Metal Gear Survive Food - How to Create Clean Water and Food in Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive Food - How to Create Clean Water and Food in Metal Gear Survive

Here's our guide on how to create food and clean water in Metal Gear Survive.

Food and water go hand in hand with survival, which is the main theme of Metal Gear Survive. You'll need to scavenge together all the gear you can from the game if you can hope to stay alive in the face of danger. In our Metal Gear Survive food guide, we'll be walking you through everything there is to know about food and water in the game, including how to craft clean water in Metal Gear Surive, which is essential to staying alive.

Metal Gear Survive Food and Water

You might not think it at first, but food and water are actually huge parts of Metal Gear Survive. Just to the left of your player character, you’ll see two or three meters, depending on how far you’ve progressed in the story. If you’ve unlocked the oxygen mask then you’ll see three numerical meters, with the oxygen meter on the very left, but if not then you’ll only see two meters, which represent food on the left, and water on the right.

Managing these food and water meters in Metal Gear Survive is a challenge in itself—no matter what you’re doing, these two meters will always be decreasing down from the maximum of 100 to the minimum of 0 over time, whether you’re slaying Wanderers or simply hanging around Base Camp. To combat this, you’re going to have to not only craft food and water items, but you’re going to have to gather the resources necessary to craft said food items.

How to Find Food in Metal Gear Survive

As soon as you make it to Base Camp with Reeve, you’ll be greeted by the AI Pod Virgil, who will briefly introduce you to the various workstations scattered around the makeshift base. The one you want to head to is the campfire, where you’ll then be given the option to craft various food and water items from a menu at the camp. At this point, you’ll note that you’re lacking a lot of the items required to craft even the simplest of meals, and you also can’t even put together some clean drinking water.

Bring up your map by pressing the middle button on the PS4 controller or the Options button on the Xbox One controller, and you’ll see that Virgil has marked a waypoint on your map just to the west of Base Camp, where you’ll be tasked with killing a few medium sized animals (sheep). Now you’ll discover the main loop of farming for animal related items—find an animal using the map, kill it, and bring the items recovered from its corpse back to Base Camp to craft with.

How to Craft Clean Water in Metal gear Survive

It’s not a complicated process by any means, but you’ll need to farm quite a few animal parts if you want to create a decent stockpile of food items. After all, you won’t want to run out of food during a mission and find your health completely depleted from injuries. You’ll also uncover additional food recipes while progressing through Metal Gear Survive, for example only after you’ve obtained dirty water from a lake and drunk it will you be given the recipe to craft drinking water, critical for replenishing your water meter and staving off exhaustion.

When at the campfire, you’ll see all the food and drink items you can craft, but it you look under the ‘Selected’ option, you’ll see the numerical values that each item will give towards replenishing your food and water stats. For example, Grilled Karakul Sheep will give 700 points towards your hunger recovery, and Clean Water will give 1,800 points towards your water meter. We’d recommend always carrying at least one food and one drink item with you at all times in case either statistic starts to run low.

Make sure to keep an eye on our Metal Gear Survive guides, as we’ll be updating them with any additional information that we uncover about any new tips and tricks in the game.

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