Metal Gear Survive Base Building - Expanding Your Base in Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive Base Building - Expanding Your Base in Metal Gear Survive

Here's how to build your base in Metal Gear Survive, as well as upgrading and expanding it.

Your base is just about the only area in which you're safe in the whole of Metal Gear Survive. It'll grant you an area to recuperate and craft new items and weapons, which are crucial to staying alive. In our Metal Gear Survive base guide, we'll be compiling everything you need to know about your home base into one guide, so you know how to upgrade your existing base as easily as possible.

Metal Gear Survive Base Building

Kick off the single-player campaign of Metal Gear Survive, and after roughly forty minutes you’ll find yourself at the end of the tutorial section, having arrived at Base Camp with Reeve and AI Pod Virgil. Base Camp is your fortress of Metal Gear Survive—it’s where you’ll extract any rescued civilians to, and it’s also where you’ll spend time upgrading your weapons and armor, as well as crafting brand new medical and food items to help you out on your journey through the game.

Straight away, get yourself acquainted with the various Workstations scattered around Base Camp. There’s the Weapons Workbench where you’ll obviously craft weapons and ammo, the Medical Workstation where you’ll craft healing items, the Gadgets Workbench where you can craft new items like fences and grenades, and the Campfire, where you can cook up new food and water items. There’s also the Construction Terminal, and it’s through this console that you’ll both upgrade and expand your Base Camp.

To start with, you’ll notice that there’s a lot of scrap scattered around the perimeter of your Base Camp, so head across to the ‘Move/Repair/Deconstruct’ tab of the Construction Terminal, and you can highlight all the scrap heaps and harvest them for resources like Iron and Nails. After you’ve cleared out all the junk, head over to the ‘Defense Units’ tab, and you’ll be able to establish a perimeter fence or wooden barricade around your entire Base Camp, depending on the amount of resources like Iron, Nails, Wood, and Screws that you’ve got at your disposal. Remember that you can always convert materials over at the Gadgets Workbench, so for example you can always convert your excess Iron into Springs if you’re a few short.

Upgrading Workbenches and Workstations in Metal Gear Survive

Every Workbench and Workstation in your Base Camp, with the exception of the Construction Terminal, can all be upgraded. To do this, head over to the ‘Crafting Facilities’ tab of the Construction Terminal, and you can see if there are any new facilities you can build. Note that if you manage to acquire any upgraded facility, for example the Advanced Weapons Workbench, it won’t replace the option to build the basic Weapons Workbench, so to actually upgrade a Workstation in Metal Gear Survive, you’ll first have to destroy the basic version, and then lay down the upgraded version in its place.

But why go to the trouble of upgrading your various Workbenches and Workstations in Metal Gear Survive? Upgrading your facilities allows you to craft upgraded weapons and other items, for example you’ll need an Advanced Weapons Workbench to craft a pistol, and you’ll need to upgrade your Campfire to a Hanging Pot if you want to be able to craft clean water. Upgrading your facilities might take some time, but the crafting rewards are definitely worth the effort.

How to Expand Your Base Camp in Metal Gear Survive

Your Base Camp is a balancing act in Metal Gear Survive, in that you’ll need to dedicate space around the camp to the Workbenches and other facilities that you feel are the most important. You may find yourself getting pretty crowded after a while, but know that you’ll get the option to expand your entire Base Camp once you reach Chapter 14 of the single player campaign of the game.

Once Chapter 14 rolls around, you’ll be informed of an imminent attack on your Base Camp, and you’ll have to prepare accordingly. At this point, the brand new ‘Base Expansion’ option will present itself to you in the Construction Terminal, allowing you to raise parts of your base to give you more building room. Note that you might not have all the required materials to construct the raised base straight away, but you can always head over to the online portion of Metal Gear Survive to harvest some valuable crafting materials.

This might conclude our Metal Gear Survive guide on expanding and upgrading your Base Camp, but you can always continue ahead to our additional guides on the game, including our complete Kuban Energy guide, as well as our guide on how to unlock the Hanging Pot.

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