The Surge Black Cerberus Boss - How to Beat Black Cerberus in The Surge

The Surge Black Cerberus Boss - How to Beat Black Cerberus in The Surge

Here's how you can take down the Black Cerberus boss in The Surge.

Black Cerberus is the penultimate boss fight of The Surge, and don't make the mistake of thinking that it's an easy fight because he starts off looking like a human. In our Surge Black Cerberus boss guide, we'll be walking you through everything there possibly is to know about this boss fight.

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How to Defeat Black Cerberus

At first glance, Black Cerberus appears as nothing more than a standard human enemy, but don't be caught off guard, as this is only the first stage in the fight. Approach Black Cerberus and the fight will begin. Throughout this first stage we'd recommend using a quick weapon, in order to land hits quickly and in succession.

Dodge the fairly slow attacks that Black Cerberus throws your way, while landing a few of your own straight afterwards. These attacks are telegraphed by the large charging time that each one carries, so it shouldn't be too difficult to stay out of the clutches of the boss. Once he's down to 25% health, Black Cerberus will throw the player back with a shockwave, and retreat out of the arena.

P.A.X. will now emerge from a large doorway behind the player, and you will now have to take down this hulking machine for the second time, in order to get another shot at Black Cerberus. Focus on attacking the legs of P.A.X., watching out for any stamping attacks from the machine, and continually fill up the orange bar near the top of the screen. Once this is full, P.A.X. will fall down, allowing the player to target and attack the head of the robot.

Keep dealing damage to the head of P.A.X. quickly, as the machine will rise back up and the orange bar will deplete to zero after a short amount of time. Repeat the process if you can't defeat P.A.X. on the first try, bearing in mind not to hang around in front of the boss or you'll risk incurring a powerful swiping attack from a sword.

Once you've eventually dealt a final blow to P.A.X., Black Cerberus will enter back into the arena from behind the shielded, glowing doors. While all of his attacks stay the same, he does now have a nasty area of effect damage bonus, meaning that you'll want to be well away from him any time he plunges his weapon towards the floor.

Strafe around Black Cerberus, avoiding his combo attack at all costs, and keeping an eye out for an opportunity to land a few hits right after he attacks. Keep going with this method of quick attacks with a fast, light weapon, and Black Cerberus should be down in next to no time at all.

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With Black Cerberus defeated, the penultimate boss in The Surge is down, and you can begin making your way towards Rogue Process, the final boss of the game.

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