Overwatch Retribution End Date (Update: Event has Ended), Legendary Skins, Loot Box Items, Retribution Content

All the details you need for the Overwatch Retribution event including Retribution legendary skins and cutscenes.

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The Overwatch Retribution event brought back tons of both new and old content for players to enjoy, although the limited time event has now sadly drawn to a close. In this Overwatch Retribution guide, we'll be walking you through everything to do with the brand new Overwatch Archives content, including the Overwatch Retribution end date, as well as all the brand new Overwatch loot box skins.

For anything else relating to the game of Overwatch, including how to get to grips with every old and new DLC hero in the game, as well as details of past and upcoming events, make sure to head over to our Overwatch guides hub.

Overwatch Retribution End Date

The Retribution event for Overwatch kicked off on April 10 worldwide, and you can jump into the latest event right now on the PC, PS4, or Xbox One, provided you've got the latest update for the game installed on whatever platform you're playing it on. As we mentioned previously in this guide, the Overwatch Retribution event has now ended, as it rounded out on April 30.

Overwatch Archives: Retribution

The Overwatch Uprising event returned for 2018 under the new branding of 'Overwatch Archives'. Developer Jeff Kaplan has stated that Uprising is just one many "cool, past moment" in the Overwatch "Archives" that players can relive.

The chief one of these is a Blackwatch mission, in which McCree, Genji, Reaper, and Moira all team up to take out Talon operatives. You can see the full gameplay just below, in which you'll be dealing with hordes of Troopers, not entirely unlike the enemies of the Uprising event at this time last year.

Overwatch Retribution Cutscene

A cutscene from the Overwatch Retribtuion event can be seen below. Blizzard always goes all-out with its animated cutscenes, and this is no exception.

Overwatch Retribution Skins - Legendary Skins

There are a whole host of new Overwatch skins for various characters available as part of the Retribution event, and we've outlined all of them just below. Keep in mind that you can only find these Retribution Legendary skins in loot boxes while the event runs on, and you can't buy them outright with the in-game currency.

Overwatch Retribution Skin
Overwatch Retribution Skin
Overwatch Retribution Skin
Overwatch Retribution Skin
Overwatch Retribution Skin
Overwatch Retribution Skin
Overwatch Retribution Skin
Overwatch Retribution Skin

Since the old Uprising event is returning from 2017, this means that all the loot box items that were previously tied to the 2017 event will be returning for the event in 2018. This means that if you missed any of the past Legendary skins for characters like Tracer or Mercy, you'll now be able to find them in loot boxes during the event, or purchase them outright for 3,000 points.

Overwatch Comic

There's a brand new Overwatch comic out right now for all to read, which explores the history of Blackwatch, the strike team that would go on to rival Overwatch. The comic introduces important characters like Gérard Lacroix, Widowmaker's husband, as well as exploring characters like Gabriel Reyes before he took on the Reaper moniker.

The Overwatch Retribution event has now unfortunately ended for players around the globe, but if the trends out of Blizzard are anything to go by, it could always return in 2019.

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