time to take out P.A.X. and continue the adventure.

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