The Surge Big Sister Boss - How to Beat the Big Sister in The Surge

The Surge Big Sister Boss - How to Beat the Big Sister in The Surge

Here's how you can take down the third boss of The Surge: The Big Sister.

No, this Big Sister boss in The Surge hasn't just stepped out of BioShock 2. In this Surge Big Sister boss guide, we'll be detailing everything there is to possibly know about the third major boss fight of the game, so you can get through it with ease.

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How to Defeat the Big Sister

Once you've dropped down into the arena, the Big Sister will activate, pulling up two tentacle-like arms as well as rearing its head towards the player. Dodging is the key to winning this phase, and you should also be listening out for the sound of a weapon charging up, as this is the head part of the Big Sister preparing to fire a laser at you.

Only one arm of the Big Sister will lunge at you at once, so dodge out of the way of this and then land a quick 1 or 2 hits in, backing off and preparing for the next strike afterwards. As we've already said, listen out for the charging sound of the laser beam from the head - this usually occurring once an arm has lunged towards you.

This first phase isn't too difficult, as all you'll really have to master is the ability to dodge out of the way of each arm. Break off both arms once enough damage has been dealt, and the fight will appear to be over - at least for now. Advance forward through the open gate to deal with the next form of the Big Sister.

How to Defeat the Big Sister - Second Phase

In this second phase, the head firing the laser beams at you will still be present, but you'll also have to deal with four smaller arms in an arena. We'd recommend dealing with the arms on the left first of all, as you can stand behind these to deal damage to them. Be warned though that the arm on the opposite side of the arena will still lunge towards you, so position the camera so you can keep an eye on the opposite arm, and start beating on the arm you're standing behind.

All the while, keep an ear out for the sound of the laser beam from the head charging up, but this stage of the fight will get much easier with each smaller arm that you manage to destroy. Once all arms have been severed, the fight becomes 2D, with the player being positioned underneath the giant head of the Big Sister.

In this final stage, the head will periodically lunge down towards the player, so timing is of the essence. Dodge to either side of the head every time it swoops down, and then quickly land a few hits while it's on the same level as the player, before it rears back up again. It should be noted that the boss can still receive damage while the arms surrounding the head are shielding it, so keep landing attacks during this phase.

You can also attack the base of the neck of the boss, so while the head is in the air you can land a few hits on the red chord stemming up from the ground in the center of the screen. This final stage of the Big Sister isn't too difficult, provided you don't lay into the boss too much, and are patient in waiting for an opening to attack.

Now that you're through with the third boss in The Surge, why not head over to any of our other guides on the game, such as how to make your way around the opening area of the game, or our hub on all the bosses.

If you've defeated the Big Sister, then congratulations are in order, for your over halfway through the total number of bosses in The Surge.

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