Metal Gear Survive Upgrades - How to Upgrade Skill and Farm Kuban Energy in Metal Gear Survive

Metal Gear Survive Upgrades - How to Upgrade Skill and Farm Kuban Energy in Metal Gear Survive

Here's how to upgrade your skills, and how to farm Kuban Energy in Metal Gear Survive.

Kuban Energy is the main form of currency in Metal Gear Survive, but it's far from the only resource you'll need. There's an entire skill tree to progress through in the game, which contains rewards for weapons, crafting, and more. In our Metal Gear Survive upgrades guide, we'll be walking you through everything there is to know about upgrading your skill in the game, and more.

Metal Gear Survive Kuban Energy

Kuban Energy functions as the main currency in Metal Gear Survive. You’ll not only use it to raise the main level of your character, giving you skill points to unlock new abilities and raise statistics like your health and stamina in the process, but it’s also put towards crafting every single item in the game, from a brand new assault rifle, all the way to some clean drinking water.

In the single player portion of Metal Gear Survive, you won’t automatically earn Kuban Energy from every kill you make, as you’ll have to scavenge the corpses of Wanderers you kill to recover Kuban in increments of 100. This can be a slow process, particularly when the amount of Kuban Energy required to upgrade your character past level 5 can exceed 10,000. To speed up the process, we’d recommend using AI Pod Virgil to jump into an online game of Metal Gear Survive, where you and three and other players will have to defend a generator from three waves of Wanderers.

In this online mode of Metal Gear Survive, you’ll automatically earn Kuban Energy for every kill you make, and at the end of the game, whether you succeed or fail in defending the generator, you’ll always get a hefty payout of Kuban Energy for your efforts. This method of earning Kuban Energy through a simple online match is far quicker than grinding the enemies found in the single player portion of Metal Gear Survive, and even if you’re still kitted out with little more than the pole weapon, we’d recommend delving into an online game straight away to earn some Kuban quickly.

Metal Gear Survive Skill Upgrades

Once you’ve successfully completed the first story mission given to you by AI Pod Virgil, you’ll be given the Skill Trainer in your Base Camp, a device which you can step into in order to spend Kuban Energy to level up. You’ll spend large amounts of Kuban Energy to increase your overall level, but for each level you rank up by, you’ll gain an ability point to spend in the Skills tab of the Skill Trainer.

On the left side of this page, you’ll find four options in a column, each of which you can upgrade multiple times in order to raise your health, strength, stamina, and weapon damage. We’d recommend putting a Skill point into each of these categories at first, as your health and stamina in particular are essential to surviving against the hordes of Wanderers in Metal Gear Survive.

Metal Gear Survive Weapon Skills

In the middle section of the Skills page, you’ll find new abilities for each type of weapon. Here, you can increase the number of combo attacks from one-handed, two-handed, thrust, and heavy weapons, as well as giving your character new, powerful attacks with each aforementioned weapon type. You’re probably going to want to dedicate at least one Skill point to both the one-handed and thrusting weapon types, as the pole and hand axe are the two base weapons that you start out with in Metal Gear Survive.

Finally, you’ll find various new skills for your character to learn on the right side of the Skills tab. These include being able to stomp on a fallen enemy for extra damage, which we’d definitely recommend unlocking early on, as well as the ability to dodge an enemy attack while readying a weapon, another ability you’re probably going to want to unlock. You’re probably going to want to unlock one or two of these skills before unlocking new attacks with your weapons in the middle section of the page.

That’s it for our Kuban Energy upgrades guide, but make sure to check out our additional Metal Gear Survive guides, including how to craft food and water items, essential for survival in the world of Dite.

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