The Surge PAX Boss - How to Beat PAX in The Surge

Here's how you can beat the first boss of The Surge: PAX.

You're going to encounter PAX near the beginning of The Surge, and it makes up the first proper boss fight of the game. In this Surge PAX boss guide, we'll be walking you through how to beat PAX in The Surge as easily as possible.

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How to Beat P.A.X. Boss in The Surge

Being the first boss in The Surge, P.A.X. is designed primarily to teach the player how to properly dodge. It's the first enemy in the game that possesses an area of effect attack, but its moves are also fairly telegraphed ahead of time.

As soon as you enter the arena in which the battle with P.A.X. takes place, you'll want to close the distance between yourself and the giant machine instantly. Lock on to either one of the legs, and keep circling the machine, ready to strike as soon as it's done performing an attack.

P.A.X. doesn't have a huge number of moves, but all of them can deal massive amounts of damage to the player. The common move for it is to stamp its feet, sometimes only once, sometimes repeatedly. When you see this, keep a good few metres away, but close the distance as soon as it's done to get in a good few hits.

It's generally not a great idea to hang around in front of P.A.X., as the machine will utilise the blades on its arms to attack you. Either of these blades deal huge amounts of damage, so stick to circling around it, using either leg as a lock on point.

All through the fight, each hit you land on P.A.X. will fill up the gauge in the orange bar, and once this is full the boss will fall to the ground. At this point, lock on to the head of the robot, and attack it repeatedly until P.A.X. gets back up. At this point, you'll have to refill the bar completely in order to knock it down once again.

Repeat this tactic, making sure that if P.A.X. utilises its special move where it fires off a salvo of missiles at the player, you keep dodging repeatedly until this phase is over, which merely lasts for a few seconds.

The best weapon type to employ against this boss is generally one that is fairly swift, as you'll need to deal some quick damage to P.A.X. before backing out, and waiting for the next opening. Don't get too caught up in the amount of damage the weapon can deal, because the differences at this early stage in the game are fairly minimal.

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Now that we've taught you how best to take down the first boss in The Surge, all you need to do is stay alive and follow the tactics.

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