The Surge Bosses List - How to Defeat Every Boss in The Surge

The Surge Bosses List - How to Defeat Every Boss in The Surge

How to defeat every boss in The Surge, complete with videos, tips and tricks.

There are plenty of different big bads to fight throughout The Surge, each requiring a different strategy to bring down. In our Surge bosses guide, we'll be providing you with an overview of every major boss character in the game.

In case you need help with anything that isn't related to bosses, head over to our guides walkthrough hub for The Surge, featuring entire level walkthroughs, as well as tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the game.

The Surge - Boss Guides

How to Defeat P.A.X. in The Surge

The first boss that the player can encounter in the Surge, P.A.X. presents a test of the dodging ability of the player. This boss has some mean abilities hidden up its sleeve, but we'll tell you the easiest way to take it down.

How to Defeat LU-74 Firebug in The Surge

The LU-74, or Firebug, is a big step up from the first boss in the Surge. The Firebug is quick and tough, making for a fair challenge, but there are some useful tactics the player can employ to take this huge machine down.

How to Defeat the Big Sister in The Surge

Somewhat like the first boss in the game, P.A.X., the Big Sister boss challenges the dodging technique of the player, lunging forwards with multiple limbs at once, all while charging up a piercing laser beam.

How to Defeat Black Cerberus in The Surge

The penultimate boss in The Surge, Black Cerberus will employ some savage weaponry against the player, as well as calling for help from a certain other boss you've already faced.

How to Defeat Rogue Process in The Surge

The final boss in The Surge, Rogue Process is unlike anything else in the game, combining parts of monsters with machinery. This fight is in two main parts, and presents a suitably climactic challenge for the player.

Tips and Tricks for Fighting Bosses in The Surge

As a general rule, it's not uncommon for the player to back away from the boss, afraid to take the fight directly to them due to their enormous size. This a dangerous trap to fall into, as the early-area bosses in particular are actually more deadly when the player is standing in front of them.

For example, the P.A.X. boss has a deadly blade on each arm, that can potentially kill the player in one hit, should they be caught out by it. However, P.A.X. will only use this attack if the player is stood in front of the boss, as it can't reach the player with either blade if they are stood to either side, or underneath the boss.

The same can somewhat be said for the Firebug, as one of the tactics actually needed in order to defeat the boss is to lure it into a slam attack, which can only occur when the player is stood underneath the boss. The bosses in the Surge actually reward the player for being daring, instead of holding back and getting into the habit of letting the boss control the fight.

Should you instead need help with any other areas of the Surge, then head over to any of our other guide articles on the game, for example our guide on how to understand every combat mechanic the game features, as well as how to make it through the opening level of the game.

Our combat walkthrough in particular should prove useful, as The Surge doesn't do a very good job at telling the player everything they need to know, leaving out some key information on blocking and dodging enemy attacks.

As we've already mentioned, this hub page for the bosses in the Surge will be updated whenever we come across a new boss, all we'll share all the information you need in order to best every single boss in the game.

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