The Surge Prologue Walkthrough - How to Find the Medical Bay

The Surge Prologue Walkthrough - How to Find the Medical Bay

Here's your complete walkthrough for the opening prologue section of The Surge.

The Surge starts out fairly slowly, but things do downhill pretty quickly from there. In this Surge prologue guide, we'll be walking you through the opening stages of the game, so you can complete this section of the game as quickly as possible.

Should you need help with any other matters related to the game, head on over to our guides walkthrough hub on The Surge, which features other area walkthrough guides just like this one, as well as guides on taking down various bosses found within the game.

In this guide for the opening area to The Surge, we'll detail how to beat the level in the fastest, easiest way possible, as well as detailing where to go to find all the best items and hidden secrets in the level.

The Surge - Opening Level Walkthrough, Finding the Medbay

As soon the player starts out the level, having picked up the weapon lying on the ground nearest to them, the game will introduce combat. Defeat this small machine in front of you with just two uses of the attack button (right shoulder button for normal attack, or right trigger button for a heavy attack) and continue up the sandy path ahead.

Take out the next robot that approaches you in the same amount of quick hits, and continue pressing forward. Once you come to the top of the hill, take out both the machines that attack you at once, and then turn to the path on your left, following it to pick up some Tech Scrap.

Return to the path and head down the hill, taking out the machine that comes at you once you enter the tunnel, remembering to block with the left shoulder button. Head into the Rocket Yard, and look to the left to see two machines. Take both these out, and pick up the Implant that both the machines were hovering near. Head into the door and turn right, using the Medbay there to be assigned your objective by the woman who appears via a hologram.

Head out of the door in front of you and down the steps, continuing ahead to where a seemingly dead humanoid corpse will rise up. Defeat this, and then look to your left to see an Implant inside a container. From here, follow the path round to the right, and take out the enemy on the train tracks in front of you, picking up the Audiolog that's just to your right afterwards.

When you come to a clearing, look to your left to see a tunnel, with a corpse and an item inside. Head in and defeat the not-so-dead corpse, picking up the Pile of Rare Material Scrap afterwards. Return to the clearing, head forward and defeat the enemy banging its head against the large door, in order to obtain a new Power Core. Head all the way back to the Medbay to exchange your faulty Power Core for this new one.

You'll now have to return all the way back to where you found the Power Core, and through this you'll discover that enemies respawn whenever you return to the Medbay, so fight your way back to the enemy banging his head against the door. Once he's been defeated, turn to the left to see a power circuit that you can overcharge, and hold down square/X to accomplish this.

The large door will have now opened, so head inside and turn to the left, taking out the enemy patrolling this area, and then heading through the large cylinder to get the drop on another enemy. Take the Exo-Lift up, and overload the power circuit at the top, returning down the Exo-Lift straight afterwards, turning right, and walking forwards till you're on the train tracks.

Now turn to your left to see an enemy straight ahead of you, inch forward until he runs at you, and then back up, since you don't want to draw the attention of the enemy behind the ragged curtain as well. Defeat the quick enemy, and then take on the lumbering, more powerful one behind the blue hanging fabric, afterwards going through the door to the left of the tracks and picking up a new Implant and an Audiolog.

Head back to the tracks, and continue through the slightly ajar doors to your left, before turning right and activating the door controls to create a handy shortcut back to the Medbay. Backtrack, and go past the train tracks, taking the door on your right to come to an area with multiple enemies. Bait the first one just in front of you and defeat him, then turn to the right and kill the second enemy there, before dealing with the one pressed up against the large door.

Collect the Implant in front of the door, and head up the small set of stairs to the left of the door, and drop down onto the enemy in front of you. Overload the power circuit to the right of you to open up the large set of doors, head through them, and turn to the right to open up another shortcut through a set of small, yellow double doors. Turn around and head through two large cylinders on the train tracks, turning left afterwards.

Lure the enemy that's standing just behind the bush in front of you, and take them out, taking care not to step into the toxic waste either side of the train tracks. Head forwards, and lure one flying robot at a time towards you, so you can melee attack them and take them out easily. Pick up the implant at the back of this area on the right, and then head up the set of stairs inside the building in the left corner of this area, taking out the enemy waiting for you at the top floor.

Smash the wooden boxes to the left, and head to the end of the walkway to collect an Audiolog. Now head to the end of the area where you encountered the last enemy, and turn right, descending down the flight of stairs there. There are three flying machines in this area, so make sure to carefully lure one back to the stairs area at a time, and deal with them separately. Head to the far right corner of the area, behind a container, to collect a Rare Pile of Material Scrap.

Once you've dealt with all three flying machines, you'll actually find that you've come as far as you can for now, for the next section is entirely underground. So navigate your way in the darkness, you'll need to find both a schematic for a body gear part, as well as collect components to create the item from the corpses of enemies that you've targeted the main bodies of.

If you've already found the schematic, and have enough parts to create it, then just head back to Medbay and get crafting, but if you haven't, you may need to grind a fair bit. Use the right analogue stick to target the main body of enemies, no matter if this is or isn't their weak area, and perform a finishing move on them when you get the opportunity. This will increase the chances of either a schematic or parts dropping from them.

For a guide on how to reach the underground area of this opening level in The Surge, head over to our guide page on activating your Body Gear Lights.

Should you need assistance with any other areas of The Surge, why not consult our boss guides hub for the game, or our our guide on getting to grips with combat mechanics.

You may have forged a path through the opening level of The Surge, but you'll still have a fair bit of exploring to do before you can tackle the first main boss of the game.

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