The Surge Rogue Process - How to Beat The Surge Final Boss

The Surge Rogue Process - How to Beat The Surge Final Boss

Here's how to beat Rogue Process, the final boss of The Surge.

Rogue Process might only be the fifth main boss of The Surge, but it's actually the final boss of the game. In our Surge Rogue Process boss guide, we'll be detailing how you can take down the final boss of the game as easily as possible, seeing out the game in style.

We have a wealth of other guides on the game here at USgamer, all of which can be found in our guides walkthrough hub for The Surge. The hub features other boss strategy guides exactly like this one, as well as entire level and mission walkthroughs.

How to Defeat Rogue Process

Once the player has attempted to overload the power circuit in the same room as Rogue Process, the boss will appear in a physical form. This monstrosity is unlike anything else seen so far in The Surge, and you'll have to be quick on your feet in order to bring this beast down. We'd recommend a quick weapon for this fight, to land as many hits as possible in the few openings you'll get.

Lock on to the main body of Rogue Process and strafe around it, watching for large sweeping attacks that the boss can perform with its arms. Dodge these attacks and land in a few quick hits to the body, making sure not to stick around for too long, or Rogue Process will execute a nasty area of effect attack on the player.

Once you've got Rogue Process down to roughly three quarters of the red health bar, the boss will be stunned momentarily. Once this stunned phase is over, lock on to either arm and keep hacking away at it, until it eventually falls off. At this point, Rogue Process will draw power from the power circuit you attempted to overload earlier, so quickly run over to this terminal and overcharge it, this time succeeding and bringing forth the next stage of the boss.

At this point, Rogue Process will take on a humanoid form. This form is extremely deadly, and you should try to keep a safe distance from it at all times, never letting yourself be caught up in any of its chained attack patterns. As soon as you see an opening after three successive attacks from Rogue Process, land a quick strike or two, before backing off again.

Your Drone should be extremely useful during this phase, as its ability to knock Rogue Process off its feet can buy you a precious few seconds to either recover or press the attack. Keep a safe distance from the boss, and Rogue Process should be over in a fairly short amount of time, even though it is blessed with a generous amount of health.

If you need help with any other matters relating to The Surge, why not check out our guides on how to master all the combat mechanics, or our boss guides hub, containing walkthrough information on all the bosses in the game.

Making it all the way to Rogue Process is a challenge in itself, but taking down the final boss in The Surge is not an easy task by any means, continuing the example set by earlier bosses throughout the game.

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