Metal Gear Survive Tips - How to Craft Items, How to Level Up

Metal Gear Survive Tips - How to Craft Items, How to Level Up

These are all the essential Metal Gear Survive tips you need, including details on how to craft, how to level up, and more.

Metal Gear Survive was the first game to release from Konami after the departure of Hideo Kojima, and was met with some scrutiny to say the least. As you can probably tell from the title, it's a survival-based game using guns and some mechanics from Metal Gear Solid 5 in particular, but in an entirely new environment. In this Metal Gear Survive tips page, we'll be providing you with a full beginner's guide to the game, detailing how you can go about crafting and unlocking new weapons, and more.

Metal Gear Survive Guide

This guide will primarily be covering the online portion of Metal Gear Survive, where you can team up with players around the globe to take on the horde of Wanderers for rewards. If you need any other Metal Gear Survive guides for any additional areas of the game, check out our list just below:

Metal Gear Survive Tips

We’d highly recommend going to the training area before you head into your first online mission in the Metal Gear Survive beta, as there’s a surprising amount to get your head around, even if you are a Metal Gear Solid 5 veteran. If you want to change your loadout, head to the AI Pod at the back of the staging area, which will allow you to access items that have been stored away in the supply box. You won’t have any powerful weapons to start off with though, and you might well have to take on your first mission with nothing but a knife and a spear.

When you’re first dropped into an online game for Metal Gear Survive, you’ll actually be outside the wormhole generator that you need to defend. Don’t worry though, you’re given a time limit before the horde will actually start to fully attack the generator, meaning you’ll have a few minutes to spare before things start getting chaotic. We’d suggest taking this time to harvest materials scattered around the map, pressing Square/X on your controller whenever you’re near to objects to turn them into materials in your inventory. Practically every small item in the map can be turned into a building material, for example a tyre can be harvested for rubber.

When the combat starts, you’ll need to know how to navigate your way around the Metal Gear Survive UI. To the left of your character, you’ll see a white meter, which is the health of your avatar, and the blue/grey bar, which equates to stamina. To the right of your character, you’ll see your currently equipped weapon displayed in the green slot in the middle, with two item slots either side of the weapon. Press up and down on the D pad to change your equipped weapon, and press left and right on the D pad to change the items you have equipped. If you want to use the item on the left, press the left bumper, and if you want to use the item on the right, press the right bumper.

Metal Gear Survive Combat Guide

The gameplay loop for Metal Gear Survive is simple: survive each wave of the zombie-like Wanderers by whatever means necessary. The one golden rule of Metal Gear Survive is to conserve your ammo whenever possible. Firearms are actually surprisingly rare in the game, and you’ll need gunpowder to craft them at one of the workstations, which are only obtained as a reward from completing online missions. In other words, once you run out of ammo and gunpowder, you’ll have only your melee weapons to hold back the horde.

Occasionally you’ll be given an optional side mission while you’re playing an online game of Metal Gear Survive. These optional missions will only activate in between waves, and can potentially grant you powerful weapons to use in the next wave, such as Walker Gear. You don’t have to undertake these, but we’d highly recommend them, especially if you want to survive all three waves and get a high extraction score.

Speaking of your extraction score, the meter in the bottom right corner of the screen determines how much Iris energy the wormhole generator has extracted so far, and every time it increases, going from D upwards all the way to A+, you’ll be rewarded with increasingly powerful items once the game is done. There’s a slight catch however, as if the wormhole generator is damaged by any Wanderers, the Iris score can potentially go down, meaning you’ve got to protect the generator at all costs.

How to Level Up in the Metal Gear Survive

You start out the online portion of Metal Gear Survive ranked at level 10, and the only way to level your character up from here is to earn Kuban Energy, gained from completing missions either online or solo. Every time you spend your Kuban Energy and increase a level, you can then tab over to the Survivor page, where you can spend one skill point for every level you’ve increased.

In the image of the Survivor tab that you can see just below, you’ve got options on the left that can increase your strength, vitality (health), dexterity, and endurance, all of which can be increased five times in total. Elsewhere on the tab, there are skills that you can purchase once, which increase attributes like how many combo attacks you can pull off with one and two handed weapons, as well as give you abilities like dive attacks and counterattacks.

You might want to simply jump into an online game of Metal Gear Survive and see what skills would benefit you best. If you prefer scouring the battlefield for resources, then the Quick Hands skill might be better for you.

How to Build Advanced Workbenches in Metal Gear Survive

If you’re looking to craft an assault rifle or pistol in the early hours of Metal Gear Survive, then we’ve got bad news for you. You’ll unfortunately need to upgrade your standard Weapon Workbench to an Advanced Weapon Workbench, before you can even go about gathering the necessary items to craft powerful weapons. If you head to the Construction Terminal in your Base Camp, you’ll see the option to build new Workbenches, but none of them will be Advanced Workbenches, at least not yet.

To unlock the ability to craft Advanced Workbenches, be it for Weapons, Gadgets, or Gear, you’ll need to level up your character using Kuban Energy, the main form of currency in Metal Gear Survive. For all you need to know about this unique form of currency, as well as the best ways to go about earning it as quickly as possible, head over to our Metal Gear Survive Kuban Energy guide.

Metal Gear Survive Graphics Comparison: PS4 v Xbox One, PS4 Pro v Xbox One X

Check out the video from our sister site Digital Foundry just below, for a complete graphics comparison for all verisons of Metal Gear Survive, including the PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox One X.

These are all the Metal Gear Survive tips and tricks you need right now to make it through the game and out the other side safely. We’ll keep this guide updated with any new information surrounding the game that we uncover.

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